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25 Differences Between The Poor And Rich

Although there is a huge gap between the rich, middle class, and the poor, the difference between the activities of the poor and rich is not so different. Many people are not aware that they can break away from poverty if they imbibe a particular kind of lifestyle – even those that are aware of what to do are either too lazy to do so or lack the motivation to assume the lifestyle of the rich.

Instead of fantasizing about being wealthy and living a lifestyle of wealth, it is better to learn about what the rich do that you do not do. Most poor people place their money in the bank for safekeeping but you find the rich investing or buying shares because they are knowledgeable about how to make money work for them.

Although it is easier to talk about becoming wealthy than working your way to riches and sufficiency, the poor are oftentimes great talkers than doers. Bar this, there are chunks of behaviors exhibited by the poor, but we have chosen to talk about 25 of them.

  • They are afraid of change

A common trait of the poor is that they are afraid of change and change is the law of life.

You cannot be doing the same or staying in the same place over a long period and expect a different result. You’ve got to challenge the norm of following just one path to make something different happen.

And sometimes most people are afraid of change because they fear the worst, even though they might be experiencing their worst. Change is about doing something different.

  • Procrastinator

Procrastination is said to be a thief of time. It postpones your achievement or success and in some instances, procrastinators hardly achieve anything because they keep postponing what they intend to do. Most people are procrastinators because they are waiting for the right time to do something but that time may never come.

  • They Give Up Quickly

One of the hallmarks of the poor is that they give up too easily. The rich are undaunting in their pursuit of wealth or happiness, which is a huge contrast from the demeanor of the poor.

You should be tenacious in your pursuit because no goal is achieved easily or cheaply.

  • Lacking Focus

It takes a great deal of focus to achieve any feat. Focus is your ability to remain on the same path while trying to bag an achievement. Most poor people are heavily distracted, to the point that they lose concentration on achieving their goal.

  • Lacking Vision

The poor are always lacking vision while every rich man/woman you find is a product of their vision. Vision directs the paths of people, revealing where they are per time and what they must do to arrive at the destination of wealth they envision.

  • Pessimism

The poor easily lose hope and they doubt themselves and the process required to achieve big things in life. Do they ask so many negative questions about their journey like the what-ifs?

  • Rely on wishes and luck

This is exactly why I started this publication positing that poor people like to fantasize – this means they wish and imagine being wealthy but fail to do the work to break out of poverty. A lot of them also rely on luck to bring forth wealth for them but success is a result of deliberate effort and nothing short of that.

  • Turn Down Opportunities

Every wealthy person surmounted a certain obstacle to get to their destination of abundance. There are no opportunities without challenges, and sadly, poor people only see obstacles instead of riches in opportunities.

  • Spend So much time on the Internet and watching TV

Several countries of the world have started to regulate the use of social media platforms for the youth. As much as people are making money off social media, a lot of people spend time on such apps doing nothing meaningful. So for the use of Television – poor people get busy watching news and movies while the rich make the news.

  • Blame Others for the misfortune

The poor hate to take responsibility for their failures, they are found putting the blame on other people or systems. If you do not take full responsibility for your current state of finance, you are likely going to remain poor.

  • Poor Saving Habit

Poor people tend to be more extravagant than the rich. The poor spend recklessly and most of them do not have a plan for their finances. They are found borrowing money to meet their frivolous demands.

  • Bad Saving Culture

Life is full of ups and downs and one must be prepared by saving a substantial amount for emergencies. Poor people are often at the mercy of other people in tough times because they have little to nothing to fall back on. On the other hand, you realize that the rich spend money based on their budget and savings.

  • Keeping the wrong company

It is said that your network equals your net worth. Most people feel very comfortable being in the class of those where their voices can be heard and opinions are taken. It is much easier to learn about wealth and make more money when you make friends with the rich or goal-oriented people.

  • Not Taking Calculated Risk

Some poor people take risks but they hardly weigh the pros and cons before doing so. It is not every risk that is worth taking. Ensure you weigh the benefits of any risk so it doesn’t cost you so much.

  • Lack of Understanding

The poor tend to think all wealthy people became rich through dubious means but that’s hardly the case. The rich understand the method of making wealth, a chunk of them go as far as investing in knowledge.

  • No Value System

Most people lack the principles and values that they require to break free from the norm of poverty. Every rich man has values that guide them and help them make good decisions in life. A man without value is someone whose life has no direction.

  • Birth Control

Despite having meager resources, the poor are found to give birth to more kids than the rich. They hardly give their children the best in terms of education and welfare, this is a far cry from what is obtainable among the rich who birth fewer kids.

  • Frivolous Priorities

The poor like to “enjoy life”, they spend their time on what is not important unlike the rich. The priorities of the poor may include going to parties among other things that do not add value to their lives.

  • Poor Time Management

According to the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, “The only difference between the poor and the rich is how they use their time”. The poor do not dissipate their time properly – they are unproductive with how they use time. Meanwhile, the rich effectively use their time, planning their daily activities from when they wake up to when they return to bed at night.

  • Lack of Motivation

Poor people are lacking in motivation – they hardly find what is pushing them to succeed. The rich people have good reasons for doing what they do, and that keeps them motivated.

  • Working for Salary Only

Once the poor have the funds that meet their basic needs only, they tend to be very comfortable with what they have. Regardless of the amount the rich earn, they are still looking for more money.

  • Lack of Strategic Investment

Instead of stashing money in the bank for safekeeping, why not invest in real estate, shares, bonds, and so on. Investing your money may leave you without funds to expend but you are certainly going to get returns.

  • No Budget For Spending

Like I said earlier, the rich do not spend their money without budgets. They have budgets even for speculative purposes like medical bills and all that sort. Meanwhile, the poor spend without a proper budget.

  • They Rely on Willpower

The rich do not rely on willpower alone because they know it is not enough to achieve anything. You must combine willpower with other good habits and values to keep you going.

  • Lack of self-development

In order to break free from the shackles of poverty, you must continue to evolve as a person. Most poor people hardly read books or enroll in new courses. No matter how rich a man is, you find that they are always updating their knowledge unlike the poor.




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