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16 Trusted Ways to Overturn Failure To Success

Overturn Failure To Success

Success is generally relative but it could be a sort of accomplishment. While this definition is relative to the individual thought processes, you’d have realized that most successful people have sadly experienced failure and most of them adopted their own way to overturn failure to success – and that’s why great thinkers have claimed that there’s a thin line between success and failure.

Failing or failure in itself is not bad but what you do afterwards matters a great deal to your subsequent fortunes in life. Like the Alchemist, it is very important to know the reason for failure, that way, it can be turned around to success.

Our discussion is not only going to centre around why people fail but we will also talk about the mistakes that must be avoided to jump failure and things that can be done to guarantee success as well. Failure is sometimes inevitable but the choice to move on and profitably use the experience to build a greater future lies at the disposal of individuals.

Failure is more psychological than material, which is why our mindset must change regardless of our reality. We must learn to see the positive sides of every event that comes/happens to us. Somehow, people make excuses for failure like there’s no benefit to failing but the lessons will surely come in handy for those that care to see it.

16 Trusted Ways to Overturn Failure To Success:

Reasons people fail

There are two fundamental lessons to draw from failure – the first is that something is not done the right way. Secondly, when we fail, we must not remain in the same spot but get up and continue fighting until we realize our dream.

Let’s see some reasons why people fail in life

1. Indiscipline

Indiscipline breeds failure while discipline is a recipe for success. The ability to control self, time, and say no when required are all factors that determine if we are going to be successful or not. If you are not disciplined, you’d be unable to score all the goals that you may have written down because when temptations come, you’d likely give in to them.

Without discipline you may be unable to study, sleep and go out as when due. Being disciplined requires some sort of self-denial, like not going to the club, or hang-outs at least for the time in question.

How to overcome a lack of self-discipline

People do not just become disciplined over the night. Discipline requires some sort of personal training and development. If you are lazy and lack inner strength, you are likely going to be indisciplined and fail at what you do. Do not shy away from behaviours that help to develop discipline like persistence, strong will, and determination.

Factors like meditation, regular exercise, drawing a plan, and increased stress tolerance among others help to develop self-discipline.

2. Indolence

You may be smart and intelligent but if you easily give up, you would likely fail in life. Life usually pushes people to points where it is very tough and if you persist here, you’re most likely going to come off successful.

You may say why to persist when you are at a dead end but the truth remains that persistence helps the mind to discover new approaches. There’s always a way out if you care to see it.

3. Unwillingness to break from the norm

We all want it easy seemingly with the flow but following the crowd oftentimes leads nowhere. Standing out and doing differently is fundamental for success. The stereotype in society makes one believe that doing what everybody does is the right thing but there’s ultimately no harm in having a unique opinion and approach to life in general.

To be successful, you must be courageous to go against popular opinions. Dig deep and pursue an innate interest.

4. Lack of planning

The cliche that says “he that fails to plan, plans to fail” comes in handy to describe a reason people fail. A lot of people fantasize about being successful instead of having a plan that can help them arrive at a successful destiny.

from failure to success

A plan gives you a detailed direction in terms of an attainable, timely, measurable, and specific goal. Instead of allowing nature to toss you around, a plan helps you to navigate your way through life.

5. The fear factor

One of the laws of nature says you attract what you fear. If you are afraid to fail, you are unlikely going to try. Even if you have failed countless times on a given task, you should never be afraid to start again.

The biggest failure is failing to make an attempt. Why not pick up the pieces and give it one more shot?

6. The quick success syndrome

A chunk of people wants to arrive at their dreamland without overcoming the step-by-step hurdles required. Goals are made up of individual goals and so, it takes an appreciable amount of time to nick a big dream.

You must be grateful for little achievements that oftentimes become huge over time. If you are going to shoot for the skies, you must be mindful that it takes a proper means of transportation. You must run away from the instant results syndrome.

7. Lack of belief in yourself

A lot of people do not believe in themselves or their abilities, which is a stark difference between successful and unsuccessful people. If you do not believe in yourself, you may be unable to accomplish the tough goals you set for yourself. People who do not believe in themselves, look for solutions to their personal problems outside.

Successful people have strong faith that they can overcome all the hurdles in their path. People that believe in themselves do not fancy giving up on their dreams.

8. Pride

When you are proud, you would not seek help when it becomes necessary. Scientific research has claimed humble people are high-performers than proud ones.

When assessing yourself, humility paints a true picture of your strength, and weaknesses and gives you real feedback on what needs to be done for self-improvement.

9. Excuses

Looking for who to blame for your own mess is another key reason people fail in life. Owning up to failure can easily help you turn things around for good. Making excuses for failure cannot lead you anywhere and that’s why successful people don’t make excuses.

An excuse makes the individual feel good and justifies why it was never their fault. You are likely going to stay in your comfort zone if you make excuses.

10. Networking failure

It is your network that ultimately determines your net worth, not your money in the bank or properties. We cannot overemphasize the importance of networking but relationships help us reach out to others and possibly get them to work with us.

11. Give up?

If you want to be successful, do not give up on your dreams. You have to be undaunted regardless of how many times you fail. Success requires effort, I mean serious effort.

There are so many painful prices people pay to become successful, those prices would become useless if they give up. In a bid to become successful, you’d be confronted with challenges, disappointments, rejections, and other lows but if you do not give up, you are sure to arrive at your dreamland.

12. Resisting advice

A chunk of people fails because they think their opinion is superior to others. Instead of arguing or always justifying your stance on issues, it is good to get feedback from people with the same work of life.

You cannot know it all or have the best ideas at all times, and if you are resistant to advise, it leaves you isolated. Your instinct will help you sift the advice that you need and every prospective successful person knows they need a second opinion.

13. Inability to take lessons from mistakes

The major advantage of allowing yourself to make mistakes is the fact that you’d learn from them. Trying to just forget about your mistake is not a good thing because there’s always something to learn from every attempt you make.

When you ignore your mistakes and the lesson from them, you are likely going to make similar mistakes. When you make a mistake, do an analysis of the mistake and take the lessons therein.

14. Inability to overcome distractions

If you have the wit to overcome distractions, you are likely going to be successful at what you do. Dealing with every form of distraction can make or mare your success. Distraction delays work and cause a loss of focus on the task at hand.

In the era of social media, you must know when to go off social media and follow your timetable.

15. Procrastination

Procrastination is not just a thief of time, it is an enemy of success. Procrastination piles up your work and delays the achievement of set goals.

If you procrastinate, you’re unlikely going to even get started. Successful people hardly procrastinate and when they do, they find a way to make up for the lost time.

16. Inability to take responsibility

Failure to take responsibility is like making excuses for failure. The underlining similarity here is faulting others for our situation. This is a very fatal situation as it leaves our solution in the hands of others as well.


Basically, failure becomes fatal when the sufferer refuses to take lessons and turn the tide around. Most of the success stories ever foretold by men/women had tales of failure included. If you’re making effort on a project but it seems like the project would fail, do not give up but keep at it, even the universe will at some point conspire to assist you.

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