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5 Beauty Benefits of Using Ice Cubes On The Skin


Talking about skincare, beautilifestyle has a compendium of useful publications on products and remedies for the skin. There have been tons of information on skincare, and so far, lots of interest has shifted to how to beautify the skin using ice cubes – so, this publication is tailored to teach you how to use ice cubes on your skin for a better outlook.

Exposing the skin to dust, sunlight, stress and unhealthy diets is the recipe for acne and other bad skin conditions like fine lines and wrinkles. While there are skincare products that can redeem the aforementioned conditions, using ice is also beneficial in many ways.

Ice can serve several purposes. Some of these are easing pain, lessening swells and speeding up functional recovery. Research is still ongoing in these areas but there are verifiable indications that using ice on the skin improves its tenderness and looks.

Some of the benefits of using ice on the skin are as follows:

Reduces Acne

The use of ice on acne spots can reduce inflammation and redness. When ice is applied on any spot of the skin, the blood flows in that area increases while pores are reduced through the reduction of oil as well.

It is important that you use different ice cubes for different acne spots to avoid the transfer of bacteria.

Ice Reduces Ageing signs

When used on the skin, ice makes the pores tighter so that wrinkles and fine lines can be limited in appearance. And when the pores of the skin are tighter, it makes it look younger and firmer.

Aid Maximization of Skincare products

If you want to apply your skincare product, ensure you apply ice on parts of the skin like the face before using the product. Increased blood flow means products can reach the deeper layers of the skin, which is why you should apply ice before products.

Reduces Puffiness of the Eyes

Ice penetrates the skin and increases the circulation of blood. Therefore, eye bags can be reduced by applying ice cubes in the affected area but with mild pressure.

Effective for healing Sunburn and rashes

Harsh weather conditions and heat leave the skin with rashes and possibly sunburns. However, applying ice to the affected area not only rid it of rashes and sunburns but leaves it more tender because the pores are tighter.

Tips Before using Ice on your Face

If you are on about getting clearer skin and want to embark on using homemade remedies like ice, it is best you first discuss it with your dermatologist.

There are conditions that may require medications while others can require simple remedies but it is the duty of your dermatologist to determine which is best for your condition.

In order to use ice on your face, follow the tips below.

  • To avoid spreading bacteria, use a specific tray to collect the ice that you’d be using on your face.
  • You must wash your face before using ice, this will increase the effect of the ice on the skin’s surface.
  • Use clean clothes to wipe away dripping liquid from the face
  • Ensure you do not hold ice cubes on your bare hands for too long, this is to avoid ice burn.
  • You should employ a barrier between your skin and ice to avoid direct contact, and to will protect your hand and skin.


There’s so much anecdotal corroboration on the claim that ice can be used to remedy some skin conditions but research is still ongoing. Even dermatologists in some quarters have recommended the use of ice, including those made with different ingredients like aloe and green tea for the remedy of the skin.

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