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18 High Paying Affiliate Programs That Pay Per Lead in 2022


We have received loads of questions on Beautilifestyle regarding high-paying affiliate programs that pay per lead in 2022. There are several articles on affiliate marketing but we have researched the best and high paying affiliate programs for this year..

There are several high-paying affiliate programs that pay per lead. Successful affiliate marketers are earning four to five figures on a monthly basis through sales commission and those who are bent on scaling up their earnings also embark on the pay per lead program.

Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs, what are they?

Affiliate marketing is primarily earning a commission for the sale of a product or service through
your effort. Meanwhile, pay per lead gives you a commission because you brought in a new lead
even if they make purchases or not.

There are various types of affiliate programs, we are going to review and compare them so you can understand the differences between some of the popular ones out there.

  • Pay Per Lead (PPL): This is also known as cost per action (CPA) or pay per action (PPA). A commission is earned whenever a piece of new contact information (lead) is acquired. So, a lead is a prospective or new user.
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) – In this program, you earn a commission whenever your affiliate link is clicked on, this is regardless of whether they become a lead or a customer. Easy right?
  • Pay Per Acquisition (PPA) – Known as traditional affiliate marketing, where a commission is earned through sales.

Excited about this?

Don’t get too excited because it is not that simple yet. In some high-paying affiliate programs, the lead must be qualified by taking some actions, otherwise, you would not be earning any commission.

The said action includes the following:

  • Opting into a mailing list
  • Entering an email, phone number or zip code
  • Signing up for a free trial
  • Creating an account
  • Downloading a piece of software
  • Requesting a demo
  • Scheduling a meeting
  • Requesting a quote

Affiliates don’t just make from leads (potential customers) they generate, they are also paid bonuses for the number of traffic that turns into leads.

Cookie Duration, what is it?

Cookies are basically used to track referrals. So, when a user visits a website through an affiliate link, a cookie is automatically stored on the computer of the user and each cookie has an expiration date.

For example, if the duration of the cookie is set to 30 days – the affiliate whose referral link was used to access the website by the visitor is entitled to a commission for purchases made within 30 days.

Now, let’s go through the highest-paying pay-per-lead affiliate programs we know:

1. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is one of the most reliable and expansive digital/website support platforms that provide hosting and domain name services for customers.

They are currently managed by the CJ Affiliate network and their commission is typically $2 with a cookie duration of 7 days.

2. Plural Sight

On Plural sight, there are staunch professionals teaching courses in IT, who are also developers and carry out other IT-related courses. As of today, they have an excess of 6000 courses for both individuals and organizations.

They have a cookie duration of 45 days, with a $5 commission rate.

3. LinkedIn Learning

There are not so many people that are aware that besides exposing their expertise, they can also make money from their usage of Linkedin. On this platform, you have courses developed in all fields by business experts.

They have a colossal $8 commission rate with a 30-day cookie duration.

4. ClickFunnels

Clickfunnels is one of the high-paying affiliate programs. They are a company that is based in the US and started operations in 2014. Clickfunnels allow members or users to build funnels, receive payment, carry out email marketing, and to cap it up, they have an affiliate program.

They are about the best and biggest affiliate programs that pay per lead. They pay $1 per lead that can be potentially turned into thousands over time.

Take a look at how it works

  • They pay you $1 for every free book (ExpertSecrets, CopywritingSecrets, and DotComSecrets). Your referral and referrals request pay only for shipping.
  • If you are able to get a referral in, ClickFunnels takes it upon themselves to start marketing to the referral. Given the fact that they have a proven sales funnel with other products, they start promoting to them and this sees you earn without doing any work.
  • The add to that, if the referral ends up patronizing or buying clickfunnels membership, you’ll be paid between 30-40% recurring commissions.
  • Clickfunnel also has a high-paying affiliate product that is christened as One Funnel Away Challenge. The cost is $100 for customers and you’re entitled to 100% commission, meaning you’d earn $100 per customer.

5. Hiscox

Hiscox is also in the category of high paying affiliate programs. They refer to themselves as America’s top small business insurers. It’s experts in providing individualised policies and client service. Additionally, these firms offer services in cybersecurity, general liability, and short term liability.

If you’re using Hiscox affiliate, you are entitled to $25 for every quote that is generated via your link.

For your referrals, they have to quickly fill out a form that has a 33% conversion rate. The affiliate program is through CJ Affiliate.

6. Personal Capital

This is free online software that is used for budgeting. On the app, you are able to see all of your accounts in a place for the purpose of tracking, and management of finances.

Personal Capital is also among the best pay-per-lead companies because marketers can earn up to $50-$100 per sign-up.

The downside is the fact that you have to link $100,000 worth of investable assets into their platform and this is not difficult to do because they are tracking their assets.

Your commission increases as the number of your leads increases.

7. Freshdesk

This platform is one of the high paying affiliate programs that has won an award for being the best cloud-based customer support software used by companies to easily communicate with their customers.

However, companies that can use this software are either small or medium-sized – using multiple channels like email, phone, and social media.

Freshdesk affiliate marketers earn $5 per lead and offer 20-25$% commission on first-year payments.

8. Rankpay

They are a search engine optimization company that is performance-based. You pay them only if they succeed in helping the keyword that you want to rank.

There are two ways that affiliates earn on Rankpay,

Via ShareAsale: Those that sign up via ShareAsale earn $25 free as sign-up bonus. If you are able to exceed more than 20 sign-ups per month, they’ll take that up to $50.

Remember, if the SEO works, your referral must pay them but if it doesn’t work, they won’t pay for it.

Via Rankpay: Signing up as an affiliate on Rankpay see you earn via pay-per-sale affiliate marketing.

10-20% recurring commissions are up for grabs on all of their services including SEO, Blog Management, Website maintenance, WordPress plugin, etc.

9. Leaf Filter

Talking about a company that installs and provides an effective debris-blocking system, Leaf Filter is an American company that does that.

Customers of Leaf Filter enjoy warranties on all the purchases that they make.

They pay $17 per free estimate that the links of affiliate generates. This program is also managed by CJ Affiliate.

10. Skillshare

This is an online school of creativity for courses like design, animation, illustration, writing, lifestyle, business, and photography.

They have experts teaching the courses and on here, affiliates earn $10 for each person that signs up for a free trial. This program is managed by Impact Radium.

11. Rakuten (Formerly Ebates)

This platform is a shopping website that uses a cash-back policy. Shoppers are notified if they can get cashback via Rakuten.

You’re just a click away from getting cashback that will be automatically added to your account before proceeding with shopping.

Affiliates earn $5 per lead.

12. Canva

On Canva, non-designers are aided to create top-notch graphics for a paltry fee or for free depending on the tools you access.

This software can great graphs, infographics, logos easily. You can also export designs for printing as well.

The affiliate program on Canva is a combination of PPL or PPS. $6.50 is up for grabs for each free trial and 25% on every pro subscription, which is about $30.

Affiliates also earn 100% on a monthly subscription for the first month. Looking for pay per lead affiliate program? Canva is big on this.

13. National Debt Relief

For those looking to get out of credit card debt, National Debt Relief is your plug. NDR have established itself as one of the high paying affiliate programs.

NDR is big on Pay Per Lead with one of the biggest commissions.

For Pay Per Lead, you can earn $27.5 per qualified free debt relief quote requested. All you need to do is to complete a 6 field form that takes not more than a minute to complete.

Meanwhile, Pay Per Call offers $41 per qualified phone call.

For the 2nd tier, affiliates earn a 12% override on commissions for affiliates referred by you.

14. Embrace Pet Insurance

This is an online pet insurance company with packages for cats and dogs in America. They stand out because they have personalized plans, a higher customer satisfaction rate in the industry, nose-to-tail accident and illness insurance coverage, flexible wellness rewards plan for routine care, and up to 99% cashback on veterinary bills.

For affiliates, they earn up to $36 per qualified lead. On their platform, they define a qualified lead as a new referral that has completed an online application and started to enter their mailing address on the third page of the quote request.

15. CreativeLive

This is also an online school with over 1500 free and paid courses. They stand out because of the enormous number of master creators that they have.

They have categories like Photo & Video, Mony and Life, Art and Design, etc with courses meant for creators.

The two types of affiliate program offered is pay per sale and pay per lead.

They pay $1 per lead who signs up for free, and affiliates also earn 20% commission on every new customer purchase.

16. Constant Contact

This platform provides email marketing software for growing businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers as well as bloggers. With Constant Contact, members are able to integrate other programs for better efficiency, build leads with Facebook and Instagram ads, use e-commerce tools to get more sales, and boost sales or donations via email marketing automation.

Affiliates see up to $5 for every referral that signs up for a free trial. If you’re lucky to have the person you referred to become a paying customer, you’re getting an additional $105.

Talking about pay per lead, constant contact is a reasonable platform as well.

17. TouchBistro

They are an award-winning company that offers POS service. Basically, they help restaurants make more money while providing an indelible customer experience and they make the management of restaurants easy.

The advantage of the POS system for the restaurant includes Increased sales, faster turntables, customers can upgrade meals with smart self-ordering kiosk, Streamline with a kitchen display system and better business decisions given reporting features.

Their affiliate program offers $100 per demo that is acquired through your like as well as $1000 per sale.

There are also other benefits and opportunities for active affiliates.

18. Cashsuperstar

Cashsuperstar offers pay per lead program as well but their uniqueness allows affiliates to promote a simple system for earning a daily income online.

You earn the sum of $2 every time you are able to generate a free lead in America UK, Canada, Australia or New Zealand.

Affiliates are promoting landing pages and these pages are always tested for maximum conversions, generating a 50% conversion rate world over.

Their uniqueness stems from the fact that you earn free traffic on your link as a bonus for your effort.

19. Born to Sell

For those who are interested in trading, you can use Born to Sell. This platform allows you to earn additional income from stocks and ETFs that are your own. New investment opportunities are found for selling options to other people.

Opportunities abound for affiliates on this platform.

$5 is up for grabs per lead for a free trial sign up and then you’ll earn up to $40 per paid subscriber and they also offer 54% commission for free trials that convert to a paid customer.

The next tier allows you to earn 10% commissions earned by the affiliate that registered through you, like a network marketing platform.

20. Merchant Equipment Store

MES is a platform that helps businesses to accept credit cards by offering payment processing solutions.

For those promoting on here, just have a good reputation, low prices and great customer service, then you’ll earn big here.

Affiliates get $20 for every person that fills out the application form for merchant services.

3% is earned on the purchases of equipment.

21. Buildium

Buildium builds property management software that helps real estate moguls to manage their assets and properties. Their affiliate program earns $10 per free trial sign-up and an additional 25% commission on monthly subscriptions.

Pros and Cons of PPL 

I see you are excited about earning from bringing leads. However, there are disadvantages to this kind of affiliate marketing.

Let’s put it side by side, the good and the bad sides.


Easier: It is much easier to get people to sign up for something free or low-price than to get them to buy something.

Makes sense for traffic that you do not convert: If you are not making money from your visitors because they are unfamiliar with whatever you are offering them, pay per lead is the way to go. You lure them in and leave the company to market to them and this can earn you their business as long as they gain trust.

You are paid regardless: The biggest win on here is the fact that you are paid no matter what. Should you have a decent size audience, you earn based on traffic or qualified leads that you send the way of the platform.

Several ways to Earn: Most affiliate programs that offers pay per lead have secondary payout tier that sees affiliate earn additional commissions if leads turn customers.


Less Earnings: Although the frequency of payment is more with pay per lead, the amount earned is often time low as compared to traditional affiliate marketing, oftentimes very less,

Not a full solution:  You may want to give this a shot as a source of passive income, promoting only PPL is not going to earn you big bucks. It is best if you see this as the supplementary stream of income.

Affiliate Marketing Tips for Pay Per Lead

I trust that I have been able to reveal the biggest and best platforms that pay per lead, lets me show you more tips as to how you can promote those high paying affiliate programs successfully.

Terms and affiliate agreement:

Do not jump on a program simply because they offer per pay lead program. All PPL programs have restrictions on advertising their product, so you may want to ensure you understand their terms and agreement fully. Especially for those who want to use ads or social media,

Promote affiliate links on SM properly

There’s a huge restriction on social media. Most of the networks hardly allow marketers to promote their affiliate links. You are better off writing a blog or shooting a video to include your affiliate product in your content before promoting the content on social media.

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