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16 Platforms That Pay Teachers to Teach Online


The advent of technology has not only enhanced inter-communication or made life easy for people, but it has also succeeded in bridging the gap between the employed and unemployed even for those who can teach online.  Access to the internet has served as a huge advantage for job seekers as people can now work conveniently from the comfort of their homes as far as they have access to the net.

There are a lot of freelancing opportunities for those who can write, build websites, write codes, write blog posts, edit a script, and teach online. Thankfully, these job or online money-making opportunities are not just limited to tech-savvies anymore, teachers can now do their bidding virtually through their computer devices and we are going to be exploring about 16 platforms that get teachers to teach online and get paid.

Online teaching opportunities are vast for language teachers – for instance, if you can write and speak English fluently, you stand a chance to teach online on Asian platforms. However, our discussion is not going to be restricted to English lessons alone.

1. International TEFL Academy

This academy provides world-class, self-tutored instruction and they have a track record of getting their alumni jobs all over the world. You must be certified via their organization but when done, they’d help you get an online teaching job.

It is required that you are certified online or in person or through their programs. The pay range is $10-20 per hour.

2. Preply

This platform has a pool of teachers that are connected to their students. They provide an online language teaching platform where students schedule their lessons at their convenience. However, Preply takes a commission from your lesson because they provide the video tools and develop all the learning materials, and resources needed. You earn according to the number of hours that you put into work.

You do not need any certification on this one. Pay is about $15-25 per hour and $550 for a week.

3. VIPKid

VIPKid is based in Beijing, providing virtual jobs for people who can teach the English language. All lessons, curriculum, exercises etc. are provided by the platform. They offer teachers six-month contracts, allowing them to work the length of time that they want. They make direct bank deposits between the 10th and 15th on a monthly basis.

Sadly, they only employ citizens of America and Canada, with a $14-18 per hour pay package.

4. Lingoda

This is a language online school that offers opportunities for those who can teach French, Spanish, German, and English. The major advantage of this platform is the fact that you do not have to have a powerful command of English. The Students on here are basically adults, leaving you with the prerogative of scheduling your own hours. You earn 25% of any language course that you offer.

Lingoda requires the applicant to have two years of teaching experience, an ESL teaching certificate, a native speaker of the language you desire to teach, and the right to legally work as a freelancer. They pay you according to your portfolio and the hours you put into the job.


5. Magic Ears 

Magic Ears provide online teaching opportunity in the English Language, and so for children between the ages of 4-12. They provide all materials and resources for lessons that will span not more than 25 minutes.

They require applicants to show a six-month commitment and a bachelor’s degree. Pay is $22-26 Per hour.

6. SayABC

Like Magic Ears, SayABC provides teaching opportunities in English Language but for children between the ages 5-12 in China. The platform offers up to four different online classes and their application process is quite simple. Their contracts are renewable after every three months.

Their requirement includes a bachelor’s degree, a native of English, TEFL/TESOL certificate. Pay is about $15-21 per lesson.

7. Qkids

Qkids are somewhat unique because their classes are held between 5.40 am 8.10 am every day. Their weekend classes are usually past 7.40 am on Fridays and Saturdays. This opportunity is presented to candidates from the US and Canada who must have a Bachelor’s degree or must be enrolled in a university. You must have 6+ hours weekly teaching Chinese kids between 5-12 years.

8. DadaABC

DadaABC provides an opportunity for online English lessons in Chinese. They are in partnership with Pearson, Highlights, and other top learning sites. Teachers are expected to teach 4-16 years old. Teachers decide their timetable but they are required to teach every day.

The requirement includes a degree and willingness to work for 10 hours per month. The salary range is $17-18 per hour

9. Cambly

This is about the most flexible English online teaching platform. Students log in to the website or app of cambly to get tutored in English albeit for a fee they pay. The tutor can book a session whenever is convenient for them and there’s absolutely no formal curriculum for this one.

The only requirement here is that you must be a native English speaker. The pay range is $10-20 per hour, paid every Monday via PayPal.

10. Italki

This is the largest online language school with opportunities for teachers. Italki offers teaching opportunities in all languages. Teachers sign up to work as freelance language teachers who set their pay rate according to their experience and expertise. It is possible that you’d turn off prospective students if your price is too high.

It is required that you are a native speaker of the language you want to teach. You’re either a community tutor, which does not require a certification or a professional tutor who requires experience.

11. Landi English

Through its platform, Landi has over 1000 tutors working as online instructors. For those who want to improve their ability to tutor English but lack expertise, Landi offers the ideal opportunity.They use a student-centred teaching method dubbed Peer Study.

You are required to work in the US, UK, or Canada and must be able to speak English at an idiomatic level. You have to have a bachelor’s degree or more. The pay range is $16-23 per hour.

12. English First

Opportunities abound online, in China or Shanghai in English First. Teachers are required to teach the English language. English first affords adults or children the to learn the English language with university students as their teachers. They have offices world-over, this is in a bid to provide support for their teachers and enhance communication between them.

Requirement is that you are either from the UK or the US and must have a degree. You must have also put in a 40-hours TEFL Certificate. The pay range is $12-19 per hour.

13. Englishhunt

Englishhunt is looking for teachers from the USA that would teach Korean business students. Your job as a teacher here is to create conversation English classes through a softphone that installs on a computer system. Classes usually span 10-20mins and the curriculum is provided by the platform, affording teachers the opportunity to work from anywhere.

They require that teachers must be residing in the US with 48 hours of college credit or a TEFL/ESL Certificate. The pay range is $10-12 Per hour.


14. Palfish

Palfish is also a very flexible online English teaching platform. Although they have a website where you can sign up, they also have an App that connects their students to teachers who needs to put in 3.5 hours weekly. Students are adults and children.

They require that teachers must be residing in the US with 48 hours of college credit or a TEFL/ESL Certificate. The pay range is $10-12 Per hour.


15. Oakary

When an applicant signs up and fills in his details, the platform looks for jobs that match the profile of applicants on Magic Ears, Landi, Hujiang, VIPABC/iTutorGroup, PalFish, Shiliu, VIPKID, Am Class, SayABC, and others. Children between 4-15 gets a lot of tutoring here and adults in some instances.

Another requirement is to be a native English speaker from the following countries US/Canada/UK/South Africa/Australia/New Zealand/Ireland. Students here are basically based in China, South Korea, and Vietnam.  The pay range is $15-32 per hour.

16. iTutor

iTutor offers the most competitive wages to teach online and they provide a very flexible schedule. To work online here, you must commit to a job that has 10 peak hours, including four for the weekends – this is to accommodate students in China, Taiwan, and Japan. While contracts are annual, overtime is also available.

The requirement is to have a bachelor’s degree, and a teaching certificate of TEFL/CELTA is relevant as well. The pay range is $1500-$3000 per month.




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