13 Tips For Men to Last Longer In Bed

Last Longer In Bed

To Last longer in bed is a huge deal for both men and women. It has indirectly created a culture of measuring who is man enough and who is not. Though the measurement metrics are unrealistic, some men have developed their alpha male status or inferiority complex around how long they last in bed.

The need to last longer in bed can be because it gives men a sense of control when they successfully take their partners on a rollercoaster journey to orgasm. Men feel pleased and in charge when their partner is satisfied, and who won’t be when we all get a boost of endorphins and serotonin when compliments are paid?

Unfortunately, premature ejaculation is real, and many men are bedevilled by it and end intercourse even before it begins. The truth is men have experienced premature ejaculation at least once regardless of the “macho” façade they put on. That is to say; it’s a “we’re all in this together” situation and nothing to be ashamed of. While some people experience PE a few times, others relive the experience regularly.

However, if you do not meet the minimum 5.4 minutes threshold for ejaculation by the famous 2005 Journal of Sexual Medicine studyyou might want to consider improving your performance. The first step in enhancing PE is the willingness to accept help instead of denial and shame. Next, you explore the various self-help and medical options available to improve PE.

Below are a few ways to prevent PE and get you back in the saddle.

1. Exercise

Last Longer In Bed

The pelvic exercise is the exercise that trains the muscles of the pelvic floor, which supports the bladder and enables ejaculation. The pelvic exercise is known as Kegels, a form of contraction and release exercise. One popular exercise practice is holding your urine while urinating and releasing it. Repeat the process regularly and train your brain to hold on till you’re ready to ejaculate.

2. Be creative in bed

To get you hitting spots for extended periods, you need to get creative, try out different sex positions, and be fast in switching. The time spent coming up with the next position and the brief transition to the next position keep up fired up and distract your mind from ejaculation. Try out 2 or 3 positions and watch how you beat your expectation.

3. The squeeze method

Another way to delay ejaculation is to try the squeeze. It means that when you feel your orgasm coming, you squeeze the head of the penis to redirect the blood flow from the penis and deescalate the sexual tension. You can master the art of squeezing the lower side of your penis with your thumb and forefinger to delay ejaculation.

4. Lifestyle adjustment

Treating our body goes a long way in preventing PE and erectile dysfunction. For instance, exercising helps you develop stamina and control to withstand PE. Also, moderate or stop smoking and substance abuse, reduce obesity and situations that make you stressed, depressed or anxious. Instead, replace terrible lifestyle choices with eating well, meditation, yoga and visualization, exercise and abstinence from smoking and drugs.

5. Professional therapy

If you’ve mustered the courage to open up to your friend or talk about your PE with your partner, you are indeed brave and on the right course to fixing your PE. The best they can do is listen to and support you, but you need to see a professional. With psychotherapy, the therapist will diagnose the underlying cause of PE and recommend exercises to delay ejaculation. Then, you can go for counselling sessions with your partner to boost transparency between each other and help them know how to help you without bruising your ego.

6. Try medication

You should talk with your physician about premature ejaculation if you’ve had PE, and they may likely recommend that you try most of the remedies discussed in this article. Depending on your progress, your doctor can prescribe a combination of Viagra and antidepressants or trial drugs where they are permitted to prescribe it. Antidepressants taken alone may prevent early ejaculation, but you must be mindful of the side effects.

7. Use condoms

It’s condoms again coming to the rescue by creating extended sex time. When you slip on a condom, the rubber creates a layer between the sensitive skin and the vagina. That way, it prevents fast release due to sensitivity. In addition, you can go the extra mile and buy condoms with numbing agents to prolong the pleasure.

8. Masturbate before sex

It is not unheard of for men to have a fast release from the slightest touch or thrust if they’ve not had sex in a while. Masturbating before sex empties your engorged prostate and makes it easy to orgasm and last longer in bed. If you have sex after masturbating, the brain thinks it is your second sex, and you have control over climaxing.

9. Try less penetrating sex positions.

I know asking you to avoid some styles, especially your fave doggy style, which allows you deep penetration is a lot. However, it sometimes may be a way to keep you in long enough action. At least for the first round, go for less penetrating sex positions with less “in and out” movement. Moreover, your partner’s clitoris will thank you for the TLC slow grind, like the lotus position.

10. Foreplay

The pleasure doesn’t have to stop when PE cannot be helped during sex. Take the chance to develop intimacy through non-penetrating means. Many women say penile-vagina intercourse alone cannot make them orgasm, except clitoral stimulation is incorporated with oral sex. Even when the sex lasts longer, pleasure your partner with foreplay.

11. Use sex toys

Sex toys can serve two purposes when having intercourse. First, it can spice up your sexual experience when used for foreplay or risqué games. The toys can also be used to practice masturbating and holding off orgasm for a few moments, then trying again. Good thing spontaneity is always welcomed in the sex arena, so you might as well go for it.

12. Try edging

Edging is teaching your brain and body the act of control during sex or masturbation. You bring yourself to the edge of orgasm but also train your brain to stop until the excitement subsides then you go again. With constant practice, you can prolong your orgasm response but make sure you apply sufficient lube to avoid chafing.

13. The right support system

Communicating PE with the right partner will relieve you and your partner of assumptions and misconceptions. For example, imagine your partner thinking something about them irritated you and affected the sex, and you, on the other hand, wondering if your partner is satisfied or angry. This type of miscommunication can escalate and affect your relationship. However, if you open up to your partner, they can understand and encourage you to try home remedies or visit the hospital. In addition, knowing you can be comfortable with them reduces stress, which is also a cause of PE.



13 Tips For Men to Last Longer In Bed

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