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5 Platforms That Pay You To Chat In English Online


Learning another person’s language can be very challenging, even for polyglots. Yet, their existence is a sign that it is achievable. Though the difficulties in their learning journey vary from person to person, they agree that attempting to communicate the language with native speakers accelerates the learning process.

It’s easy to pick up the nuances attached to words with different meanings and when to apply them appropriately. In this light, a brilliant idea was conceived for online messaging services to connect native English speakers with foreigners trying to learn the language. It is even more intelligent than the English speaker getting paid to chat and guide their language student patiently.

You can get paid to chat with lonely people, and there are platforms that also pay you to flirt online but this is quite different because it helps you put your passion to work.

If you’re already like the idea and excited as we are but lost on how to get started, we are your plug to the best five online services. We’re discussing their names in no particular order of priority and giving scoops on their payment rates and what to expect generally. So, stay tuned and read along.

Below are 5 platforms that pay you to chat in English online

Upwork and Fiverr

As you know, freelance sites are gradually changing how we work by connecting people globally. Two of the top sites with several job opportunity is Upwork and Fiverr. Chatting with people in English to make money is one of the services rendered on the sites. The sites allow you to set your working hours and payment rates, and the primary requirement is to offer reliable and excellent services.

Did I mention that you don’t need teaching qualifications to chat with your clients? When creating your profile, highlight areas you can assist people with, like diction, vocabulary expansion or correct punctuation, and use exciting study guides. The more testimonials of fantastic services you get from your clients, the more referrals you get.


Palfish is an app available on both iOS and Android devices. Once you download the app and set it up, your job is to help chines students practice their English. You can receive one-on-one instruction or group tutelage through calls and chats. Once your profile has been approved, you get to set our work schedule as long as you can put in 4 hours of work commitment. The hourly rate is flexible but falls between $10 to $18. Payments are made through Payoneer after Palfish has deducted 20% of your rates as payment. Teacher’s certificate and English proficiency results like TEFL or TESOL are required to create a profile.


Preply is another popular online teaching platform known for teaching a vast number of subjects to clients. For example, you can register on the site to teach conversational English to students at set work hours and rates. The payment platforms are Paypal, Payoneer, Skrill or Transferwise. Preply charges different commission rates based on whether it is a trial lesson or the number of hours you teach on the platform. So, Preply charges 100% of your rate for a trial lesson. Then subsequently, they charge 33%, decreasing up to 18% with your consistency. You do not need to have any specific certificate or teaching experience to tutor on the Preply.

Spoken English Practice

Spoken English Practice is a learning platform that connects clients to English natives from the US and UK. The tutors come from all works of life and have teaching certificates like TEFL and CELTA. Tutors and clients use skype for their one-on-one conversational English lessons, and the turnaround is quite impressive.


Cambly is another online teaching company that provides excellent services. With no prior teaching experience or certificate, you can tutor conversational English. as a tutor, you get paid on Mondays via PayPal, and in this case, the rates are set for you at $10.20 per hour for adults and $12 per hour for kids. No minimum hour is set for chatting with clients, and you can work from anywhere.


There are various ways to make money online and teaching/chatting in English is one of them.

You can work from anywhere in the world and get paid to chat in English online. This is is just one of the numerous benefits of exploring this job.

If you have a good command of English and you are passionate about teaching, why not sign up with one of the platforms and earn extra bucks for yourself?



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