Digital Marketing in a Nutshell

digital marketing

Digital marketing simply means the promotions of sales of products and services using social media, websites, etc in a bid to earn commission from sales.

Over the course of the last ten years, India has made significant improvements in digital marketing exceeding expectations.

The very first thing when it comes to marketing is to obtain an internet presence. The Internet has transformed itself to be the most widely used digital portal for establishing a brand name. Here is a step-by-step guide to online marketing used by digital marketing agencies across the world.

Systematic guide for digital marketing.

Step 1: Attract

The very first step when going digital with your brand is to know your target clientele and who you want to attract. The best means to gain attention is through TV, radio or even print media. Since your main is to garner attention, an online presence is a must. This would showcase all your information to potential customers.

On-page SEO

The website should be inclusive of quality content with exceptional formatting. This would permit search engines to recognize your site and push them towards the top in search results.

Social Media Marketing

Boost your social media platform traffic by frequent product-oriented programs. This would improve your lead and lead to increase customer presence.

Step 2: Engage

Once you are aware of your potential clientele, your main intention should be to improve sales. To complete this you require leads, which can be done only once you have customers interacting with you. It is a normal occurrence for customers to not buy even after visiting your site. Hence, engage people who have a greater probability of purchasing goods. Provision of required services to them would lead to increased interactions with non-potential customers. Engagement is when you make an individual engage in something on your webpage.

Innovative and Appealing Contests

Engagement occurs only when the brand has an interaction with the customers. This can be achieved through competitions which improve participation and leads to greater interactions.

Stable User Interface and Experience

Make sure to have an interface which is user-friendly and makes the customers want to return back for additional information.

Step 3: Convert

Once you have obtained considerable engagement, the next step would be to obtain leads which would ensure that you are within touching distance of your goal. Leads results to improved ROI. There are mainly two types of leads:

Micro Leads

The individuals who share no interest in your product but are still willing to complete forms. These are known as micro leads. As an example, you possess a blog where there is a considerable number of subscribers. You learn of increased activity on your webpage. But there is a possibility that these subscribers are not motivated to obtain your service. These are referred to as micro leads.

Macro Leads

These are groups of people who complete the forms and show special interest in purchasing the goods and services. These are referred to as macro leads. Examples of such would be, a customer requesting a free trial or an individual visiting your store. Macro leads improve the chance of transforming visitors into customers.


To improve your business, obtain the services of an experienced sales team who have the potential to transform inquiries into leads.

Marketing automation

With time you would be able to see frequent online inquiries. This occurs when your inbound channel becomes automated.

Step 4: Measurement

To become a leader on the internet, it is vital to have regular checks on each section. The distinguishing feature of digital marketing is that every aspect of it is measurable. It is highly cost-effective.

How to digital marketing

Tools are available to showcase your spending and the performance of your channels. Permitting you to make additional investments. As an example, if a certain campaign is not perming as expected, you have the opportunity to reallocate the budget to a campaign which is doing well. This would improve your revenues.

Step 5: Retention

Once the customer has purchased a service or goods from the site, you want them to return back. This is known as retention. You can retain a customer by email marketing campaigns and etc.; You have the ability to generate e-mailers or advertising campaigns depending upon the nature of your customers. Post them on the internet so that you can bring in more potential customers.

Step 6: Inspire

The last step is to establish brand loyalty on the internet. Once your services satisfy the customer, they would recommend you to their friends and family. Hence, your customer ends up becoming your brand ambassador. Loyalty is built in two methodologies;

Organic growth

Since you have established yourself in the client’s mind, you would now see rapid growth owing to social media shares.

Social PR

Opportunities exist in the digital world via the word-of-mouth channel. This is visible when you have garnered significant brand loyalty.

How to digital marketing in 2022

These are the simple steps which are used by international marketing agencies to promote business on the internet. The field has outgrown everyone’s expectations. Hence, these six steps would assist you to lift your organization to new heights. Adhere to these small steps and bolster your brand’s reputation.

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