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15 Good Qualities A Life Partner Should Possess


Don’t we all dream of a particular kind of life partner? The choice of a life partner can make or mar destinies. This is why most don’t rush into a relationship for the sake of it until they are sure their significant other possesses certain qualities. What are the good qualities a life partner should possess?

It is easier to love someone who you admire and look up to. Although, it is said that people grow in love, that sort of love may be problematic. Even when love fades, the qualities possessed by a partner can keep the relationship going.

Below are some of the qualities you must look out for in a life partner:

1. Empathy

Empathy is the quality of not being judgemental but putting yourself in the situation of others. People who are empathetic treat their partners with understanding, love, kindness, respect and dignity.

Those who lack the quality of empathy treat their partners and people around them without kindness. They easily judge people even when they have their own shortcomings.

2. Great Sense of Humour

The atmosphere around people with a good sense of humour is always loving and joyful. People with a great sense of humour have their way of making a tense atmosphere calm.

In good and in bad times, you find that words and gestures are warm. It is better to be with someone who makes you smile always than one who makes you cry.

3. Friendliness

Most relationships that thrive are built on friendships. People who are friendly are open and comfortable to be with. They won’t be formal with their companions, rather they will make you rely on them for almost everything.

4. Reliability

A reliable person will always be there for you when you need them. If you cannot depend on your partner for certain things, then they aren’t reliable. The world is already fragile and people are always looking for who they can bank on.

5. Romance

Romance is one of the fundamental emotional needs of humans. A person who exhibits the trait of being romantic is attractive. Of course, every day isn’t Valentine’s day but occasional dates, flowers, pecks and physical touch can make a relationship last long.

6. Sexual attraction

How can you be in a relationship with someone you’re not sexually attracted to? Sex is a fundamental need in relationships and so, everyone is on the lookout for who can satisfy their sexual vanity.

You should never compromise this need. If your partner cannot satisfy your sexual need, it is better not to commit to the relationship. Sexual dissatisfaction breeds infidelity.

7. Shared values

It is easier to live with someone who has similar values to yours. You will hardly have disagreements over fundamental beliefs. This means you agree on the number of kids, spirituality, where to live and all whatnot.

The whole point is to make your life’s experiences full of activities: to provoke your passion and elevate your perspective.

8. Hardworking

Who wants to be with a lazy man or woman? No one, I guess. Many people have argued that it is better to work smart than hard but hard work is equally rewarding. Hard work means that your partner is living up to his/her responsibilities.

Even if the present isn’t rosy, a hardworking person is destined for a great future.

9. They make time for you

People only make out time for the things they love and this includes people. If they cannot make out time for their loved ones, then their love is questionable.

10. They like you deeply

A relationship needs more than love to thrive. When people like you, they will accept your faults and take you for who you are. When people like you, chances are that they won’t give up on you even when your shortcomings are obvious.

11. Forgiving

You and your significant other will have disagreements just like you and your partner will have sex. But it’s just as important to understand how to get out of them and heal ties with each other as it is to avoid them in the first place.

12. Truthfulness

Being overly demanding and needing to apologize are two different things. A similar understanding of the events during the stag party is required. Effective communication is a prerequisite for any healthy relationship.

13. Want to see you succeed

No one interrupts you when you express your desire for advancement, and they even remember that you ran out of your favourite moisturizer and go out of their way to procure more for you.

Taking an active interest in and showing consideration for your partner’s life can have a profound impact on your relationship.

14. Ability to plan for the future together

No matter when you decide to tie the knot, or if you decide to live together in the next five years, your potential spouse must be able to accommodate you and involve you in their future plans.

15. They are true

If you find someone in whom you have complete faith, hold on to them like a lifeline. This involves protecting your secrets for you and ensuring that they won’t act inappropriately if they come across their ex-partner.


Everyone has the attributes they look out for in a partner. You do not need to compromise on quality if are ready to settle down. If you’re patient and prayerful, you can have a partner with all of the above qualities. However, you should ensure you develop yourself and be good for a quality partner as well.

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