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5 Reasons Your Relationship Has Lost Its Spark and How To Save It


It takes commitment, consistency, sacrifice, love and intentionality to make a relationship work. Almost everybody goes into a relationship with great expectations like dinner dates, vacations, karaoke night outs, gift exchanges and lots more. What really kills a relationship’s spark?

However, disagreements, misunderstandings and other unhealthy issues will likely arise as you continue to grow your relationship. You must stop and address these issues and reassess the essence of the entire relationship.

Why Do Relationships Lose Their Spark?

There are so many reasons relationships become boring and uninteresting. Lack of trust, cheating, misunderstanding, poor communication, compatibility and other reasons have negatively affected many relationships, especially issues that weren’t addressed. To know why your relationship might have lost its spark, find out the cause and prefer a solution from the cause.

There is no guarantee that you will rescue your relationship even if you try but it is good to fight for the one you love.

5 Reasons Your Relationship Has Lost Its Spark

Poor communication

All relationships thrive on excellent communication that involves having deep conversations about anything and everything. It is ideal that you give and get full attention from your partner without holding back anything.

Communication helps you know how your partner is and leaves no room for any form of assumption. If you do not have frequent communication or the frequency of your communication reduces, it could be a sign that something is wrong.

What you can do:

Ensure that you express yourself more and insist that your partner does the same. Do not judge your partner, pay rapt attention when they are talking and maintain eye contact.

You fight all the time

Verbal or physical abuse is not a good sign for any relationship, and it is unhealthy. However, you can understand your partner better if you learn from whatever caused a misunderstanding. If fights or misunderstanding leads to physical abuse, breaks, hatred and hurtful words, then you both should have an introspection.

What you can do:

Find out the causes of the fights between your partner and you. Find out how to treat each other better. Learn to communicate with disrespect. No matter the provocation, do not get physical with your matter.

If you continue to fight after trying all these, seek a counsellor.

Your partner disregards feelings

You may buy gifts for your partner, take them on dates, and text them frequently but if you disregard their feelings, it may affect the relationship negatively. In order to have a peaceful relationship, you must learn to treat your partner with human dignity and respect.

You should endeavour to attend to the demands and feelings of your partner. If they do not like some of your behaviours, you should change if you really love them.

What you can do:

Pay attention to your partner when they speak and acknowledge their concerns. Take it further by ensuring you attend to their needs.

Don’t make decisions for the two of you, ask them what they think about a situation so as to make a collective decision.

Lack of trust

Every relationship that is built on a lack of trust cannot stand the test of time. Trust is fundamental to a fulfilling and happy relationship. In fact, with trust comes peace, growth and more sacrifices in a relationship. Without trust, a relationship is bound to fail.

You will doubt your partner if there’s a lack of trust between the two of you. This can let you withhold information from each other, poor emotional support and be a possible reason to end the relationship.

What you can do:

It is quite challenging to fix a relationship without trust. However, if you become more open with your time, activities and resources, you can regain trust gradually.

Another thing you can do to regain or build trust is to be loyal to your partner and keep all the promises you make to them.

You don’t create time for each other.

You know and understand your partner better when you spend quality time together. When you spend time together, it will strengthen your bond and you will understand each other better.

The longer you stay apart, the further you get from each other. This is one sign that your relationship is failing and you must do something about it.

What you can do:

You cannot claim to love someone without making a conscious effort to spend quality time with them. If you or your partner is busy, you should make out time for them else they won’t feel loved.




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