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15 Websites Where Rich and Kind People Give Away Free Money


Do you have personal, financial or academic projects you cannot fund? You have great ideas but due to the lack of funds, your ideas have remained “ideas”. There are websites where rich and kind individuals donate money to the cause of other people or organisations.

Are there websites where rich people give away free money?

While some websites and platforms facilitate charitable giving and financial assistance, it’s important to approach the concept of “rich people giving away free money” with caution. Kind individuals and organizations engage in philanthropy and donate money to various causes, the idea of randomly receiving free money from strangers online is often associated with scams and fraudulent schemes.

Legitimate avenues for financial assistance typically involve applications, specific eligibility criteria, and thorough vetting processes. Government programs, non-profit organizations, and crowdfunding platforms may offer opportunities for individuals in need to seek financial support. However, these avenues usually require individuals to demonstrate a genuine need and go through a formal application process.

It’s essential to be vigilant and exercise caution when encountering websites or individuals claiming to give away free money. Avoid sharing personal or financial information with unknown sources, and be wary of any requests for upfront fees or payments in exchange for the promised funds.

If you are facing financial difficulties, it may be more reliable and practical to explore traditional means of support, such as local assistance programs, community organizations, or government resources that provide aid based on specific circumstances or needs.

Is It Safe to Get Free Money from Rich People?

When it comes to obtaining free money from rich people, it’s important to exercise caution:

Legitimate philanthropy:

Many wealthy individuals engage in philanthropy and donate money to charitable causes. However, these donations are typically made through established foundations, organizations, or structured giving programs. They often have specific criteria and processes in place for evaluating and distributing funds.

Beware of scams:

Numerous fraudulent schemes claim to offer free money from wealthy individuals. These scams may involve requests for personal information, upfront fees, or promises of large sums of money in exchange for a smaller initial payment. It’s crucial to be skeptical of such offers and avoid sharing personal or financial details.

Research and verification:

If you come across a potential opportunity for financial assistance, research the individual or organization thoroughly. Look for credible sources of information, check their reputation, and verify their philanthropic activities through reliable sources.

Formal channels:

When seeking financial assistance, it is generally safer to explore established channels such as government programs, non-profit organizations, or crowdfunding platforms that have transparent processes and eligibility criteria.

Remember, genuine acts of philanthropy usually involve structured giving and are not random or unsolicited offers. Exercise caution, be skeptical of unsolicited offers, and prioritize your online safety and privacy.

15 Websites Where Rich People Giveaway Free Money

1. GoFundMe

GoFundMe is a popular crowdfunding platform that allows individuals and organizations to create fundraising campaigns for various causes. Users can create campaigns to seek financial support for medical expenses, education, charitable projects, personal emergencies, and more.

Supporters can donate to these campaigns, and the funds raised are typically used to address the specific needs outlined in the campaign. It provides a platform for individuals to rally support and raise funds from a wide network of rich and kind people.

2. Indiegogo

Indiegogo is an online platform used to raise funds for a wide range of projects, including personal needs, entrepreneurial ventures, creative endeavours, and charitable causes.

Those who need money can create campaigns, set fundraising goals, and offer various perks or rewards to incentivize supporters to contribute.

On Indiegogo individuals showcase their projects or causes, engage with potential donors, and take financial support to bring their ideas to life or address specific needs.

3. Fundly

Fundly is designed to help individuals and organizations raise funds for various purposes. It provides a user-friendly interface for creating and managing fundraising campaigns.

People in need create personalized campaign pages, set fundraising goals, and share their campaigns with their networks to encourage donations. Fundly supports a wide range of causes, including personal fundraisers, medical expenses, education, nonprofit initiatives, and community projects.

The platform offers tools for tracking donations, communicating with supporters, and promoting campaigns through social media integration.

4. JustGiving

JustGiving is an online fundraising platform that allows individuals and charitable organizations to create campaigns and raise funds for various causes.

It provides a simple and secure way to collect donations from supporters and offers features like campaign tracking, social sharing, and integration with popular payment methods to facilitate the fundraising process.

5. Patreon

Patreon is a membership platform that enables talented individuals like artists, writers, musicians, and podcasters, to receive ongoing financial support from their fans and followers. Creators can offer different membership tiers with exclusive content, perks, and benefits in return for recurring payments from their patrons.

Patreon provides a way for fans to directly support their favourite creators and for creators to generate a sustainable income while fostering a closer relationship with their audience.

6. Go Get Funding

The platform offers tools for campaign management, communication with donors, and tracking progress. Go Get Funding is a platform for individuals to leverage the power of crowdfunding to support their endeavours and raise funds for their specific needs.

On GGF, those seeking funds can personalize their campaign pages with images, videos, and compelling stories to engage potential donors. Customization options help create a compelling narrative and showcase the purpose and impact of the campaign.

7. Fundable

Fundable is specifically tailored for businesses and startups. It is meant for entrepreneurs and business owners to raise capital for their ventures through various means, including rewards-based crowdfunding, equity crowdfunding, and revenue-based financing.

Fundable offers tools and resources to help users create compelling campaigns, attract investors, and manage their fundraising efforts. It aims to connect entrepreneurs with potential investors and provide them with a platform to showcase their business ideas and secure funding to fuel their growth and development.

8. Fund My Travel

Fund My Travel focuses on helping individuals raise funds for their travel-related expenses. Whether it’s for a volunteer trip, educational travel, medical tourism, or personal exploration. On Fund My Travel, you can create campaigns and share your travel goals with friends, family, and supporters.

People can contribute financially to help the campaigner achieve their travel aspirations. The platform offers tools for campaign customization, sharing on social media, and tracking donations, making it easier to fund meaningful travel experiences.

9. Kickstarter

Kickstarter operates on a project-based funding model. Project owners can launch campaigns for specific projects with defined goals and timelines. This could involve creating a new product, producing a film, publishing a book, or organizing an event.

Kickstarter uses an “all-or-nothing” funding approach, meaning that if a campaign doesn’t reach its funding goal within the specified timeframe, no money is collected from backers, and the project does not receive any funds. This incentivizes creators to set realistic goals and motivates them to actively promote their campaigns.

It’s important to note that Kickstarter is not a platform for charitable fundraising, personal causes, or equity investments. It primarily focuses on creative endeavours and aims to connect creators with a passionate audience that supports their vision.

10. Crowdfunder

Crowdfunder primarily focuses on supporting businesses and social enterprises. It enables entrepreneurs and organizations to raise funds for their projects or ventures through various methods, including rewards-based crowdfunding, equity crowdfunding, and loans.

Crowdfunder provides tools and resources to help users create compelling campaigns, engage with potential investors or backers, and manage their fundraising efforts. It aims to facilitate the growth of businesses and social enterprises by connecting them with a community of supporters and potential investors.

11. Seed and Spark

Seed and Spark is a crowdfunding and streaming platform specifically designed for independent filmmakers. It allows filmmakers to raise funds for their film projects, connect with supporters, and distribute their completed films.

In addition to crowdfunding, Seed and Spark offers resources and tools to help filmmakers with project development, production, and distribution.

The platform also operates a streaming service that showcases independent films to a wider audience.

12. Begging Money

“Begging Money” is a website where individuals can create campaigns to request financial assistance from others. It provides a platform for people to explain their financial difficulties, share their stories, and ask for donations from individuals who may be willing to help.

Additionally, exploring other legitimate avenues for financial assistance, such as local assistance programs or non-profit organizations, may be advisable.

13. Modest Needs

Modest Needs is a non-profit organization that provides small-scale financial assistance to individuals and families facing temporary financial hardships. It offers grants to help cover critical expenses such as rent, utilities, medical bills, and childcare costs. Modest Needs aims to prevent individuals from falling into deeper financial crises during challenging times.

14. Kiva

Kiva is a non-profit organization and online lending platform that connects lenders with borrowers from around the world. It allows individuals to lend money to entrepreneurs and low-income individuals in developing countries, empowering them to start or expand businesses, pursue education, or meet other financial needs.

15. Mightycause

Mightycause is an online fundraising platform designed to help individuals, nonprofits, and socially conscious businesses raise funds for various causes and projects. It provides tools and resources for creating customized fundraising campaigns, engaging with supporters, and collecting donations, making it easier to drive positive change and make a difference in communities.


These platforms primarily focus on crowdfunding and connecting individuals with donors who may be interested in supporting various causes or projects. While they may not specifically cater to direct financial assistance from wealthy individuals, they provide opportunities for fundraising and receiving support from a broader community.

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