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17 Lifestyle That Makes You Look Older Than Your Age


Everybody wants to stay young but not so many people are aware of what they are doing to themselves that makes them appear older than their real ages. From the food, you eat to the clothes and make-up you wear, and even to the kind of lifestyle you employ can all alter your looks.

If your desire is to turn back the hands of time and look smashing young, then you’ve got to look and follow the 18 lifestyle tricks we are going to lay bare in this publication.


If you wear brows that are not fuller, you’d appear older than you ought to. Therefore, the trick here is to wear fuller eyebrows that are universally youthful.

In the instance where you overplucked in the past, do not worry as you may want to just fill in sparse areas with a pencil for your brow. Try to create an arch that looks natural and full. Do not put creams, moisturizers, or lotion on the brow area because they impeded the growth of hair.


This has everything to do with your wardrobe other than your sense of fashion (lifestyle). In as much as you can wear anything that pleases you, a silhouette like bootcut jeans will make you look older because it has a dated look. If you want to look younger, wear trendy clothes.


According to Harris, wearing oversized clothes presents you as an older version of yourself. Why not go for something that’s perfectly fitting like a classic jacket tailored to give you a slimmer and fitter look? Your clothes don’t have to be expensive but only neat and fitting otherwise you’d appear a tad older than you ought to be.


There are peculiar manicure products recommended for grannies that you shouldn’t go close to. Products like opaque peach or pink polish have knacks for making the skin look aged and washed out.

You should go for sheer glossy white like the grey-tinged product for your nails. Any other colour other than the classic sheer pink gives an older look.


According to a New-York based stylist and lifestyle advocate, if your outfit and the accessories are all the same colour, you’d appear as dated. You’d be leaving an impression that you want to look young at all costs, which makes you even look older.

Instead of doing a colour outfit, add something like a neutral bag paired with striped pumps. If you want magic on your look, do a monochromatic scheme with varying shades in the same colour of family-like pink or red.


A lot of people are non-challant about their skin and they yet want to appear younger. You should not clean your face with a harsh product with tendencies to dry your skin because it will age you. There are recent products like those with fewer ingredient that improves looks.


According to our New York Stylist, you must balance your proportions if you want to try trends like high-waist trousers. If you’re going to put on full trousers or long skirts, then ensure that your top is fitted – you may wear a cropped top, a sleeveless blouse, or a shirt revealing a silver or midriff. You can do the opposite for shirts and trousers.


If you wear heavy makeup to increase the layer of your facial skin, you will only make your wrinkles more obvious. A light foundation on the cheek and brow bones does so much magic on the appearance.


There are clothes or fashion outfits that are quite appropriate for every age grade. Instead of wearing outfits that are quite revealing, you can still do dress-layer stuff like a black sleeveless with a turtleneck underneath. Wearing a shirt with a high neck draws the eye to the face, giving the person a younger look.


Applying blush to the apple of the cheeks ( the roundest and fleshiest) is quite disadvantageous to our looks. This is because the apple head for the south as we grow older and they even look more like pears. The strategy for looking younger with blue blushes is the brush on colours just an inch under the eye at the top of the cheekbone.


The moment you lose some sleep, you’d be gaining weight which is one of the primary reasons you must choose shut-eye. Most people that undergo too much stress develop wrinkles that in turn affect their looks.

It is good to have a sleep pattern and do whatever it takes to improve your sleep. Sleeping deep can help repair and renew damaged cells.


If you want to appear younger, you must avoid keeping a straight face. A smiling face leaves your onlookers, particularly strangers with the impression that you are much younger than your age. When you grin from ear to ear, your wrinkles will look like laugh lines.


Lower-lid eyeliners and mascaras do not last beyond an hour on the face, they appear better in women below the age of 35. It is best to keep the undereye light and bright using a concealer. You may want to add white or nude eyeliner to your collection.


Lifestyle modification is another method of ameliorating aging. If you like to take alcohol, you’d look a bit older than your age because the content dehydrates you but hydration is the key to looking fresh-faced.

Intake of plenty of water eliminates fine lines, wrinkles, and puffy eyes. Intake of alcohol reduces Vitamin A in the body, one of the antioxidants that help cell turnover. You may want to go for Gin, Vodka, and tequila because they leave your system faster.


If you’re used to dusting copper-coloured powder over your nose, chin and forehead, your fine lines will become more obvious. Apply bronzing powder on the perimeter of your face in the shape of the number three, starting from your forehead, looping down to the top of the cheekbones, and then curving out around the jaw.


You do not have to be too formal about everything including your looks and lifestyle. Sometimes, you can be playful with fashion. After getting yourself fitted clothing, you may want to add a trendy handbag, trendy sandals, or even a sneaker.


As you age, your skin loses color – imagine your skin as a toddler against the skin of your granny. A nude or neutral make-up palette will do the magic. It is recommended that you go for sheer pink, peach or pinky-brown lips or cheeks.

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