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22 Foods That Boost Libido In Men


Differences in sexual desire between partners can sometimes contribute to relationship challenges. Nevertheless, there are many factors that influence relationship satisfaction, and not all relationships will end due to mismatched libidos.

However, if your sex drive is lower than your partner’s, there are foods that you can eat to remedy the condition and enhance your sex life. Instead of taking pills or depending on Marvin Gaye’s song to get a rise, food therapy is also good enough.

Just as there are foods that boost your sex drive, there are also foods that can kill your sex drive. Our focus is on the former and today, we are going to look 20 foods that boost libido in men.

Describing Men’s Libido

Libido refers to a person’s sex drive or sexual desire. Men’s libido can be influenced by a variety of factors, including hormonal changes, stress, medication side effects, relationship issues, and psychological health conditions.

Testosterone is a hormone that plays a key role in men’s sexual desire and function. Low levels of testosterone can lead to decreased libido and other sexual problems. However, it’s important to note that not all men with low testosterone experience a decrease in libido, and not all men with high testosterone have a high libido.

Other factors that can affect men’s libido include anxiety, depression, fatigue, alcohol or drug use, and certain medications, such as antidepressants and blood pressure medications. Additionally, relationship problems, such as conflicts or lack of intimacy, can also impact a man’s sexual desire.

If a man is experiencing a decrease in libido or other sexual problems, he should talk to his healthcare provider to determine the underlying cause and potential treatment options.

Below are 22 foods that boost Libido Of Men

1. Spinach

There has never been a better moment than the present to incorporate spinach into your diet than there is right now. There is a high concentration of magnesium in it, which is believed to help in the dilation of blood vessels.

How does that influence your desire to have sexual encounters then? It does this by increasing blood flow to every part of your body, which in turn makes you more aroused.

2. Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate is quite yummy and it is one of the diets found to improve the sexual drive of men. This food increases the levels of serotonin and dopamine in the brain, which makes a person always excited. It also gives a feeling of relaxation even when you are stressed.

The moment your stress level is reduced, you will do better sexually foods that boost libido in men and that is why dark chocolate is regarded as one of the most essential foods that boost libido in men.

3. Peppers

Pepper is a common but underappreciated spice. If you are used to adding pepper to your diet, you will have better metabolism. It is also important that you go for the hotter pepper because it stimulates the endorphins which increase your heart rate, make you sweat and plump your lips.

The endorphins stir the flow of blood to all parts of the body including the genitals and this results in more drive.

4. Ginseng

Even though ginseng does not look yummy, it is found to be very effective in boosting sexual drive. For example, Korean red ginseng improves sexual arousal in frigid women who have already attained menopause.

Ginseng does not only boost the libido of women, but it does also boost men’s libido. Why not give some to your husband?

5. Green Tea

Green Tea is very healthy. It does not only burn belly fat but it’s a libido booster as well. Catechins found in green tea blast fat in the belly and facilitate the conversion of fat into energy.

In addition, catechins also increase the flow of blood to the nether regions of the body, thereby improving the drive for sex.

6. Chocolate Milk

Although chocolate milk is a staple for children, it has a positive effect on the sexual health of adults as well. Chocolate milk is mainly formulated with theobromine and phenylethylamine. The former is a mood-booster the latter is the chemical produced by the brain of a person that is in love. These chemicals put you in the mood for intimacy. Chocolate milk is definitely a good choice if you are looking for men’s libido booster.

7. Oysters

Oysters, one of the essential foods that boost libido in men has been found to contain zinc. Zinc is one of the minerals that play a huge role in the sexual health of men. It is commonly found in Oysters. This mineral raises the testosterone level and at the same time, boosts growth hormone.

A deficiency of zinc can result in lower testosterone levels and infertility by extension. Meanwhile, Zinc enhances sexual drive through the increase in muscle and physical performance.

8. Crab

Oysters aren’t your thing, are they?

It looks like you’re in luck because Alaskan king Crab is another meal that’s high in zinc and studies have shown that zinc is an essential component for male fertility.

9. Salmon

Salmon is packed with an omega-3 fatty acid, which effectively lowers blood pressure, and triglycerides, and improves circulation at the same time.

Good circulation makes it easy for blood to carry nutrients and oxygen to all parts of the body, including your sexual organs, so they can work at their best. Dopamine is one of the chemicals in your brain that make you feel good and omega-3s help your brain make more of it.

10. Hemp Seed

Hemp seed is very rich in magnesium, a mineral that is rare in American foods. Magnesium not only regulates blood pressure but also raises testosterone levels as well.

It is best served sprinkled on Greek yoghurt and blended with smoothies and berries.

11. Pomegranate Juice

According to research, daily intake of pomegranate juice reduced stress, and increases mood and testosterone levels in men and women.

This juice is also packed with antioxidants, which does stimulate the production of testosterone and improve sexual desire.

12. Pumpkin Seeds

Obtaining some sustenance from a real pumpkin before night may have a greater positive impact. Pumpkin seeds can improve your mood.

They are an excellent source of tryptophan, an amino acid that helps the brain produce serotonin. If you currently take antidepressants, these pumpkin “pick-me-ups” might make them function even better because they aid in the brain’s ability to circulate serotonin.

13. Wine And Spirit

Alcohol is good and bad. If taken in excess, it can affect your health but if taken in moderation, it can lighten up your mood. It is known to relax the nerves and decrease inhibition. Drinking too much can impede arousal, especially wine and spirit.

Meanwhile, a moderate drink is a booster for intimacy.

14. Bananas

Banana is very rich in potassium, an essential mineral that reduces the effect of too much sodium in the body.

In addition to decreasing the amount of blood that flows to the genital area, which makes it more difficult to achieve orgasm, eating meals high in salt can also cause you to experience bloating.

15. Potatoes

Regardless of the type of potato, this diet is rich in potassium, so it naturally has the same effect as Banana.

You will look better in bed and have more fun in the bedroom thanks to this nutrient’s promotion of blood circulation and ability to counteract the bloating effects of salt. It can also make you feel better: According to studies, depression has been linked to low potassium levels.

16. Coffee

Coffee may be the finest libido enhancer available. It seems all those Starbucks dates may have been fruitful. A survey in Pharmacology, Biochemistry, and Behavior discovered that coffee possesses a stimulant that put females in the mood.

The following additional herbal remedies and beverages can help naturally increase female sex drive:

  • Red clover tea
  • Ginseng
  • Maca
  • Chamomile tea

17. Oats

This disorder narrows and eventually clogs arteries, thereby reducing blood flow. Although you may initially notice troubles below the belt, it may later cause cardiac problems. Since arteries surrounding the genital region are smaller than those that supply the heart, blood blots are more likely to form in them. To put it simply, you will have better erections if your cholesterol levels are better.

18. Steaks and Burgers

If your busy lifestyle is responsible for your low sex drive, you are not alone. Being exhausted, worn out and stressed is one of the main causes for spouses to quit having sex. Biological influences do, however, occasionally come into play. Iron deficiency is among the reasons for tiredness in women. It drains energy and causes a lack of interest in sex. It also results in irritability, which prevents anyone from wanting to get close to someone. Therefore, red meat is essential to improve libido. It is rich in iron.

19. Watermelon

More lycopene is present in watermelon than in tomatoes. This substance is comparable to Viagra in its capacity to relax blood vessels. It also boosts circulation to particular body regions. One great way to end your date is with watermelon.

20. Nuts

There are several ways by which nuts might increase sexual drive and stamina. The amino acid L-arginine is one of the ingredients in peanuts, pistachios, and walnuts.  It is a component of nitric oxide, a naturally occurring gas that aids men in maintaining their erections.  Nuts also assist in lowering cholesterol levels. Less cholesterol in your body makes blood circulation easier, helping to sustain a harder erection for a longer period. Keep working hard and lose belly fat with these lethal weight-loss snack foods.

21. Garlic

Researchers claim that the ancient Egyptians utilized garlic to increase sexual appetite and energy. Even while they lacked the contemporary science to verify that it did work, they were undoubtedly onto something. Consuming the plant has been shown to prevent the growth of new fatty deposits inside arteries, known as nano plaques. This does involve the arteries that supply the penis as well. By including some of the pantry essentials in your weekly meals, you can maintain a healthy heart and robust erections. Keep in mind that garlic won’t give off a particular sexy breath fragrance. You should avoid eating it on a date.

22. Blueberries

  • Flavones (found in citrus fruits)
  • Anthocyanins (found in blueberries)
  • Flavanones (also found in citrus fruits)


It should come as no surprise that your diet has an impact on your sex life. The good news is that you don’t need any extraordinary dishes. With these natural foods, you are guaranteed a pleasurable session between the sheets. Your sex drive is also efficiently raised.


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