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17 Most Lucrative Affiliate Marketing Programs – Offer Up To $7K Per Sale


There are thousands of people who go into affiliate marketing. It is only a handful of these people who know the most lucrative affiliate programs that pay big and offer the most reasonable commission on sales.

Lucrative Affiliate programs with amazing commission rates are also known as high-ticket programs and our discussion is going to centre around these programs. It takes a little more than knowledge, passion, and enthusiasm to become a super affiliate and multiply profits, you may need to be a brave risk-taker.

There are secrets to this thing, which I will demystify in this publication. You will also get to know the biggest niches and some high-paying ticket affiliate Marketing programs.

The biggest flex about being a super affiliate is the fact that you’ll earn big while working from the comfort of your home or wherever you decide.

Why Super Affiliates are Successful

Super affiliates stand out from other affiliates because they stopped chasing paltry commissions for their efforts and sales.

Oftentimes, you find that super affiliates started in niches that appealed to their passion and creativity. This way, they enjoy their work and make money doing what they love to do. They develop very beautiful content on familiar niches with relative ease, and are built upward and stronger for some lucrative affiliate programs.

From careful observation, you find that super affiliates do not have the mindset of just building an affiliate business, the mindset is mostly about building a long-lasting brand. The credibility that they built over the years attracts them to high-net-worth professionals that have the capacity to service their brands.

The professionals and enthusiasts attracted to the brands of super affiliates hardly worry about cost but they only look out for value and quality. In the end, every party is satisfied and makes profits in the long run.

Before I take you through high-ticket affiliate programs, you should know the fundamentals of commissions earned by affiliates.

Fundamentals of High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Commissions

There are certain things that super affiliates look out for in an offer other than the immediate gain. While there are a chunk of affiliate programs that will tempt you, some of them are not very well if you are looking to become a super affiliate. However, I’d love you to note the first two of four definitions for popular programs in affiliate marketing.

  • Monthly recurring commission: A recurring commission sees the affiliate earn commission on a monthly basis, albeit for a definite period that subscribers continue to pay. In some instances, a sale could translate to many years of income. This type of structure has been adopted by both cheap and expensive services.


  • High-ticket: For the high ticket structure, affiliates can earn more than 50% in commission because it takes the quality of content and trusts to be able to generate sales. And this structure involves deals for stuff like enterprise software or products and services like video lessons.


  • Physical product commissions: This is a common type of structure where affiliates are given a commission rate for selling a physical product, set or single. A classical example is Amazon.com and some online retailers alike which also have the capacity to be high tickets.


  • CPA: Cost Per Action earns the affiliate a commission for an action taken on a platform. This is the program that aids advertisers and businesses with their mailing lists. However, their commission is mostly paltry sums.

Do not forget that the first two programs can earn you a huge and consistent income, so it is better to get on with those two if you are serious about earning big from affiliate marketing. Recurring programs can generate years of income with just a sale

In order to succeed as a super affiliate, you must also understand the place of the sales funnel.

Demystifying Sales Funnels and Their Power In Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, the sales funnel is the channel or the process that buyers follow to make expensive purchases. Although a sales funnel depends on the product up for sale, this could be the channel.

  • Awareness: This is the first stage that reveals the availability of certain products through adverts, email marketing, social networking, and so on. However, it is only a handful of people usually get to patronize products from this pool.


  • Interest: Potential buyers begin to desire products in this stage, maybe because of how convincing your adverts are.


  • Decision: The third stage sees customers act on their awareness and interest. Here, they decide to buy a particular brand or the other.


  • Action: The last stage sees the buyer pay for goods or services.

Big spenders want some form of reassurance, information, guarantee, and professionalism to make the right decision. So, they tend to follow the aforementioned path to make big purchases.

The sales funnel is fundamental for affiliates who seek approval for high-ticket programs. Thankfully, the best lucrative affiliate programs already have the infrastructure to draft in customers into the early stages.

Now that you know how to start with the most lucrative types of affiliate high-ticket products, let me take you through how you can find and promote the best products.

How Finding & Promoting The Best Affiliate Products

While there’s no formula for this thing, it is quite easy to identify a product that will earn you some good bucks. If a product has the following attribute, you may take a shot at promoting it.


You may want to go for products that you know are very well known by all and sundry. Even if the niche presents some difficulties, it will be worth taking a risk if there is a market for it because you do not want to go for a product that has no market.


It is important that you check the reviews of products and services before trying to sign up for them. Although you are selling someone else’s product, your reputation is also on the line if you give out low-quality products.

It doesn’t have a high legal burden

Some programs come with legal backing, that’s why they offer high commissions for affiliates. However, if you are just starting out with a website, this is not a good place for you.

Multiple ways to profit

Some high-ticket affiliate programs offer affiliates several ways to make money from the same platform. The offers include Recurring monthly commissions, second-tier commissions, and backend opportunities.

After reading through and understanding how to identify high-paying affiliate programs, now, let’s take a swipe at the programs that are best to help you become a super affiliate.

What Are The Most Lucrative Affiliate Marketing Programs?

There are three niches that we consider the most lucrative for affiliate marketers. They include

  1. Beauty, health and fitness
  2. Personal finance and investing
  3. Entrepreneurship, marketing and business.

Therefore, if you are looking to become a super affiliate, any of the aforementioned niches is best for you

Let’s take a look at these niches, their platforms and the commissions that they offer.

Beauty, Health and Fitness Affiliate Programs

This niche has a pool of people who likes to take care of their physical body. Products are sold in these niches and affiliates make money here because of the high margins in sales and cost of ticket prices.

We have drawn up a list of programs or sites that have figured out the specific product that serves the needs of customers here. Let’s take a swipe.



Fanfuel is a UK-based company owned by Wolfson Brands and major wellness labels. They are basically a beauty, health and wellness brand with products for probiotics, cosmetics, weight loss and some nootropics as well as other products.

You can become a super affiliate using this platform and because of their bogus 50% commission rate for promoting their products at high rates. A huge flex of this program is the fact that they are one of the two platforms that offer lifetime and tier 2 commission. Sounds good?

They also acknowledge and give credit to affiliates for returning customers. Should customers make sales, even at very long intervals, they remain on your Fanfuel profile for a lifetime.


The focus of SellHealth is beauty and health products. They have been in existence for the past 10 years and are still thriving as one of the biggest health-related programs.

SellHealth have thousands of health products that they promote – while it is not all of their products that are high cost, they have programs that can see affiliates earn $350 per sale



Specktra is also a high-paying platform, basically in the CBD space. The products offered by this platform are very well trusted because of the 3rd-party lab testing that backs it up – this gives a level of reassurance to their potential high-paying customers.

Their program covers all of the products they have to offer. According to Specktra, super-affiliates earn as much as $2400.


They have mostly organic products like mixes of protein, detox regimens and some powdered juices – this has been their focus and they have plenty of fans on here.

However, ClickBank is responsible for its management, setting its commission at an impressive 30% at every stage. Their products are arranged in Morning, afternoon and night to encourage potential buyers to transition to the subsequent ones.



They have a very large CBD store with an array of products wanted by their fans. Bar edibles, JustCBD also have products for pets.

The affiliate program is managed by CJAffiliates who allows for referrals to their products.

Investing and Personal Finance Affiliate Programs


This niche is full of potential for making money. They offer high-ticket products in personal finance and investment. Given the value of the service rendered by these platforms, their customers are ready to pay the price and secure long-term relationships with them.

Let’s take a swipe at some of these programs.


It is claimed that people get as much as $10k payments for just a sale on Goldco and in some instances six-figure payments.

Primarily, they are sellers of gold and silver investment vehicles, targeting only those who are looking to invest big on their platform.


Fxprimus focuses on the trading of money by forex merchants. They have several platforms and resources that can be utilized by super-affiliates. The community of this platform is highly interactive because of the promotions that they frequently carry out.

On this platform, traders connect to hundreds of other traders using tools and available resources. You can also earn by referring one person to several products.


Etoro is also a currency trading platform like Fxprimus but here, they are focused on cryptocurrencies. This platform allows for the buying and selling of up to 18 different currencies and they are one of the largest platforms in the business.

Affiliates are allowed to refer brokers and traders to the platform, and if the referrals carry out trades, 25% of their investment will be paid to the referer.

This platform carries out adverts, and display banners and they have built a landing page that makes it easy for the affiliate to bring in new traders.

Capitalist Exploits

They basically deal in a newsletter that is targeted at people who have the knack for managing money or offer financial advice. Even though this newsletter is free, the copy convinces professionals to render services like offering advice, managing accounts and providing reports on money markets.

Capitalist Exploits also helps affiliates to connect to their own audiences


Plus500 Affiliate Program

Plus500 is also a site for trading both currencies and commodities. They have been in existence for many years and have turned many users into high-ticket affiliates and marketing agents.

Affiliates are handsomely rewarded for referring traders or brokers to this platform. While you can earn when your referrals make deposits, the amount earned depends on the nationality of the broker.


Marketing, Business, and Entrepreneurship

This is arguably the most rewarding niche in the business because potential customers may be looking for investment opportunities or a software solution for their business. Some affiliates have been lucky to make commissions in thousands of dollars.

Let’s take a swipe at some of these programs.



Shopify is one of the most popular online stores in the world. Their services include web design, web hosting, facilitating payment and implementation of shopping carts.

Shopify is unique for running an affiliate program that is subscription-based as e-commerce clients that visit their platforms have the potential to order many of the services they offer.

They pay as much as $2000 for one referral to their affiliate program. Now, the biggest flex for super affiliates of Shopify is that they offer recurring commissions for referrals who subscribe.

WPX Hosting 

This platform is specifically for web developers who are looking to buy a domain or host a website. They are about the most preferred service for most affiliates because the hosting is zippy web-based and their sites load very fast.

Commissioned earned here is strictly per referrer.

WP Engine

WP Engine are competing with WPX Hosting because they offer somewhat similar services. However, they target small businesses, agencies and enterprises.

They also sell themes through promotions to those who switch to their hosting platforms.


ConvertKit is one of the few email marketing service providers. They have built tools to help users organize, automate and increase their emailing list. They have been able to lure influencers and marketers as their customers.

The mode of operation of ConvertKit includes focusing on their subscription plan for a chunk of services they provide. Affiliates earn as much as 30% recurring every month for subscriptions.


Recall we talked about sales funnel earlier, ClickFunnels are said to be sales funnels for online businesses. They have built a knowledge bank that helps customers to build websites. It is profitable to join this program.

This high ticket platform offer commission to affiliates for subscriptions and in some cases backend sales can be made.

Liquid Web

Liquid Web is a solution-based platform for web developers. They help sites migrate to a new host without losing any data and they have various server solutions.

Although they do not pay recurring commissions like other platforms, they pay up to 100% commission on subscriptions for some high-ticket products.


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