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20+ Lucrative Side Hustles That Will Make You Money In 2022


Do you know how much an extra $500 per month can do for you? Just take a moment, sit back, and think about some lucrative side hustles.

Boosting your earnings can support you in achieving your goals more quickly. It can help you in paying off your college debts. You can create an emergency fund.  How about you start saving up for a deposit on your house, car, or dream vacation?

With only a few hours of work per week,  a side hustle can substantially increase your monthly income. Besides hitting your targets months or perhaps years earlier, you are financially ready for unforeseen situations.

Are you ready to start a legitimate side hustle to support your day job and expand your income? You must be wondering how to even get started when there are so many suggestions out there?

We’ve got you! This article entails lucrative side hustle options that are available right now in 2022.

1.    Make Deliveries

One of the simplest and most popular side gigs in 2022 is a delivery job. Bringing foods, grocery items, and other goods and supplies to consumers might give you a consistent source of income. The hours you work are extremely flexible. Everything can be managed by you on your smartphone with an app.

Although doing deliveries might not generate passive income, the money can be put into starting your own business.

2.    Offer Social Media Management Services

Almost 70% of the citizens of the United States use social media constantly. As a result, the need for qualified social media managers is greater than ever.

Nowadays, having a solid social media platform is essential for organisations. However, many do not have the time, energy, or finances to invest in it. This is where social media managers come in.

As a social media manager, you are in charge of everything, including creating and publishing posts. You are also required to follow up with the subscribers and followers, and handle comments. Some proficient social media managers even oversee clients’ cooperation and advertising initiatives on the platform. If you are a Facebook or Instagram fiend, this might be the perfect position for you.

3.    Earn Money Testing Apps

This is one of the most effective ways to get some extra cash. It does not pay much, regardless, if you do it often, it does add up. There are numerous apps out there that offer some form of payment just for being used. Some simply need to be left running in the background while you are using your phone.

If you work at this regularly, you might earn $3-$4 per hour.

4.    Try Dropshipping

With drop shipping, you practice the act of selling products online without owning or maintaining any inventory. Whenever a shopper orders an item from your online shop, you forward their request over to the manufacturer. You pay the manufacturer the wholesale price and sell the product for more money than you bought it. Voila, you get to pocket the entire profit!

Creating your own online store is a prerequisite to getting started with dropshipping. Once you have decided on the type of goods you want to provide online, look for a trusted brand. Find a reliable supplier that creates high-quality products. They will be the ones to send the order directly to your clients.

5.    Start a YouTube Channel

Starting a YouTube channel can help you reach your financial goals faster. It is a minimal-risk means of earning money. You make money from creating reaction videos, vlogs, or just instructing people on a particular subject.

YouTube enables you to showcase yourself and pursue your passions. With the correct content, you can make money from your uploads for a long time. If your channel reaches a large number of people, you can earn a reputable income. Some creators receive monthly payouts of more than $250,000.

6.    Earn Money by Listening to Music

Do you enjoy listening to music? If yes, this might be the right option for you.

On some websites, you get paid to listen to songs and give comments. This enables musicians to create better music. You can earn money simply by listening to your favourite music. Users get additional compensation for providing feedback.

Besides, you get enlightened about the music world. It might be a wonderful opportunity to learn for those looking to break into the music industry. This job is definitely worth considering if you listen to music for longer than ten minutes every day.

7.    Launch Your Own Podcast

Having a podcast is as thrilling as it can be lucrative. Before you begin to get a significant amount of money, you’ll need to concentrate on expanding the number of your audience. The majority of your earnings will come from sponsorship.

There are many different types of podcasts, therefore you must be inventive. The best podcasts can generate over $1,000,000 per annum, indicating the enormous financial potential of this side hustle.

8.    Sell Your Old Textbooks

Textbooks are horrendously pricey. No one wants to pay the full cost if they can avoid it.

The majority of your used textbooks can easily be sold online via websites like BookScouter. This is an excellent choice if you are a student or recently finished school.

Obviously, you will not get the entire money you initially spent on your purchase, still, anything is preferable to nothing. Furthermore, most times, what you will earn from these websites is incomparable to what your campus bookshop will offer.

9.    Establish Your Own “Volume Photography” Business

A side hustle as a wedding or commercial photographer is a fantastic option if you are competent with a camera. Volume photography entails showing up and shooting pictures of several individuals in one location. It could be taking pictures for a school’s yearbook, sports team, or event.

Arranging all the photographs might become daunting, regardless, with little set-up, volume photography can bring you extra money.

10. Become a Resume Writer

It is better to submit nothing at all than an unappealing resume. A resume writer is an individual who creates a compelling resume that reflects the finest attributes of the applicant.

In this field, there is a considerable amount of profit to be earned. This is because many people lack even the most basic resume-writing skills. Resume writers with professional experience earn the highest. However, if you really plan to make more than just the regular resume writer, it is not impossible. Simply choose an area of expertise, research it, and create a portfolio for that niche.

11. Get Into Transcription

Content creators and companies prefer having their podcasts and video content transcribed. There is a massive need for transcription services since quite a lot of video and audio content is created every hour.

For this side hustle, you must have a pair of good ears. You have the freedom to work as long as you like. GIT allows you to choose your own hours. Although, your typing speed, level of listening, and understanding might bring some restrictions.

12. Maintain Lawns in Your Neighbourhood

This side hustle is best for attracting regular clients. Particularly during the busier summer months, several homeowners would employ someone to cut their lawns once a week. You may start with getting just five clients.

Let’s assume you charge $35 for each lawn, which amounts to an extra $700 monthly for you from just those five clients.

13. Proofread for Writers

Writers, bloggers, and even legal journalists need the service of proofreaders for their written content before publication. You may select a speciality that you desire, such as health, economics, politics, or education. It also allows you to choose to proofread for all kinds of clients, regardless of their niche.

There are numerous law organisations and schools to contact and offer proofreading services if you are competent in a specific sector. Specialising would assist you in acquiring your first clients. As you get more knowledge, you may constantly broaden your horizons.

14. Use Your Social Media for Promotion

Do you already have a massive audience on your Twitter, Instagram, or other social media accounts? Social media influencers get compensated for recommending new items and brands to their followers. Brands actively opt for “Influencer Marketing” to reach their potential customers.

With your social media skills and a respectable number of followers, you can earn hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars just by promoting products.

15. Help with Holiday Decorations

As Christmas approaches, a seasonal side hustle you can make some extra cash from is helping others with holiday decorations.

Do you know some people do not like going through the stress of Christmas decorations? Others that would have loved to, lack the time to do so. There are a variety of available services you can offer. You may opt for exterior or interior lighting design or complete house decoration.

16. Earn Money to Search the Internet

Do you spend much time online? Some organisations will reward you for using the internet.

All that is required of you is simple. You must utilise their search engines when browsing online. While it might not give you much, it will eventually add to something. This side hustle can fetch you $25 – $100 every month.

17. Take up Freelancing

Excellent writing abilities will constantly be in demand. You can write a wide range of content as a freelancer. On this platform, you can write for blogs, newspapers, companies, and lots more. You may earn per word or project.

If you are just starting out as a freelancer, try to get in touch with the organisations you want to work with. Inquire about whether they are hiring writers. You might need to start off with lower fees. But once you have grown in experience, you can raise your charges gradually and make more money.

18. Rent Out Your Swimming Pool and Other Non-Real Estate Assets

Do you own a pool or other significant asset that is not frequently used?

The lease market is flourishing and it is no longer exclusive to lands and homes. Spacer is a platform that allows you to lease out your parking lots and garages. On Swimply, your backyard swimming pool can become an extra source of income.

Also, if you are in possession of a yacht that is merely collecting dust, sublet businesses like Jettly are designed particularly for watercraft rentals. Your tangible assets can generate income for you.

19. Mystery Shopping

Have you ever considered earning money from shopping? This is a genuine service that retail establishments search for. But, you have to get out of bed and leave your apartment for this side hustle. Therefore, if you don’t like to leave the comfort of your home, this might be for you.

Your responsibility is to visit the firm that employed you and see their marketing procedure. You, then provide feedback on how it went. Write a report on whether or not the staff members were helpful.

Many companies employ mystery shoppers to evaluate the level of service at their various retail locations. Organisations do this to standardise their operations and make sure their staff members carry out their duties.

Virtually everyone shops. Why not just get rewarded for it?

20. Sell the Items in Your Closet You no longer Need

Do you have clothing you no longer wear? Are there baby items such as toys and shoes that your kids have already overgrown? It is time to turn them into money. Consider selling them to someone else for a good price.

Thanks to an expanding variety of Internet retail stores, the process is simpler. However, when it involves the sales of used items, photos are crucial. Try to capture high-definition photos of the goods to be sold.

Platforms such as Poshmark, eBay, or ThredUP are some of the best if you are unsure where to start.


A sure approach to financial independence is to start a lucrative side hustle and earn some extra cash. Be it for bill payments, savings, or just to have some extra money for flexing, you can never go wrong with a side hustle.

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