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30 Best Freelance Writing and Proofreading Jobs in 2022


Freelancing has become one of the easiest ways for most people to earn sustainably from the gig economy. It is also a very comfortable way to make money because it allows freelancers to work from home. It’s time you get to know the best freelance writing and proofreading jobs.

All you need to make money from the online market e.g. as a writer or proofreader is to sign up with one of the following platforms. And when you do, ensure you get good reviews to get more referrals.

Taking up an online job like writing and proofreading is an excellent way to make money. It is no longer a passive income stream but the contrary.

Three Reasons to Consider Freelance Writing:

Freelance Writing

  1. It’s a skill you already have: Whether you’re a great writer or an okay writer, there’s a job for everybody who can express in writing.
  2. The best bridge business: A bridge business takes you from point A to B. Chances are that you want to quit your job, you may want to spend more time with your family, or you’re looking for a new challenge. Freelancing can get you that sort of dream life.
  3. Demands are increasing daily: Even though the number of freelancers has doubled over the last ten years, there’s so much demand for people with writing and proofreading skills. The number keeps increasing daily.

Below is a list of 30 websites for freelance writers and proofreaders.


This is one of the best places to find remote jobs in writing, editing, tech, marketing and other freelance opportunities.

Users of the platform post jobs and people with the requisite qualification or skills can apply. The more task a freelancer completes, the more exposure they give his profile. Jobspresso is currently in partnership with some Bluechip companies.

Also, you can post your Resume on the platform and be found by prospective employers. Pay is per job posted.

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is one of the most comprehensive platforms where writers and proofreaders get jobs. Writers who specialize in writing blog posts, Web pages, Press releases, Product descriptions, Email newsletters, and Whitepapers can earn big from freelance writing.

They’ve been in operation since 1977. You can also subscribe to their newsletter to keep up with their updates on vacancies. Pay rate ranges from flat-rate jobs to hourly jobs.


On Fiverr, you do not need to submit your academy qualification. Writers and proofreaders can set up an account here and sell a service regardless of their location.

As a beginner, you can set up your gig for as little as $5 and reach out to a global audience of buyers or clients. A prospective client will get in touch if your gig is good enough.

You can bid for jobs on Fiverr. Like other websites, your bid should include your rates, cover letter and a few samples of your work.


If you’re struggling to get a writing or proofreading job, Upwork is a viable option.

On Upwork, clients publish job opportunities, and freelancers can apply for such jobs. In most cases, you identify a job that fits your skill and portfolio pitch for the same. There are thousands of freelancers on Upwork, so you have to be extremely good at your tasks to bag the next job.

The pay is according to the job on offer.

The Writer Finder

Utilizing The Writer Finder is another great way for writers and proofreaders to make money online. The Writer Finder is affiliated with more than 15 blogs across various niches, and they churn out hundreds of articles daily.

They are good at connecting writers to web admins looking to publish unique content.

This platform claims to offer ongoing projects and good pay for good writing. The average pay is $23/hr.

Journalism Jobs

As the name implies, Journalism Jobs are a hub of opportunities for journalists in Newspapers, magazines, radio, TV and so on.

Journalism Jobs is not a platform exclusively reserved for freelance journalists. There are several kinds of jobs on offer. So if you’re looking for proofreading or writing jobs on the platform, you’d have to filter freelance or telecommute on their site.

Resumes can also be uploaded on the site for potential employers to see.

Kirkus Media

Kirkus Media offers book reviewing opportunities for freelancers in English and Spanish from self-published authors.

Freelancers must deliver a 350-worded review of books assigned to them within two weeks. Reviews are not different from the assigned format, and the same high standard is maintained.

Interested applicants submit their resumes, samples of writing and their review specialities. Pay is between $10-$50/hr.

Proofreading Services

Proofreading service is a hub of highly rated proofreaders, but they also accept talented newbies.

Pay is $10 – $46 per hour, depending on the job’s turnaround time. They are one of the biggest paying platforms.

On Proofreading Services, work hours are flexible, and they allow newbies to interact with the most experienced proofreaders.

Potential freelancers are subjected to a 20 minutes test before they are accepted. Experience isn’t needed to get accepted, and they do not discriminate on nationality like other platforms.


Wordvice is a leading editing and proofreading service provider. They are always open to hiring talented proofreaders and editors.

However, most of their jobs are on academic papers like Thesis, Dissertation, Research Articles and Essays.

Work hours are also flexible on this platform because of the steady offers. Freelancers must be fluent in English and certain formatting styles like MLA, Chicago and APA.

You can indicate your expectable pay rate during your application. Pay depends on turnaround time and the bulkiness of tasks.

Cactus Communication

This platform is for freelancers with medical backgrounds looking for proofreading jobs. But they are few opportunities for non-medics as well. If you have general proofreading training, you can still apply.

Cactus Communication has a decent pay rate for Freelancers. You can make as much as $4000 per month. They also offer cash bonuses of up to 20% for delivering high-quality content consistently. However, the submission standards here are very high, making them unique employers.


Scribbr is an employment and freelancing hub based in the Netherlands. You must be fluent in English, French, Spanish, German and Italian to bag a gig with them. They expect freelancers to have a bachelor’s degree and commit at least 10 hours a week to work on their job.

Additionally, they expect you to be familiar with referencing styles like APA, MLA, etc.

If you know to check for plagiarism and deal with essays, reports, and theses, you’d have a good time making money on Scribbr.


Mediabistro is a hub for freelancers specializing in PR, Marketing space, and Journalism.

The most-rated media companies like Bloomberg, BBC, CNN and NBC have their jobs posted on this platform.

Potential users of this platform can sign up to create a portfolio where they highlight their skills and freelance work. Potential employers check the profiles of freelancers and employ those with the most appealing profiles.

Writers Per Hour

One of the most reliable resources for assisting college students in becoming effective practitioners of their craft is Writers Per House. The authors on this site are editors and professionals who have graduated from a variety of universities.

They stand out from the other platforms because you have asked them to deliver your academic paper in specific English. For example, British English won’t charge you extra for the service.

If you are proficient in English and can write, you can make money on Writers Per Hour.


Contently is one of the leading content management/marketing platforms. This platform connects writers with brands.

Writers and proofreaders can sign up on this platform and fill in their qualifications and experience. If you are screened and accepted, then you can receive jobs.

Brands like GM, Walmart, Google, Coca-Cola, General Electricity and other Blue Chip companies partner with Contently. Pay is usually impressive.

Signing up on Contently with experience in writing gives you an edge.


Clickworker is unique. It is a micro-task platform known for simple and short tasks – for example, freelancers have opportunities to carry out surveys, app testing, research, proofreading, and copy editing.

Because the jobs are straightforward and short, the pay is somewhat small. You can make $8 per job as a proofreader on Clickworker.

However, they subject freelancers to an assessment before they are given jobs. Even though the pay is not so much, they never run out of jobs for newbies.


Guru is another top freelancing hub for proofreaders. The fantastic thing about Guru is that you do not need experience to get gigs from the platform.

The hub has been in existence for so many years, making it one of the most trusted platforms for online jobs.

Like Upwork and Fiverr, you have to sign up for an account and make your portfolio before you can bid for available jobs. So, your cover letter and samples must be impressive before clients can consider you.

You can make $10 – $25 per hour as a beginner proofreader, depending on the client. The more jobs you complete, the more you’re likely going to get a job.

Book Editing

Book editing is a hub for freelancers, skilled ghostwriters, copy editors, proofreaders, and publishing consultants with traditional and self-publishing experience.

Freelancers are subjected to a “find the error” proofreading test before they are allowed to render services on the site.

The requirement for getting a gig on this platform includes five years of editing experience, and you must be resident in the US. Book Editing doesn’t consider an application without a book list, so their standards are pretty high, and so is the pay.

We Work Remotely

This platform offers all kinds of freelance jobs, including writing and proofreading jobs.

To get a remote job on this platform, sign up and make a portfolio. If your portfolio appeals to employers, they will reach out to you.

Companies looking to post vacancies pay $299.


Contena is one of the biggest hubs for freelance writers and proofreaders. However, there’s a cost to join Content. They take a fee from freelancers to signed up on their platform.

Following activation of Contena membership, freelancers are given access to resources like a training program that can improve their freelancing skills.

The membership fee starts at $40 per month when paid in full for a year, but you’re guaranteed jobs after completing their courses.

You can sign up for free.


Lionbridge is a platform that offers remote job opportunities in translation, content writing, localization services and website testing.

Sometimes, they employ proofreaders to manage social media ads and other content pieces. Most of the jobs are beginner-friendly.

However, you must be fluent in your preferred language and be conversant with whatever topic you’re going to be working on. And that’s just it for Lionbridge as you do not need experience or a degree to get jobs here.

The pay range here is between $12-$15 per hour. To apply, get to the website and find the proofreading opening in your country. Upload your updated cv and wait for a response.


Freelancer.com has the same working model as Upwork. However, jobs on Freelancer are low-paying, unlike in Upwork.

Beginner proofreaders earn between $5-$10 per hour working remotely via this platform.

Sign up to become a freelancer on this platform by filling out your profile on the site. You can then apply for jobs that interest you.

Beginners settle for the lowest-paying jobs before they find their way up the ladder.


If you are passionate about writing and proofreading, you can make money freelancing on Textbroker. Their services include writing web copies, blogs, technical article writing, news and white papers.

Textbroker has claimed they deliver over 100,000 pieces of content per month, so freelancers on the platform always get demand.

To get a gig on Textbroker is quite simple. Sign up, create a portfolio and submit some of your writing samples.

Depending on how good your deliveries are, they get to expose you to more clients.

Scribe Media

Scribe Media is one of the best hubs for publishing books professionally.

This platform is affiliated with over 2000 authors whose books have become best sellers.

Freelancers must have top-tier editing and writing skills, editor in a publishing house and be good at interviewing people.


Skyword is not a platform for newbies, writers and proofreaders. They connect experienced writers, photographers, graphic designers, editors and top-tier brands looking to connect with their audience through storytelling.

You’re required to showcase the depth of your experience and area of expertise when signing up on Skyword.

Payment is according to the job completed.

Constant Content

Constant content is a platform that connects writers to those interested in buying content. Available content for sale includes SEO, copywriting, and other in-demand publications.

This platform links businesses with writers looking to scale up their businesses.

To enter this platform, you must submit a writing sample and answer some quizzes.

If you are accepted, you’d be allowed to apply for jobs or sell your articles.


ProBlogger is one of the maiden websites for freelancers. They have opportunities for people looking for full-time or part-time freelance jobs in writing and proofreading.

There’s an opening for copywriters, WordPress administrators and other web-related jobs.

After signing, they go through your profile and test you before assigning you tasks.

The pay range is between $10 to $15 per gig.


BloggingPro is very similar to ProBlogger. However, all services rendered on BloggingPro are free. Would content and technical writers use the platform to hone their skills in copywriting, editing, blogging, etc


Outsourcely connects startups from various industries with freelancers and other remote workers. So, opportunities here aren’t restricted to writers alone.

The startups utilizing this platform for recruitment offer to employ those with the most appealing profile.

Openings are on a part-time and full-time basis.


To find jobs, writers and editors must post their portfolios on Ebyline.

If their profiles are accepted, freelancers can apply for the numerous positions advertisement on the marketplace.

Despite the abundance of options, the majority of their offerings are only available to publishers with prior newsroom experience.

Both part-time and full-time positions are available here. Payment bases on how many jobs a person finishes.


OneSpace connects people with the companies ready for freelance writing and editing tasks. They used to go by the name Crowdsource before changing their operation to take on freelance work.

freelancers must create an account and take a test before they admission to work on the space.

The jobs on the platform only assigns to qualified persons with profiles that suit the job. The average pay ranges from $70,000-$90,000/yr.



30 Best Freelance Writing and Proofreading Jobs in 2022

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