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25 Best Foundations That Are Perfect For Oily Skin


Do you know that you can balance a glowing complexion with a greasy appearance? Women with oily skin frequently face issues like unwanted shine and makeup products sliding across their faces. The good news is that some foundations are perfect for your oily skin.

The right foundation and makeup tips that are specifically tailored for oily skin will create a flawless base that evens out skin tone. Choosing the best foundation for oily skin requires a careful selection of non-comedogenic and oil-free formulas.

There are specific ingredients, textures, and characteristics that make foundations unique. Before you choose a foundation, consider the following tips:

What to look out for before choosing a foundation? 

When it comes to selecting a foundation for oily skin, there are several factors to consider. Here are some key tips to help you make the right choice

1. Avoid certain ingredients

While emollient ingredients like dimethicone and oils can provide hydration, they can also trap excess oil and dirt in pores, leading to breakouts. Dr. Kobets recommends patch-testing formulas containing these ingredients to prevent adverse reactions. It’s best to avoid foundations with alcohol, isopropyl myristate, lanolin, mineral oil, paraffin, petrolatum, silicones, sodium chloride, synthetic fragrance, and wax, as they can increase sebum production (Kobets, 2023). However, Dr Cheung notes that modern makeup formulations have improved, with less oily or drying silicones and alcohol (Cheung, 2022).

2. Embrace Beneficial Ingredients:

While avoiding certain ingredients, it’s essential to look out for beneficial actives for oilier complexions. Ingredients like silica powder, clay, charcoal, and salicylic acid have oil-absorbing or oil-reducing properties, making them ideal for oily skin. Additionally, matte-finish foundations like IT Cosmetics CC+Cream Oil-Free Matte foundation can enhance your oily skin care routine (IT Cosmetics, 2022).

3. Consider Texture 

Powder foundations, with their oil-absorbing properties, are often ideal for oily skin. However, liquid and cream foundations can be equally effective. Dr. Saedi highlights the benefits of powder foundations in reducing oiliness (Saedi, 2023). Our top pick, BareMinerals original powder foundation, is recommended due to its extensive shade range (BareMinerals, 2023).

4. Choose the Right Coverage 

The amount of coverage your foundation offers depends on your aesthetic goals. Some may prefer sheer coverage for breathability, while others opt for full coverage to address breakouts or redness. Makeup Forever Matte Velvet Skin Liquid Full Coverage Foundation offers the fullest coverage, while Clinique Stay Matte Oil-Free Foundation provides a lighter option (Makeup Forever, 2022; Clinique, 2023).

5. Select the Perfect Finish

While matte foundations are often preferred for controlling shine, makeup does not have to follow strict rules. If you fancy dewy skin with oily undertones, go for it. However, the primary goal for oily skin wearers is often to reduce excess shine, which is easily achieved with a matte finish. Matte foundations for absorbing oil and preventing a shiny appearance are recommended. Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation provides an alternative for those desiring radiance (Giorgio Armani, 2023).

Best Foundations for Oily Skin

1. IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream Oil-Free Matte with SPF 40

Indeed, this CC cream provides coverage and also doubles as a mattifying moisturizer, skin-smoothing serum, mineral sunscreen, concealer, and full-coverage matte foundation. The inclusion of hyaluronic acid, charcoal, Canadian colloidal clay, and Moroccan lava clay makes it a dermatologist-approved choice. Makeup artist Brittany Lo praises its skincare ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, ensuring full coverage without clogging pores.

Price: $47

Benefit: Multitasking CC cream with skincare and sun protection benefits.

Considerations: Finding the right shade can be challenging.

2. Catrice Cosmetics HD Liquid Coverage Foundation

Moving on to another top pick for oily skin, let’s explore the Catrice Cosmetics HD Liquid Coverage Foundation. This full-coverage fluid is ultra-lightweight, sweat-proof, transfer-proof, and waterproof. Moreover, celebrity makeup artist Emily Gray recommends it for its matte finish and niacinamide infusion, which ensures a smooth and soothed complexion.

Price: $10

Benefit: Wallet-friendly, long-wear makeup with a beautiful matte finish.

Considerations: The dropper dispenser can be messy.

3. CoverGirl Clean Matte Liquid Foundation

This drugstore option boasts a lightweight, water-based formula with a natural matte finish that doesn’t clog pores. Despite not offering the same long-wearing properties as some alternatives, it provides a natural look and feel, making it a comfortable, affordable daily choice.

Benefit: Lightweight, water-based formula suitable for sensitive skin.

Considerations: Longwear properties may not be as strong as other options.

4. Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Foundation

It is a fan favourite among oily-skinned individuals. This stay-in-place foundation offers a matte finish, waterproof properties, and a long-lasting hold, making it a popular choice. Makeup artists Emily Gray and Neil Scibelli praise its longevity and matte finish making it a worthy splurge for those seeking a reliable foundation.

Price: $39 – $49

Benefit: Matte, waterproof, and extremely long-lasting formula.

Considerations: Achieving full coverage can be challenging.

5. Bare Minerals Loose Powder

This mineral-based powder provides buildable coverage and versatility. It has a clean formula, and a large colour range and is suitable for all skin types. Ideal for touch-ups. It immediately eliminates shine without clogging pores.

Price: $38

Benefit: Versatile product serving as a concealer, foundation, and setting powder.

Considerations: Loose powders can be messy.

6. Make Up For Ever Matte Velvet Skin Foundation

This velvety foundation challenges preconceived notions about matte, waterproof, full-coverage foundations. Featuring an oil-absorbing complex, it ensures long-lasting shine control and a natural feel on the skin. Plastic surgeon Michele Koo praises its comfortable texture and smooth application.


Benefit: Velvety fluid with comfortable, full coverage.

Considerations: Use a hydrating primer for dry or flaky areas.

7. Neutrogena Matte CC Cream: Redness Soothing Coverage

Originated by dermatologists, this CC cream is a multitasking marvel. It is developed without oil, fragrance, parabens, SLS/SLES sulfates and phthalates. Neutrogena caters to the specific needs of acne-prone oily skin. In fact, when it comes to foundations for acne-prone skin, coverage and formula are key. Neutrogena Matte CC Cream excels in both aspects, providing full coverage with 34 diverse shades

Price: $17

Benefit: This full-coverage CC cream is designed to not only conceal but also soothe redness.

Considerations: Use frequently for results.

8. Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Foundation: Matte Elegance Redefined

Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Foundation is a game-changer for matte enthusiasts. indeed, this lightweight liquid foundation offers buildable medium to full coverage. It utilises climate-adaptive technology for oily skin to combat heat, sweat, and shine. Notably, the 59 shades of FentyBeauty Pro Filt’r ensure a perfect match for everyone. The foundation’s matte finish is resilient and long-lasting.

Price: $18-$40

Benefit: The formula is flexible, non-drying, and complements a diverse shade range of 59 options.

Consideration: It’s crucial to moisturize before application, as it dries fast.

9. Clinique Stay-Matte Oil-Free Makeup: Dependable Lightweight Coverage

Clinique Stay-Matte Oil-Free Makeup is a go-to choice for dependable lightweight coverage. Indeed, it suits summer days, tested under challenging conditions with a matte finish and buildable coverage. With a dependable reputation, Clinique delivers creamy coverage that goes on smoothly and lasts all day.
Moreover, the precise tip ensures an effortless application without the need for aggressive squeezing. This foundation is an excellent choice for those who want a lightweight, matte finish that lasts all day. The buildable coverage ensures that you can achieve your desired level of coverage without feeling heavy or cakey.

Price: $35

Benefit: This ultra-lightweight formula is ideal for absorbing shine, controlling oil, and resisting sweat

Considerations: The formula leans towards lighter tones.

10. RMS Beauty ReEvolve Natural Finish Liquid Foundation: Fusion of Makeup and Skincare

RMS Beauty ReEvolve Natural Finish Liquid Foundation is a unique blend of makeup with skincare benefits. Moreover, formulated with Tightenyl, a patented ingredient, this foundation holds firm and tones the skin. Combined with vegetable squalane, it boosts moisture, while organic aloe and adaptogenic herbs soothe and calm the complexion.
Additionally, it is an ideal foundation for mature skin, addressing oiliness without compromising a natural finish. This foundation not only provides coverage but also works to improve the overall health and appearance of the skin, making it a versatile and beneficial addition to any makeup routine.

Price: $44-$52

Benefit: it’s recyclable and refillable packaging adds an eco-friendly touch

Considerations: A setting powder or spray needs to be applied throughout the day.

11. Giorgio Armani Beauty Luminous Silk Foundation:

Giorgio Armani Beauty Luminous Silk Foundation challenges expectations, offering luminosity for people over 50 years. Contrary to its name, this ‘luminous’ foundation provides a radiant finish without excessive shine. With buildable medium coverage, it also addresses uneven skin texture concerns associated with ageing. Notably, it is an excellent choice for oily skin.

Price: $45-$65

Benefit: The foundation’s availability in a travel-sized version adds convenience for on-the-go touch-ups.

Considerations: It offers sheerer coverage compared to some alternatives.

12. Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Luminous Matte Foundation:

Huda Beauty FauxFilter Luminous Matte Foundation introduces a blurring formula for your face. Moreover, described as life proof,’ this long-lasting liquid foundation is transfer-proof, waterproof, fade-proof and sweat- and humidity-proof.

The blurring effect smoothens uneven texture, making it ideal for those with large pores. While maintaining a matte finish, the formula avoids the flat appearance. In fact, it offers full coverage without being cakey or overly matte, providing a radiant, blurring finish. With 39 diverse shades, this foundation caters to a wide range of skin tones.

Price: $42

Benefit: A blurring finish reminiscent of popular Instagram filters

Considerations: For very oily skin types, using a mattifying primer before application is recommended.

13. Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Foundation: 

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Foundation takes the spotlight as the go-to for oily textured skin. Moreover, packed with full coverage, this matte formula achieves the remarkable feat of mimicking real skin.

Despite its matte finish, it avoids the unnatural look often associated with full-coverage foundations. Additionally, this water- and transfer-proof liquid foundation possesses an airbrush-like quality, effectively blurring imperfections and improving the appearance of pores.

Price: $49

Benefit: Full-coverage, matte foundation can work wonders for those with skin texture concerns

Considerations: Added fragrance, which may be irritating for sensitive skin types.

14. The Good Mineral Love You Back 3-in-1 Powder Foundation:

The Good Mineral Love You Back 3-in-1 Powder Foundation emerges as the top choice for those with oily, acne-prone and sensitive skin. Notably, this featherweight powder serves as a concealer, foundation and setting powder. Its lightweight, buildable coverage effectively blurs breakouts and smooths texture. Made with ingredients like sericite and kaolin clay, this powder foundation actively absorbs oil, keeping shine at bay.

Price: $11.5

Benefit: It prevents the common issue of caking associated with some powder foundations

Considerations: Shade range is rather limited to specific skin tone

15. Smashbox Studio Skin Oil-Free Hydra Foundation: Hydrating Matte Harmony for Combination Skin

Designed for combination skin, this long-wear liquid foundation incorporates hyaluronic acid. Additionally, this infusion helps lock moisture into the skin without adding weight, ensuring hydration for drier areas without exacerbating shine in oily zones. The natural matte finish strikes a delicate balance, curbing unwanted radiance while maintaining a healthy glow. With oil-free properties, it offers good buildable coverage.

Price: Not stated

Benefit: Ensuring hydration for drier areas without exacerbating shine in oily zones

Considerations: The foundation dries down quickly, requiring swift blending during application

16. L’Oréal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation 

It is suitable for various skin types including oily skin. Medium coverage with 24-hour longevity. It gives a matte finish. However, Caution is needed when dispensing, as it’s easy to dispense too much from the tube.

Price: $13

Benefit: Offers a pleasant demi-matte finish,

Considerations: Caution when dispensing

17. CoverGirl Clean Oil Control Foundation 

A favoured drugstore option designed for oily skin, effectively controlling the T-zone also boasting a good appearance, though some may find its staying power to be moderate, it’s certainly an affordable choice at $6, available at Walmart and Amazon.

Price: $6-$12​

Benefit: It is readily available at drugstore

Considerations: Suitable for oily skin

18. Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation 

The thick consistency of Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Foundation strikes a balance between matte and dewy. While it is ideal for those seeking a lighter foundation option, it is also noted for receiving compliments on a natural look.

Price: $39-$40

Benefit: Full coverage and matte finish

Considerations: Wide range of shades

19. KVD Beauty Good Apple Skin-Perfecting Hydrating Foundation Balm 

A lightweight balm with full coverage, effectively concealing blemishes and minimizing pores. Furthermore, it features a natural finish without appearing cakey, enriched with nourishing ingredients. It also provides a good balance for dry and oily skin.

Price: $43

Benefit: Good coverage and long-lasting.

Considerations: Caters mostly to oily skin.

20. M.A.C’s Pro Long-wear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation

Lives up to its name with long-lasting wear, suitable for those with oily skin. It requires careful blending due to its thick texture and it is recommended to set with powder for additional oil absorption.

Price: $21 (24% off)

Benefit: Easy to apply and long-lasting

Considerations: limited colour range

21. Maybelline Fit Me Foundation 

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation is effective for minimizing the appearance of pores and is suitable for oily skin. Additionally, it is suggested for use as a primer before applying additional foundation. It offers a diverse range of 40 shades.

Price: $10

Benefit: It has a natural matte finish that helps to minimize the appearance of pores.

Considerations: The formula dries quickly.

22. ILIA True Skin Serum Foundation 

Functions more as a skincare product, providing light coverage with a pleasant, essential oil-like scent. It is best suited for those comfortable with the feel of a serum foundation. Hence, it works well with oily skin.

Price: $54

Benefit: Blurs imperfections and minimizes pores.

Considerations: serum foundation.

23. Dior Dior skin Forever Undercover

A higher-end foundation with a thick yet lightweight texture, providing easy blending for full coverage. Convenient to use on oily skin. Furthermore, it is well-suited for uneven textures and offers long-lasting wear, even during physical activities.

Price: $55

Benefit: 24-hour full coverage.

Considerations: limited shade tone.

24. Bobbi Brown Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation SPF 15

Blends well with oil-free shine control and a weightless feel. A good option for those with oily skin who prefer lighter coverage.

Price: $50

Benefit: It is suitable for individuals with normal to oily skin.

Considerations: Gives a neutral and natural finish.

25. NARS Soft Matte Complete Foundation

Ideal for those who dislike matte foundations but seek a natural appearance while controlling oil. Additionally, it is touted as transfer-proof and recommended to set with powder and setting spray for prolonged wear. Available in 34 shades, making shade matching easier for existing NARS foundation users.

Price: $40

Benefit: This product offers complete coverage without causing dryness or appearing cakey on the skin.

Considerations: The product is available in 34 different shades.


The market offers diverse foundation options for oily skin. Indeed, by choosing the right product, you can achieve a flawless, long-lasting base that complements your skincare routine and enhances your natural beauty. Elevate your beauty routine with foundations designed to enhance and complement your skin type.

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