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15 Best Micro Job Sites to Earn Money Online


Are you tired of commuting to work every day? Do you fancy a remote job and have access to fast internet? Do you want to earn money online as a freelancer? There are micro job sites that offer opportunities for skilled and unskilled people who are willing to work and today, we are going to look at the 15 best micro job sites to earn money online.

If you are skilled in software development, Web Design, SEO and graphic design, you have a good chance of getting gigs through micro job sites. Even if you are unskilled and inexperienced, you can still get jobs that can help you develop a skillset.

It is possible to carry out multiple jobs on these job sites, which is a major advantage of micro-jobs. If you are a beginner, you can follow this guide to see the best micro job sites.

What Are Micro Jobs?

As the name implies, Micro jobs are part-time jobs where a person is contracted to work on a specific or “small” task.

Some offline micro jobs include office assistance, caregiver, driver, personal assistant, freelancer, customer support officer and so on. While online micro-tasks can include website usability testing, surveys, an online service marketplace, etc.

What are Micro Jobs Sites?

Micro job sites are online platforms where job seekers can be contracted for micro-jobs. Micro job opportunities are displayed on these websites and those who are qualified can apply to complete certain tasks.

These sites can display only small chunks of a large project in order to get more people hands-on to complete the project on time.

There are both employees and employers on micro job sites. The employer posts an opening and picks whoever he desires to complete the task. One of the best parts about micro jobs platforms is that it allows workers to choose from the tasks list as per their skill set.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Micro Jobs

  • Commitment is short term
  • Most tasks are flexible
  • You can gain experience and skills via these platforms
  • Make money on different tasks
  • You can be your boss
  • You choose who you want to work with
  • Commute is eliminated
  • You must be accountable for any job you pick
  • Workload may be so much
  • Administrative responsibilities

Micro Job Sites


Jobboy is a reputable micro job site that rivals popular platforms like Rapidworkers. With a diverse range of tasks available, Jobboy allows you to earn between $0.05 and $5 per job. However, the most exciting aspect of Jobboy is that you can complete multiple daily tasks, maximizing your earning potential. Furthermore, once you reach a minimum payment threshold of $10, you can easily withdraw your earnings through LTC (Litecoin) using Coinbase, one of the best Litecoin wallets.


Minimum Payment: $10

Payment Method: LTC (Litecoin), Best Litecoin Wallet is Coinbase.


As an American-based micro job website, ySense has gained recognition as one of the best platforms in its category. This online community offers opportunities for individuals worldwide to work on various types of tasks. Whether taking surveys, trying product offers, or downloading apps, you can quickly make money through ySense. Additionally, you can sell your services and complete micro jobs from the comfort of your living room.

You can also use their referral or affiliate program to earn over 30% extra income.


Minimum Payment: $5

Payment Method: Payoneer, PayPal, Skrill


Respondent sets itself apart from other micro job sites as a specialized online survey platform. If you excel at survey jobs, this is the site for you. Respondent offers substantial payments for research studies, making it an exciting option for those seeking higher compensation compared to other survey sites.

Numerous companies rely on Respondent to find capable surveyors, ensuring a steady stream of work opportunities. Skilled surveyors can earn an impressive $60 to $100 per hour remotely. Respondent’s excellent reputation has become the go-to micro job site for trustworthy and lucrative survey work.

Remember that a 5% commission is deducted from each survey payment. Once you reach a minimum payment threshold of $20, you can conveniently withdraw your earnings via PayPal.


Minimum Payment: $20

Payment Method: PayPal


Despite initial concerns about its legitimacy, Picoworkers is a highly trusted and reliable micro job site based in the USA. Genuine member reviews have dispelled doubts surrounding its credibility, leading us to include Picoworkers in our list of the best micro job sites.

Signing up and accessing micro jobs on Picoworkers is incredibly simple, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Your first withdrawal may take 5-7 days due to profile verification, but subsequent withdrawals are seamless. With multiple payment options, including cryptocurrencies, PayPal, and Amazon gift cards, Picoworkers caters to a wide range of preferences. Picoworkers is an ideal platform for online micro jobs, suitable for everyone. The minimum payment threshold is $5.


Minimum Payment: $5

Payment Method: Cryptocurrency, PayPal, Amazon gift card


Considered one of the most reliable and authentic micro-job sites, Swagbucks specializes in survey micro-jobs that can be completed remotely. As you complete surveys, you earn points, coupons, and gift cards that can be exchanged at various popular retailers, including Amazon and Walmart. Alternatively, you can convert your points to cash through PayPal or explore alternative payment methods.

Each Swagbucks point equals $0.01, meaning 100 points represent $1. With many ways to accumulate points, Swagbucks offers flexibility and choice. However, the withdrawal process typically takes 10-14 days to complete. So, make the most of Swagbucks and earn money from the best mini jobs online. The minimum payment threshold is $5.


Minimum Payment: $5

Payment Method: Points, Coupons, Gift cards, PayPal


In 2023, Remotasks stands out as one of the best micro job sites, consistently providing various tasks. With thousands of buyers seeking skilled taskers, you can always find work on this platform. Remotasks offers short-term and long-term work options, allowing you to choose tasks that suit your availability.

The most in-demand jobs on Remotasks include collecting data and transcribing images or audio files. You can conveniently work on these micro jobs from your home. Furthermore, Remotasks ensures weekly payments to its taskers, eliminating concerns about delayed or missing payments. So, rest assured that you can work and make money securely from home. The minimum payment threshold is $5, and payments are made via PayPal.


Minimum Payment: $5

Payment Method: PayPal


Inbox is a personal favourite micro job site for many. InboxDollars offers numerous avenues to earn money online. You can generate income on this platform by participating in online surveys, testing new products and services, playing games, watching videos, and reading emails.

InboxDollars caters primarily to American citizens and requires a verified Visa card for payouts. However, they provide a $5 instant signup bonus as an added incentive. So, join InboxDollars today to start making money from one of the best micro jobs sites. The minimum payment threshold is $30, and you can withdraw your earnings through checks, prepaid Visa cards, or eCards.


Minimum Payment: $30

Payment Method: Check, Prepaid Visa, or eCards.


Zeerk is an excellent platform to explore if you’re new to micro-jobs. With many buyers actively seeking services, you can sell your skills and expertise to interested parties. Zeerk has gained a reputation as a trusted and reliable micro working site, ensuring a smooth payment process without any reported payment issues. You can withdraw your funds daily, with no waiting period.

It’s worth noting that Zeerk deducts a 10% commission from each service transaction. Begin your online micro jobs journey on Zeerk without any investment. The minimum payment threshold is $4, and payment via PayPal.


Minimum Payment: $4

Payment Method: PayPal

Hivemicro (Hive Work):

Recognized as one of the highest-paying micro-job sites, Hivemicro, also known as Hive Work, attracts organizations and companies seeking skilled micro-job workers. With various small jobs available, the platform offers opportunities in audio transcription and semantic segmentation, which are in high demand.

Hivemicro guarantees weekly payments to its taskers, ensuring a reliable income stream. This platform is certainly among the best legitimate micro job sites. Once you reach a minimum payment threshold of $20, you can conveniently withdraw your earnings via PayPal or Bitcoin.


Minimum Payment: $20

Payment Method: PayPal, Bitcoin.


Since 2008, Scribie has provided individuals with microtask jobs, primarily in transcription. This platform allows you to make money by transcribing audio or video files. Signing up and working on Scribie is straightforward, and their payment system is known for its flexibility and security.

Earnings are transferred within one working day, ensuring quick access to your hard-earned money. Scribie deducts a 2% fee for withdrawal amounts below $30. Overall, Scribie is considered one of the best microwork websites. There is no minimum limitation for payment, and withdrawals are made through PayPal.


Minimum Payment: No Minimum limitation

Payment Method: PayPal

The Smart Crowd:

The Smart Crowd ranks among the best micro job sites, offering many small tasks. Whether seeking full-time or part-time employment, this platform provides efficient opportunities to work from home. Thousands of people worldwide are currently working on The Smart Crowd.

Payment is once per month as a salary, and you must have a verified Dwolla account to receive compensation. With its two-decade-long existence, The Smart Crowd has established itself as a trusted company, making it an excellent choice for micro-job seekers. The minimum payment threshold is $50, and payments via Dwolla.


Minimum Payment: $50

Payment Method: Dwolla


TaskRabbit distinguishes itself as a unique micro job site that matches local demands with job seekers. Established in 2008, this American-based company has streamlined tasks such as furniture assembly, office or home deliveries, and other on-demand services through their online and mobile app platforms.

Creating an account and setting up a profile is simple. Then, include your offered services and corresponding charges in your profile, making it easy for interested clients to hire you. TaskRabbit charges a 15% fee to clients, but taskers receive their full payment without any deductions. TaskRabbit is undoubtedly an excellent micro job site to explore, and there is no minimum payment limit. Payments processes through Stripe.


Minimum Payment: No Limit

Payment Method: Stripe


Clickworker is a website for crowdsourcing for allocating micro task to employees.

On ClickWorker, you can micro jobs like commenting writing, downloading, proofreading, SEO and others.


Minimum Payment: $10

Payment Method: PayPal or Bank Transfer

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