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15 Websites To Make 100 Dollars A Day Online


You do not need special knowledge, skills, or a degree to make money from the gig economy. Some websites enable you to make 100 dollars a day online by completing specific tasks. All you need to accomplish this is access to an internet connection and a smartphone or a laptop.

Each of these websites requires that you put in some work. In some cases, it takes not just hard work but research, consistency, and time to become a big earner. Regardless, you can rely on a chunk of these websites as a passive income stream.

Below are 15 websites where you can make a minimum of 100 Dollars a day online:


Users share videos to market, entertain, inform, and educate their subscribers on YouTube. In doing so, they earn money through the Google Adsense program.

YouTube is one of the most reliable websites for generating revenue and income stream. You can become a full-time or part-time YouTuber, but whichever category you belong to, it is possible to make $100 daily or more as a YouTube user.

It is a very powerful source of SEO traffic as well. You can create faceless content and a personal branded channel where users can show their faces in a video.

  • Pros of faceless: Outsource content marketing.
  • Cons: Less back-end monetization dependent more on AdSense.

To qualify for Google AdSense on youtube, your channel has to reach a minimum of 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers within 12 months. But don’t be alarmed, it isn’t so hard to do. If you are consistent and have a unique channel, you can achieve a milestone within a few months.


Shopify is an e-commerce platform that is based in Canada. There are currently over 1.7m businesses from approximately 175 countries on Shopify. This means there are various products on this platform for potential buyers.

The opportunity on Shopify is not only limited to manufacturers of products. Sellers who act as intermediaries between manufacturers and customers can also profit from Shopify. This category of people is called drop-shippers.

Dropshipping requires the sale of a product by a merchant who can identify the need of his customers. In most cases, the brokers sell the product for a price higher than what was quoted by the supplier. The drop shipper earns the margin between the supplier’s price and the consumer’s price.

On Shopify, individuals can create their online stores and start a dropshipping business. However, you’d have to pay a monthly fee to access your admin panel, where you can add products and process your orders.


Zirtual is one of the websites that serve as a passive income stream. But on this platform, only those with administrative skills thrive.

On Zirtual, freelancers are paid to perform tasks like scheduling meetings, booking travels, sending reminders, and paying bills for their clients.

The pay range on this platform is $12-$15 per hour, which amounts to hundreds of dollars per day and thousands per month.

It is even possible to earn over $12-$15 per hour monthly on Zirtual as you ascend the grades.


ACX is a website that connects authors and publishers to narrators who can produce an audiobook.

The only skill needed on ACX is the ability to read and speak. However, having a unique voice gives you an edge to become a narrator and make money.

To become a narrator on ACX, follow the steps below.

  1. Create a Profile
  2. Upload Samples: you can mention unlimited samples in your Profile, taking into account your accents, genre, style, etc.
  3. Tell them how you want to get paid.
  4. Look for books you are interested in narrating.
  5. Accept the Offer from the authors
  6. Start Recording your way
  7. Get Paid one done/accepted


Etsy is an American e-commerce website that focuses on vintage or handmade items. These items include clothes, bags, shoes, toys, furniture, crafts, etc.

So, if you can create your unique design, you can make money on Etsy by selling your products.

The vintage items won’t be accepted for display on the site if they are more than 20 years old.

More than 1.7 million product owners are currently on the site and about 30 million shoppers. This means it won’t be challenging to sell products on the site.

All you need is to find your market and create a product for them. You’re sure to make money daily on the platform if you do this.

Uber driving jobs

Various platforms offer vehicles for hire, micro-mobility, car-sharing, and food delivery services, but Uber stands out from the lot.

You need to have a car to make money using this platform. You earn money driving people to their shortest destinations.

To make money using Uber, download the app and sign up as a driver on the platform. When you are ready to go, open the app, and they’d connect you to a potential passenger. The passenger pays you, and you pay Uber a percentage of the payment.

If you want to make more money as an Uber driver, get the right vehicle and understand your local terrain.


JustAnswer is a platform that pays professionals to answer questions.

People seeking answers in Medicine, Law, Mathematics, Web Designing, Sports, Engineering, Taxes, Phones, Home Improvement, Tourism, Entertainment, History, and so on can get their answers from JustAnswer.

Professionals type their responses to users. If users are not satisfied with their answers, they pay an extra fee to speak with the specialist on the phone.

On JustAnswers, trained experts can earn up to $7000 monthly by answering questions in their area of expertise. There are several questions on JustAnswer, but as an expert, you pick a question that you can answer and when you can do so.

There are currently 120000 experts on the platform. If you are an avid professional in your field, you can sign up on this platform, and if you qualify, they will send you questions to answer and pay you.


Freecash is one of the reputable websites to make money online.

On Free cash, freelancers get paid for carrying out surveys, completing simple tasks, or playing games. You can make money while having fun on Free cash.

Users of this platform have made $4,500,000+ since its inception.

To become a user on this platform, sign up, and they’d ask you some questions. If you answer those questions correctly, you will become a user on the platform and start making money.


SkillShare is a platform where people take lessons online.

Potential students sign up for membership, and then they are given the privilege to watch more than 24000 classes on various topics like design, photography, Business, technology, film, etc.

To make money on SkillShare, you have to create these classes for other people to watch.

Teachers who create lessons are paid based on the minutes watched. At the end of the month, SkillShare collates the total number of minutes watched and all the people who signed up for membership. The better the classes, the more minutes watched you have by students and the more money you make.

You should be good at making videos or screen recording, and you must know how to talk in front of the camera.


Udemy is very similar to SkillShare because students also take online classes on the platform. On Udemy, they pay teachers per course, not based on the number of minutes watched.

Every course has a price tag on it. Meaning they are running a sale of courses throughout the months and year.

Courses are also in categories like Business, Design, Photography, Marketing, etc. If you’re good at any field mentioned above, you can take a course and sell on Udemy.

For example, you can sell a complete course on digital marketing, affiliate marketing, and Udemy.

Working from home has appealed to so many people, and so is learning from home.

The most positive thing about selling courses on Udemy is that your product (course) will always be on the platform. However, you may need to update your training to meet current changes constantly. Even a newbie can earn up to $500 per month with very comprehensive training.

In some cases, Udemy takes part of the amount paid for your course. For example, Udemy takes 50% if they are responsible for driving traffic that leads to the sale of your product. But they take only 3% of sales made from your traffic.

Ensure you get a quality camera and microphones to improve the quality of your video before starting.


Flippa is a place for the buying and selling of websites. And specifically, these are websites that are online businesses.

The way it works is you can buy and keep the websites because they aren’t making money or add to them to make you some money. In any case, you have an asset when you buy a website from Flippa.

So what people do is they look for viable domain names, buy them for reasonable prices and sell to make a profit.

According to Godaddy, a domain name was sold for $872 million. Of course, you not only need an eagle eye to spot a profitable domain, but you also need skill and expertise to be able to do this daily successfully.

To buy or sell a domain on Flippa, you have to register as a user and display a domain or website that will interest potential buyers.

Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing)

If you are a writer, you can write ebooks and sell them through the Amazon KDP program.

This works because you would create the books and upload them through Amazon. Amazon will host and promote your books for you.

Once you are done writing your book, you can get it on Amazon within 5 minutes on all the Kindle stores worldwide.

Amazon takes 30% of your sales because they host your books for you and put them on the recommended reading list to drive more sales.

Books sold on Amazon are usually cheap – you have to make hundreds of sales to profit. Promoting your books across your social media profiles will help you boost sales.

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