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15 Reasons Why Meditation Guarantees Success


When people set goals and aim for success, they carry out several physical, academic, financial, and mental activities for that purpose. Not so many of these lots are aware that meditation is an act that can propagate success and positively affect the overall wellness of a being in the long term.

With meditation, you bring the mind under subjection and control some forces around you. Once you master meditation, there’d be tangible evidence in your thought process, physical appearance, and to an extent your life as a whole.

Meditation as Mindfulness

Some people see meditation as just “thinking” or “pondering” but it is a tad broader. There’s a level of meditation that can be tagged as mindfulness – this means intensely focusing your thoughts on the awareness of what you are feeling and sensing at a particular time (maybe words, emotion, pictures, etc.) and you do this without judgment or interpretation.

Doing this may not be as easy as it seems. You’d realize that your mind wanders around when you try this and it’s totally fine and normal. Your ability to recognize distractions or stray in your thoughts and return to focus is what helps you to get better at meditating.

Let’s take a swipe at 15 benefits of meditation that can help you to become successful.

15 Reasons Why Meditation Guarantees Success

1. Handle Stress Better With Meditation

People who meditate handle stress better than those who do not. This act clears an overload of information that builds up at the cause of the day and contributes to stressors in the body.

Aside from physical activities that stress the body, too much input without proper handling of the input also leads to stress. It is possible to build unwanted emotions from the excess information that the brain receives during the course of the day.

With meditation, you’d be able to put things to bed by processing the information and gradually doing away with those that are not important to your cause.

2. Your Brain Functions Better After Meditation

Bar certain diets, meditation is a powerful tool that enhances the performance of the brain.

Gyrification occurs more in people who meditate –  “the ‘folding’ of the cerebral cortex as a result of growth, which in turn may allow the brain to process information faster. Though the research did not prove this directly, scientists suspect that gyrification is responsible for making the brain better at processing information, making decisions, forming memories, and improving attention.”

It is also proven from MRI scans that meditation reinforces the connections between the cells of the brain. There are other shreds of evidence from MRI scans that prove meditation has a good effect on the brain of people who are ageing as it slows down the ageing process the brain.

3. Get in Touch With Yourself


The more you meditate, the better the understanding of yourself. You understand more, your emotions, and value, and connect with your being better. People are often too busy searching for a life that they lost touch with themselves – they do not know what makes them angry or happy and react in a manner they didn’t expect when provoked but with meditation, you’d discover even your temperaments.

You can get in touch with yourself through meditation techniques that are known as nonjudgemental observation and attention. With nonjudgemental observation, you’d understand why you behave the way you do without feeling bad.

4. You Can Improve Your Grades With Meditation

Meditation helps you think and understand subjects that are taught in school. You ponder over topics, and some of the lessons get stuck in your brain as you establish more understanding of what you are taught.

Also, when you master the art of meditation, your mind will not wander when you are being taught, a huge benefit of mindfulness. According to research, mindfulness training improved the results of people who took the GRE.

5. Increase Productivity in High-Performance Situations

People who undergo mindfulness training are proven to be more productive in a multitasking situation than people who do not undergo the said training.

A study also claimed that a routine meditation-like thought is likely going to move the activity of the frontal brain which is responsible for emotional intelligence and states – a state which will likely see the routine meditator engage the world instead of withdrawing from it because of challenges.

There are people who are very skilled in certain fields but they may be unable to handle high-stress and high-performance situations because they likely did not meditate.

6. Appreciate Music More

If you find your mind veering off during a concert, meditation can help you fix this unpleasant situation. With meditation, you are always in tune and aware of what is going on at the moment.

Mindfulness helps you to focus more, so it can positively affect your music listening experience if you are easily distracted.

7. Positive Effects Even When Not Meditating

Consistent meditation has a long-term effect on the brain and body in general. It makes you feel good and enhances your brain to perform to put it at optimum. The effect of meditation translates to the non-meditative state of the mind.

Meditation is process-specific which means it has long-term changes in mental function.

8. Reduce Isolation and Feel Connected

Despite the number of people in the world, it is possible to feel dejected, lonely, and isolated. This state can lead to unproductivity and depression.

Regardless, meditation could reduce that feelings of isolation, loneliness, and depression, according to research. Especially for those practising transcendental meditation, this practice gives a feeling of connection and unity.

9. Reduce Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression

Among the benefits of meditation is reduced symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression.

A study showed that students who practised mindfulness coped better with academic stress and anxiety even six months after the program.

10. Fight Disease and Stay Healthier

The mind is quite a powerful tool that can be used to fight disease through meditation.

Meditation helps you to handle stress better and if you are able to handle stress, it will be easier to bring health issues under control, including chronic pain.

11. Sleep Better

Meditation helps you to dissipate your thoughts and improve your focus. If you meditate, you’ll offload everything that makes you feel stressed, anxious and depressed which will likely help you to sleep better and longer.

12. Help With Weight Loss

This may sound quite strange but meditation can boost your pursuit of weight loss.

Meditation could help you focus on mindful eating – which means, you tune your mind to let you eat only when you are hungry, not even stressed or upset. And when you are full, you get off the meal table and do not eat more than a specific portion. With this method, you can lose weight naturally without any physical activity.

13. Make You a Better Friend

Meditation is beneficial to relationships as well. Meditation improves your emotional intelligence – you know yourself better and also understand why people behave the way they do.

Meditation improves your sense of empathy, and without being judgmental, you treat everyone better because

14. Increase Your Attention Span

When you meditate, you process information a lot better than those who do not, and this act accounts for improving your attention span.

Mindfulness helps you to stay focused as well as makes you discard information that is not useful.

15. Generate More Ideas

Meditation improves your creativity and intellect because you take time to broaden your ideas on issues. It helps you to see things from a different perspective.

Mindfulness opens up your brain to a lot of new ideas and input because you can jump from one thought to the other as required in thinking divergently.

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