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14 Beauty Benefits of Rubbing Ice Cube On The Face


One of the best skin routines is using ice cubes to massage your face. It’s not popular in the contemporary skincare routine. However, it has deep roots in Korean beauty trends. Ice facial, as it is called, has tremendous benefits that enhance the use of your other beauty products. Aside the numerous benefits of rubbing ice on the face, it is good news because you don’t need to stop your favourite beauty regimen because of possible counteractions with ice facials.

Another fantastic benefit of ice facials is the rich nourishment it gives the body. Using iced cubes of water benefits the face and leaves a smooth glowing effect. However, you can get creative with the ice cubes and freeze different ingredients to meet various facial therapies.

For example, you can brew green tea and freeze it in ice cube trays, then apply cubes on your face and allow the water to dry off on your face. Since green tea contains antioxidant properties, it will be perfect for reducing swellings and dark circles. Another effective recipe for prolonged sun exposure is aloe vera extract ice cubes to be applied and allowed to dry off on the face without washing off. You can try other ice cube mixes like cucumber and lemon, cinnamon, and rose petals’ ice cube mixtures.

Now that you know how to apply and play around with ice facials, here are some benefits to spur you into trying it and even experimenting with your mixtures.

14 Beauty Benefits of Rubbing Ice Cube On The Face

Natural makeup

Rubbing ice cubes over your face is like pouring water on a sponge. It absorbs the water and comes alive. The skin absorbs the water and is rejuvenated, giving it a glowing and relaxing aura. The surface of the ice on the skin also exfoliates, especially when the ice cube is a mixture of cucumber, lemon, or other ingredients mentioned. It gives a rough enough to exfoliate but not injure feel on the skin.

Manage tweezing inflammation

Tweezing the eyebrow is accompanied by some discomfort and inflammation that you’d wish the hairs of the brows to take into consideration when growing back. I know sometimes, the thought of the pain can drive you to procrastination. However, since you’ll have to do tweezing eventually, you can apply the ice cubes on the brows to numb the pain, tweeze and reapply to prevent swelling.

Control heat rash

Heat rashes can be unbearable and painful, in addition to the itch. However, ice cubes can numb the pain and itchy sensation to give respite for a while. In addition, natural fruits or vegetable remedies that help heal the rashes and inflammation can be frozen and dapped on the skin with a cotton cloth.

Shrinks skin pores

The skin’s pores are responsible for releasing sweat and natural oils, which is the skin’s way of cleansing itself. However, the build-up can lead to breakouts if dirt clogs the skin. To mitigate face irritation, you can rub ice cubes to shrink the pores and prevent an inlet for dirt.

Soften lips

Massaging ice on your lips is very effective for dry lips. It hydrates the lips and reduces
inflammation caused by skin irritation, allergies or frequent exposure to the sun. In addition, the ice gives soothing relief and speeds up the healing process.

Oil control

Oily skin is frustrating for several reasons, one being prone to breakouts. In addition, since
rubbing ice shrinks the pores, the quantity of oil that makes it to the skin’s surface is limited. Thus, giving the face an oil-free look and feel.

Exfoliates the skin

Shedding off old skin is one of the natural mechanisms the skin relies on to look radiant. The skin peels off dead skin from time to time, but it is more efficient to initiate the exfoliation process often than wait for the natural occurrence of the skin. There are many beauty products for exfoliation, but you can use an even more effectual home remedy, the milk ice cube. The lactic acid clears dead skin cells, while the ice cube hydrates the skin and improves the skin’s glow.

It gives the foundation a flawless look

Apply ice cubes on your face before your foundation for a long-lasting flawless look. It makes your makeup more manageable and your look glamorous.

Relieves sunburn

A lot of times, exposure to the sun is inevitable, and sunburn is one of the outcomes of prolonged exposure. The inflammation and redness give a discolouration to the skin but can be treated by the regular application of ice cubes. In addition, the sting and swellings caused by the sunburn will ease away.

Glowing skin

Massaging your skin with ice cubes makes it glow because of the improved blood circulation and hydration from the massage. By now, you know that rubbing ice on your skin constricts your pores, so when the pores shrink, blood circulation increases, and you look radiant. So, if you can get a glowing effect by using ice cubes, imagine using any of the ice cube mixtures we discussed earlier.

Conceal eye bags

Eye bags are the morning presents you get from a previously stressful day, overnight crying or poor sleep. The formation of the bags is nothing but an accumulation of fluid under the eyes, so you cannot be sure when the bags will disappear, but it can be controlled with ice cubes. Move the cubes in a circular motion to relieve the pressure.

Enhance product absorption

The magic of applying ice and other products like your night cream or serum is that the skin’s pore constricts and simultaneously creates a pulling effect on the skin. It is at this point that the skin absorbs nutrients from other products that are beneficial.

Smoothen breakouts

The ability of ice to control oil by shrinking the pores on the skin is how ice cubes manage to even out acne on the skin. You can take the ice treatment a notch and experiment with frozen homemade remedies like the one mentioned.

Clear dark circles

Remember the different recipes we gave for facial ice mixtures? For example, to eliminate dark circles, you can rub ice cubes of rose water and cucumber mix on your face. With consistency, the dark circles will disappear.


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