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15 Websites That Pay You To Read Books


Isn’t it incredible how you could earn money by simply reading books on the go?  Now that’s what we call passive income! If you have always derived joy in reading both fictional and non-fictional books, then this route is for you. Just imagine the financial gain that reading and reviewing any genre of books could bring in! Grasping knowledge and meeting financial obligations—what a fantastic way to access wealth. Naturally, anyone can become a part of this passive wealth chain. Education is not a prerequisite.

As unimaginable as this sounds, you could make from $100-2500 dollars or more depending on your work rate or should we say “read rate.” Luckily, there are a couple of reading platforms for you to choose from. It gets even better! You could do this during your lunch break at work or on a lazy Saturday.

We are going to explore the 15 credible websites that pay you to read books.

Websites That Pay You To Read Books

15 Websites That Pay You To Read Books
15 Websites That Pay You To Read Books

Without much stalling, prepare yourself as we dive into the menu of websites that pay you to read books, their payment methods, payment variations and duration for payment. The best part is you can sign up for free.


What’s a better way of reading if not audiobooks? A large percentage of people globally prefer audiobooks. Statistics have shown that there are over 74,000 audiobooks. Now, with the job of being a book narrator, imagine the demand in the global market!

By working with established writers who require a narrator for their publication, ACX provides audiobook producers and seasoned narrators with the chance to make money.

Payment method: Once the audiobook is released, you will be paid via Paypal. Alternatively, you will get recurring compensation equal to 50% of the sales royalties.


Another credible website that employs readers to provide overlays for audiobooks and storytelling initiatives is Voices.com. Even if you are a rookie, you will undoubtedly get hired if your language and reading skills are sturdy.

A matrix indicates that voiceover and narrator jobs on voices.com are among the highest-paying jobs available online. In one hour, you could make up to $150 or more.

Premium members who subscribe to Voices are given more visibility and paired with jobs easily.

Payment method:  Payment is made upon the release of the audiobook through PayPal accounts. There’s a provision for recurring compensation equal to 50% of the sales royalties.


There is a website called AnySubjectBooks that recruits book reviewers in the per-book framework to assist them in reviewing new releases. It is a comprehensive independent publishing solution, and the most interesting part is, their payment is based on word count. The more the word counts the higher the income.

Payment method: Bank transfer/PayPal.


You might find it interesting to know that Upwork is one of the biggest websites where you can get paid to review books. You can uncover books to review for various certifications on this largest freelance marketplace. Additionally, you have the freedom to choose which clients you wish to work with and set your rates as a freelance book reviewer on UpWork.

Payment method: Bank transfer/PayPal.


On sites like Instaread, you can get paid to summarise significant book insights. The catch is that summaries on Instaread have to be between 1000 and 1500 words long, and payment is determined by the number of summaries that are submitted. You must meet or exceed this word count range to validate payment.

Payment method: Payment can start from $100+ for a summary.

Kirkus Media

Thanks to this platform, you can get paid to review books on the internet at Kirkus Media. Despite being among the most reputable websites for book reviews, Kirkus Media reviews over 10,000 books annually and has almost every language genre in the market.

Compensation for each 350-word review is perked at $50.

Payment method: Bank transfer/Paypal

Writerful Books

For our Australian readers, Writerful Books offers book editing, beta literature and manuscript evaluations. Because they are more familiar with idioms and subtleties, they prefer to hire editors from Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States.

That’s not all! You could earn between $12 and $50 for each review, and even win a massive $100 if you are the user on the platform who submits the most reviews.

Payment method: Amazon gift card.

Amazon Kindle

Globally recognized for hiring and paying people to proofread, record, and publish audiobooks, Amazon Kindle is a well-known subcategory of the main Amazon website. Reading published books and fixing mistakes is the best way to get up to $1000 monthly income revenue from the website.

Payment method:  PayPal, Amazon gift card, Bank transfer.


Flexjobs is a hiring platform that pays you to proofread, read aloud and modify printed books to audiobooks. This occurs at the whim of a plethora of customers. Take the first step by signing up for a free account on the website, then search for jobs that align with your interests and require reading books.

Payment method: Bank transfer/PayPal, others.


Unlike any other platform, before applying on Bookbrowse, reviewers must have a mandatory, strong sample review that is at least 300 words long. That’s not all. Reviewers must submit a mandatory piece titled ‘Beyond the Book’ with every review. Also, fictions which include young adult fiction, adult fiction, and non-fiction are among the titles that reviewers typically write about once a month.

Payment method: Bank transfer/PayPal, others.


Aside from Booklis being a subordinate division of the American Library Association, employees at public libraries and schools can choose books to buy or suggest to library users with the assistance of its reviewers. Most people refer to as book list as “the haiku of book reviewing,” and the pay usually starts from $15 per review. Booklist requests reviews that are between 150 and 175 words long and contain a plot summary, suggestions for the book’s ideal readership, and a list of corresponding titles.

Payment method: Bank transfer/PayPal, others.

Online Book Club

On Online Book Club, instead of cash, your rewards are in books on the platforms website. Thereafter, the books will always be free, and you will be qualified to receive payment for book review opportunities. On this platform, there is a possibility to earn between $5 and $60 for each book you review on this website.  Online Book Club is so legitimate that more than 10,000 authors have submitted their books for review.

Payment method: Bank transfer/PayPal, others.

The US Review of Books

The US Review of Books is an online book review website that employs freelance writers. Their job is to produce reviews that are between 250 and 300 words long. Upon entry, you must submit a few resumes, a sample of your work, and at least two professional references to the editor before they consider you for a book reviewer position with the U.S. Review of Books.

Payment method: Bank transfer/PayPal, others.

New Pages

On New Pages, you can swiftly find book and literary magazine reviews on this amazing. Till this moment, New Pages seek for concise reviews, no more than 200 words that possess much information.

Payment method: Bank transfer/PayPal, others.

Ear Works

Ear Works is a wonderful platform that pays you to perform voiceovers, read books aloud, and narrate. If you can read aloud from your books, you can earn a lot of money.

Payment method: Bank transfer/PayPal, others.


More than ever, you have the opportunity to turn your passion for reading into a lucrative side business. You can now read books for pay, regardless of your line of work. These websites have all the resources you need with the info right here in this article. The best part is that you could incorporate this passive income source into any schedule you have. Now your chance!

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