20 Ways to Fight Depression

Fight Depression

Depression is a feeling of despondency and dejection that is now very prevalent among the youthful generation of the world. Depending on the severity of this menace, there are instances where depressed people have taken their own lives, leaving their family members with regrets and sorrow. Thankfully, there are ways to fight depression that you can adopt.

Although there are different causes and types of depression, victims of depression do not necessarily need to go to the hospital to get a sane mind back. There are recommended modifications to lifestyle and activities that can be carried out to ameliorate this feeling – we are going to be talking about at least 20 ways to fight depression including seeing a doctor.

  • Get Enough Sleep

You may likely slip into depression if you do not have a sleep pattern and conversely, too much sleep is also a recipe for depression. Every adult is advised to get at least 8 hours of sleep at night and if this is done all the time, the mind will work properly.

  • Engage in Physical Activity

There are instances where exercise has sufficed for people fighting depression. Taking a brisk walk, or involving in any physical activity can prevent depression.

According to research, exercise has worked in the place of anti-depressant – albeit, this is dependent on the severity of the condition. You should exercise daily if you want your mind to work at best.

  • Food and Drinks

Many people are not aware that the food or drink they take plays a part in their sanity. There are instances where people feel better when they satisfy their cravings for sugar or even beer, and this goes a long way in keeping their mental health intact.

  • Routing Meditation

Stress and anxiety are common causes of depression. If you are able to find a way to relax and get relief from stress, it will balance your day.

How to Fight Depression

It takes time to get used to meditating but if you’re consistent, it will work for you like magic. Engaging in Yoga, deep breathing and even Journaling is a good way to meditate.

  • Practice Gratitude

Counting the positives of your life and being thankful for them can play a huge role in your mental health. When you pat yourself on the back, it keeps you happy and encourages you to do more and better.

You may just get a note where you put down your gratitude.

  • Volunteering

Some people become depressed because of idleness. Instead of idling around and wishing, you can volunteer in a venture that will take your time, help you to meet new people, and add value to other people’s life.

You get mentally satisfied when you give your time, attention, and expertise than when you wait to receive from other people.

  • Be Adventurous

Going over the same routine on a daily basis can leave you sad and depression builds up over time. Try out something new that you have wished for, this will build some neutrons in your system that gives you lavish joy.

Go on a trip, go on a date, skate, and even sky-dive if you have never done so.

  • Spend time with Loved ones

In a bid to get the life you desire, do not be too engrossed in your journey that you forget to spend time with the people you love. Being always alone and withdrawn is not good for your mental health(depression).

Taking time-out with loved ones brings back nostalgic memories, and they also prove to you that they care and love you, which is a morale booster for anybody.

  • Time-Out with Nature

Taking a break is one of the ways to fight depression. Bar your loved ones, spending your time with or around natural things can improve your mental health, and research has proven to fight depression.

If you expose yourself to sunlight, your serotonin levels increases which gives you a positive mood.

Going to the beach or river leaves you to appreciate nature and it is quite difficult to see an appreciative person that is depressed.

  • Listen to Music

Music is one other recipe that boosts the morale of a person and changes their mood. When you listen to music, it strengthens your emotional reception thereby bringing on a positive mood.

You may want to dance along to a song or party around.

  • Do what you like

When feeling lazy, find out what you love to do and do the same. A symptom of depression leaves you fatigued but the moment you engage in what you love to do, you’ll shove that heaviness aside and be more productive.

  • Create a routine

Living every day as it comes will give you a feeling that you are not in charge. If you create a plan or routine, you’d feel more in charge and be more productive. And guess what, productivity is a huge booster of moods.

Do not live on the edge, be very definite with your routines. Map it out and follow through.

  • Reward personal effort

Waiting for public affirmation will only get you into depression. Before you are given a pat on the back for your effort, do it to yourself. Personal affirmations and reward for effort gives self-satisfaction and only spurs people up to do more.

Tell yourself okay when you do well and shy away from condemning/beating yourself up.

  • Set Goals

A person without a goal is setting himself up for failure, and failure breeds depression.

You may begin with smaller goals before moving on to the bigger ones – these goals must be penned down. The moment you score or achieve any of your goals, you’d notice a satisfaction that uplifts your mood.

  • Fight Voices of Depression

There are instances where negative or depressive thoughts come to mind, you must do well to shut them out immediately. In the instance where you think you’d fail an exam, tell yourself that you are not a failure, you are destined for the top. This way you’re attacking depression, and it works because nature gives us whatsoever we say.

  • Avoid generalization

Instead of looking entirely at an issue that ended up badly, why not pick up the positive parts in them and get them to spur you.

A collection of negative emotions can turn a person depressed but if you are able to pick out the positives and maybe write them down, you’d have a good feeling.

  • Tomorrow comes with its own goodies

Whatever happens, today should be left in today – do not transfer the emotions and failures of today to the next day else you will fall into depression.

A new day affords you another opportunity to start over again and achieve those goals that were left unattended. In summary, do not despair about today’s failure because opportunities abound tomorrow.

  • Do not suppress emotions

Do not give yourself a silent treatment. Instead of bottling emotions that would stifle your mood, it is good you let out how you feel in order to feel better.

You should be able to talk to a friend or a family member about your state of mind, this in itself is a therapy that lifts the mood.

  • Meet Yourself

Depression is not very well talked about in our society and even when it is talked out, we downplay it.

You must be open about how you feel, this way you may be able to meet someone who has overcome the same feelings.

  • Consider hospital treatment

Seeing a doctor is one of the ways to fight depression. If you go through all of the aforementioned routines without getting better, you may consider seeing a professional help to see you through.

You are likely going to get therapy or medication but whatever the case is, do not fail to see a doctor.

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