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17 Most Lucrative Cars & Auto Affiliate Programs In 2022


The dynamics of business, marketing, and wealth creation keep changing. One of the forms it has transformed into is affiliate marketing. It is a less demanding way to make money in the 21st century. Like all businesses, affiliate marketing has its risks and rewards. In fact, you may have tried several affiliate programs with little or no success, but Auto Affiliate Programs are quite profitable and filled with opportunities to make you some extra cash.

One of the many reasons why the automobile niche will remain relevant is the fact that products of 10 years ago are still very well sought-after. All you need is an eagle eye to understand the best programs and the deals they are offering. That is what we are here for, to point you in the right direction. We have compiled a list just for you.

Did you know that the automobile industry is US$459 billion in worth, with a chance that it will increase by over 15% in three years? If you didn’t know, now you do and you’re welcome. You could be a part of the people sharing the spoils of this market.

Auto Affiliate Programs

17 Most Lucrative Cars & Auto Affiliate Programs In 2022:

Advance Auto Parts

AAP is one of the largest auto parts dealers in 40 states of America. Given the quality of their products, they have built a huge customer base that believes in their products, hence, their brand is very well respected.

AAP offers a 10% commission to Affiliates for referrals. And it is quite simple to get on board their affiliate program. You can sign up to apply here.

They are currently in partnership with Impact Radius which provides reliable tracking and ensures timely payment for Affiliates.


AutoAnything is also a household name in the auto parts dealership market. They currently have over 200,000 quality auto parts that can be shipped at any time.

Their main goal is to make it very easy for people to buy auto parts ranging from replacement parts to steering gearboxes, turbocharges and a host of others. As long as automobiles are relevant for transportation, we will all continue to need AutoAnything.

AA offers 5% – 8% per sale as a commission rate to Affiliates. Given the fact that they get regular orders valued at $250, their rate is quite tempting.

Meanwhile, they have a seven-day cookie session but most of their customers get their purchases over within three days.


Edmunds is one of the foremost auto-affiliate programs and they are big in the market. They basically set out to deliver information to buyers who want new or used cars by providing reviews.

Currently based in Southern California, they have kept metamorphosizing since 1960 to the point where potential buyers of autos can get a precise estimate of the product, they want using an appraisal tool.

For Affiliates who use their platforms to generate leads for used vehicles, they are offered $5 per lead while leads for a new vehicle are worth $8 in commission.

They have a cookie duration of 30 days.


This platform provides more like an insurance for vehicle owners in the instance of an accident.

They have plans that can be purchased so that in the event of a collision, they’d fix your vehicle.

Autopom stands out because they pay Affiliates per lead generated – this means that you get paid for every potential customer that signs up for their program.

They pay a $10 commission per lead for non-residents of California while those of the golden state get $3 in commission.


RevZilla is one of the biggest dealers and suppliers of everything motorcycle. From the parts to helmets to apparel. They have their base in the United States of America.

Part of their quality assurance program is the fact that they have a running YouTube account where they constantly showcase their products and the feedback from their customers.

Promoting this brand is quite easy because of the work they have put in place. Meanwhile, they pay 4% per lead generated.


Lasfit was established in 2015 and has assumed one of the best auto platforms for Affiliates in 2021.

They specialize in reselling, and manufacturing LED Lights and Bulbs for cars and trucks. Depending on your vehicle, they also provide customized service for owners of autos who make demands.

LASFIT offers a commission rate between 8-15% depending on the number of sales made.

While they pay about $8 per sale, there are indications that they sell heavily.

Car Covers

This platform is one of the most trusted sellers of Car Covers, Truck Covers, SUV Covers, and Van Covers. Their covers are very well sought after because it protects cars from physical damage, weather damage, and sun damage.

Customers that use this platform to make purchases for their Covers are given a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is part of the reason they are trusted.

Car Covers pay a 10% commission for leads generated. Given an average order value of $172, you are sure of up to $17.

Pep Boys

Pep Boys have been around since 1933 and they have changed the way of doing business in the auto industry hitherto.

Currently, they provide car servicing and accessories needed for servicing all in one shop. They are worth over 800 shops across the United States of America.

They updated their website to have a pay-per-lead program, there are percentages too as well as dollar amounts.

Goodyear Tires

Goodyear Tires have been around for over a century and they have built a reputation for themselves as quality tire makers. Little wonders fast cars like Lunar Rovers and NASCARs patronizing them regularly.

This platform offers $6 to affiliates who refer buyers to their platform. Through their affiliate program, they also have several programs for their automotive on Commission Junction – you can give this a shot.

Rick’s Camaros (Eckler’s Automotive)

This brand and platform serve professionals and hobbyists who like to play around with their cars by rebranding and customizing their cars to their tastes.

Eckler’s brand set out in 1961 and has been providing custom autos parts ever since. So many sites are operating under Eckler’s brand including Rick’s Camaros but their clientele is generally customized car enthusiasts in need of auto parts.

It will be counter-productive if you go into this niche as an Affiliate without the passion of seeing cars restored to their former glory or transformed into something new entirely.

Their pay is a paltry 4%, which may leave you frustrated if that is not what you really love to do.


AutoBarn has been serving customers since 1957 and they have established a reputation for the sale of wholesale and retail car parts.

This platform has about the most lucrative affiliate program ever with an 8% commission per sale including other hidden benefits for merchants.

AutoBarn has a low payout of $25 which means you do not need to stash commissions before you get to make a withdrawal.


Avis provides a car hire service across up to 5500 locations over the world, in 160 countries including Africa.

I once used Avis when I went on a trip to Burkina Faso in Africa. They have a presence everywhere in the world including Asia too.

Their commission for Affiliates is based on mileage and rental duration, which is up to 4% on offer.

However, the more referrals you make, the higher your commission rate, this pushes merchants to do better.

Vivid Racing

If you are a sucker for speed cars, you can take advantage of this platform to make money as an Affiliate.

Vivid Racing was founded back in 2001 with a meagre investment and loan but they have become a household name across the globe.

Despite having millions of performance products for automobiles, they have one of the best affiliate programs in this line of work.

Their commission rate is about 5% on an order valued between $500-$1000, pretty attractive right?


Currently based in the United States of America, Auto Zone provides retail service for aftermarket parts of cars as well as accessories for the interiors of cars. Given their growth since inception, they have a staggering 6000 plus stores in the US.

Given their notoriety, users are found to heavily trust their products and service, so it is not difficult to make some money as an Affiliate.

AutoZone offers a 3% commission on sales, which doesn’t look lucrative on the surface but the high cost of parts and other products make it very lucrative for operators.

Tire Rack

Peter Veldman conceived the idea of selling tires back in 1979, his idea has become a very big business with over 650 workers on their paycheque.

Given the fact that they test their products on a test track, they have very high patronage as they can be relied upon.

For Affiliates who intend to earn big via this platform, their best bet is to chase tech and financial products.

Torque Detail

This platform provides care for automobiles from the washing and polishing of cars to painting, amongst other things.

Torque Detail also sells products needed for automobile care.

Affiliates enjoy several benefits like a 15% commission on sales plus coupons, that can be used to drum up sales.

Keller Heart

Keller Heart carved a niche for itself in a very saturated market. They sell automobile oils, and lubricants for both personal and commercial use.

This means they get patronage from maritime transport, air transport, and road transport companies.

Given the worth of businesses that patronize them, it may seem impossible to succeed as an Affiliate here but it is quite possible.

There are not so many Affiliates on this platform, and they offer a whopping 10% commission on sales.

EZ Battery Reconditioning

Given the name of this brand, you’d have easily predicted that they are out to revive all dead and old batteries of customers.

The founder of EZ Battery Reconditioning was torn between buying groceries for his kids and buying a new battery with his limited resources, he was forced to revive his old battery to ensure his kids are well fed and happy.

Not just car batteries, but Tom Ericson has an established method that can revive laptop, car, yacht, and motorcycle batteries.

So, they leave you saving up money that you intended to use to buy new batteries.

On ClickBank, they are one of the top-performing products, offering $51 to $148 per sale.


Maxpeedingrods have been in the business of selling automotive parts since 2006. They are uniquely different from some of the other automotive-parts-selling companies because of the quality of their products.

They have an eCommerce store that houses more than 2000 parts including connecting rods, crankshafts, turbochargers, batteries and many more.

Affiliates signed on to Maxpeedingrods are entitled to an 8% commission. An upside of this program is a 60-day cookie duration and the program is in-house.


J&P was established in 1979 and is known for dealing in quality motorcycle parts. This company has parts for all types of bikes, making them reliable for customers.

They also offer products like helmets, jackets and some riding gear. J&P can also help riders with motorcycle financing, insurance and many more.

For affiliates, they offer a 3% flat rate on all transactions. This is lucrative because the average order value is $150. However, the cookie duration is unknown and the program is managed by Rakuten.


OE distributes wheels in very large quantities in North America. This company has been in this business for more than 20 years and offers up to a variety of 80,000 whiles in more than 600 sizes and styles.

The affiliate program offers a 3% base commission and another opportunity to earn through referral. Their cookie duration is 45 days and the program is managed by Commission Junction.



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