5 simple Methods To Turn Your Mistakes into Blessing

Mistakes into Blessing

Methods To Turn Your Mistakes Into Blessing. There was this woman who decided to reunite with her former lover who had abused her both verbally and physically. Because of the emotional connection she had with this very toxic man, she believed he had turned a new leaf following a meet-up she had with him months after she took time off their relationship.

She reconciled with “her” man who eventually got into an altercation with her weeks later. In the heat of their argument, he threw a mug at her which caused one of her eyes to be blinded. She regretted the mistake of taking her lover back but should she continue to dwell on her mistake or move on? Tough one if you’ve never been in her shoes.

Mistakes should not serve as a defence for ineptitude – and while it can cause the deeper pain of remorse, you should never allow any mistake to serve a darker purpose in your life, there’s a lesson to learn and take from every mistake – meaning you can turn mistakes to blessing. Humans are wired to be imperfect, so everybody would have made one mistake or the other. However, people only become better versions of themselves if they gather information from their mistakes and try to avoid going through the same cycle.


The moment you realize what you have to do differently is the moment you can turn your mistakes into blessings.

Let’s take a swipe at how you can turn your mistakes into blessings.

5 simple Methods To Turn Your Mistakes into Blessing:

Take Responsibility for your wrong

Imagine a workman who is blaming his tools for a bad job. The said workman will never become better if he only blames his tool and doesn’t strive to use it optimally. In his case, he can only find out how to operate his tool better if he admits that he lacks all of the know-how on operating the tool.

Owning your mistake like saying “I didn’t do well” opens you up to new possibilities and knowledge even though it may seem tougher to take responsibility for a wrong. So, it is easier to learn when you admit that you are wrong.

Draw up a plan

One of the many advantages of making mistakes is the fact that it helps you to gather information as to why a particular thing didn’t turn out well. Now, whatever information you garnered from a mistake can become a recipe to do better in the future.

The information helps you know why you made a mistake, and in turn, helps you to avoid the same mistake since you have answered the “Why” question.

So in making a plan given certain information, please be flexible because the need to change it might come up at any time. Also, drawing up a plan helps you to track your progress as it were.

Question yourself

Questions beget answers. If you fail to ask yourself some tough questions that birthed a mistake, there’s a huge chance you’d repeat the same mistake and go over cycles.

Questions like “Why did I make this mistake”, “What should I have done better?”, “How can I avoid the same mistake”, “How could I be so stupid?” and other tough questions can help you become better. If you can answer those questions, you’d be better for it.

Seek Help

If you’re failing at a particular project because of the same mistakes, why not get a mentor who has succeeded in the same type of project? Mentors help you to avoid the mistakes they made and get you to arrive at your destination quicker.

Imagine that you are looking to author a fictional book and you to spend some time with Agatha Christie, who has got an estimated 2 billion sales of her book. It would be easier right? She’d unveil her secrets and influence your wisdom for writing.

Bar this example, if you talk to people about your mistakes, they’d likely share their opinion and experience with you which you can use to live better and be better.

Outline the need to avoid the same mistake

It is costlier to make a mistake than to avoid one. When you avoid a mistake, you’d likely save time, money, energy, emotions, and all whatnot.

For the lady up there who was in a toxic relationship, after the last episode of a brawl that left her blinded, she came up with a list of why should avoid the man at all costs. Whenever she sees the outline she drew, it reminded her he was evil.

If you do not outline the reasons why you should avoid mistakes, you’d be baiting yourself into making the same mistake. An outline often serves as a reminder.

Set Boundaries, Adopt Values and Principles

Some of the mistakes we make in life are the result of any-how-ness. If you want to turn your mistakes into valuable life lessons, you’ve to change how you do things. You cannot be doing the same thing and expect a different result. For instance, if being in the company of certain friends makes you susceptible to certain mistakes, then you should be with those who abhor only the values and principles that you want.

You must realize who you are, and what you want to be and there are certain values and principles that you’d need to adopt to realize these. Making mistakes is not a bad thing in itself but you can only avoid the same mistakes if you become deliberate about it.


We are all susceptible to mistakes, which isn’t a bad thing anyway but you cannot continue to make the same mistake if you want to be better in life. Mistakes even make us better if we decide to learn from them. So why not gather the information that led you to a mistake and use the lessons to become a better version of yourself? It is up to you to turn your mistakes into blessings.

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