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13 Traits And Signs Your Partner Will Cheat 


Traits And Signs Your Partner Will Cheat. Cheating has broken a lot of relationships even when such love affairs looked true. You find that even people who show commitment cheat on their partners. This is likely because of a personality trait that makes someone more likely to cheat, according to research.

While it takes discipline, loyalty and principles to stay faithful in a relationship, you can always predict if a person can be faithful or not. There are traits common with people who cheat and if you pay attention, you will find this is true.

However, it is not everyone who exhibits these traits of cheating that are unfaithful. So, don’t quit your relationship or get turned off when you see some of these traits.

Below are 13 Personality Traits And Signs Your Partner will Cheat:

1. They Have Difficulty Controlling Impulses

Anyone who finds it difficult to control impulses like an adrenaline rush will likely cheat. An impulse makes you do something without really thinking about it. People who cheat are unable to bring their bodies and thoughts under subjection, they just give in to temptations without having a second thought.

This isn’t a rule though, but self-control is a recipe for faithfulness and loyalty.

2. They’ve Cheated Before

Cheating is an acquired behaviour. People who cheat for the first time are likely going to be remorseful about that behaviour. But when they go on to do it for the second, third and many other times, they lost morality.


According to a study by the University of South Alabama, anyone who has cheated in the past will likely cheat again. However, you can give them another chance.

3. They Have Narcissistic Tendencies

Narcissism is a personality disorder on its own and people with narcissistic tendencies can be toxic as well as cheat in a relationship. This set of people has an inflated sense of importance and lack empathy for their partners.

They are likely going to cheat because they are never satisfied with how they are being treated by their partners. Narcissistic people always believe they deserve better and so, they go looking for “better”.

4. They’re Introverted

Quite difficult to believe but introverted people are more likely going to cheat than people who are loud. Although introverts hardly make the first move if someone hit on them, they are more likely going to get along, according to studies.

5. They Have A Longer Ring Finger

There are traits that have been used to predict cheating and some of these predictions have turned out correct. Even though the physical attributes of humans are basically the same, there are differences.

There are people who have longer ring fingers, which indicates more exposure to testosterone in the womb, who are likely going to cheat. According to research by Oxford University, higher testosterone levels also mean promiscuity. So, this means people with a longer ring finger have a higher sexual drive and will likely cheat.

6. They Have A Family History Of Cheating

Just as physical traits are inherited, biological and behavioural traits can also be inherited.

People who were brought up under cheating parents will see cheating as normal behaviour. They are likely going to also pick unfaithful partners.

7. All Men Cheat

In some climes, the cliche “All men are dogs” connotes that all men cheat. This is quite unfair though as no gender has the monopoly on cheating. However, an Oxford study reveals that most men cheat.

57% of men are not faithful as compared to 47 per cent of women. In marriages, most men fail to stay faithful when their wives are pregnant.

8. Hanging Out With Less Attractive People Than Their Partner

People who like to hang out with those who are less physically attractive than their partners are likely going to cheat. This is according to affaire-hookup site Victoria Milan.

Cheats do not only go after attractive people. They may not want to prove anything and less attractive people have insecurities that make them vulnerable.

9. They’re Dependent On Others

It takes commitment and effort to make a relationship work. And there are people who like to be dependent, if their needs are not met, they are likely going to look outside for help.

Someone who is overly dependent on others will likely say no to advances. The only way they can pay back for whatever they receive is with their bodies. If you want to keep your relationship healthy, you must attend to the needs of your partner.

10. Their Friends Cheat

The axiom that “birds of a feather flock together” is true for people who cheat. Everyone is comfortable with a friend who shares similar values with them.

Even if someone doesn’t cheat, he/she could be influenced by a friend that cheats.  So you should be wary of your partner’s friends. Not just cheating, if your partner’s friend is goal-driven, chances are that your partner will be goal-driven. That’s the kind of influence friends have over each other.

11. They Fear Emotional Intimacy

People who fear emotional intimacy are likely going to cheat on their partners. That sort of commitment is overwhelming for some of them and the only way they escape it is through cheating.

If you find yourself being cheated on despite giving your all, absorb yourself of the blame. Infidelity may be the result of someone’s inability to maintain a close connection. Some people can be like that.

12. They Have A Certain Hair Color

The colour of the hair is a likely indicator of who will likely cheat in a relationship. According to CheaterVille, women who have blonde hair are likely going to cheat and men will brown hair also do the same. Although research is still going on in this area, this is said to be true.

13. They’re Afraid Of Breaking Up With Someone

People who are scared of quitting a relationship have cheating tendencies. They may have fallen out of love with their partners but do not know how to leave. These people resort to cheating hoping they’d be found out.

So, it is good to be with someone who can decide and say their decision.


Cheating is bad and hurtful. People who find their partners cheating are heartbroken and scared to date again.

Even if you have some of the traits mentioned above, it is possible to stay faithful and hold your partner in high regard. Despite the enormous amount of infidelity in relationships, there are people who are genuinely happy.

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