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12 Traits Women Find Attractive in Men


Do you ever wonder why some tall, dark and handsome men are unable to attract the women of their choice? There are traits women find attractive in men.

Attraction is one of the components of natural selection, a concept in which people choose their mates for reproduction based on specific traits. It is an instinct to be drawn to a person with traits or features you want to replicate, reproduce, and emulate. The reason for the attraction is usually because they can transfer their traits to you biologically or psychologically. It is biological when the attraction leads to procreation and it is psychological when the attraction makes you feel good about yourself and increase your status and ego.

Attraction goes both ways for men and women. Women get attracted to men for some features and characters. Men get attracted to women for some features and characters peculiar to men. It is interesting to know that though the general role of attraction is for men or women to see features they like, these standards vary from person to person within genders. Two women can have different qualities that attract them to men and the same applies to men.

Our focus, however, in this article is some of the general features that attract ladies to guys. The list doesn’t mean men must possess all of these traits before they become persons of interest to the opposite sex. However, possessing one or more of these traits makes a guy the target of a lady’s attraction depending on the woman’s preferences.

So here is a not-so-secret list of the things that get women attracted to men.

1) Mode of Dressing

Most women are swayed by the dress sense of a man. The first thing people notice when they see you is your sartorial elegance. You make an impression with how you dress. If you wear jeans and a T-shirt with good shoes or even a nice tuxedo, you will appear attractive.

Most women, spend more time appearing well. Women do not just like to look good, they are obsessed with looking. And so, they find it good to see people who consciously make an effort to look attractive. Pay attention to how you dress if you are a man. Ensure you dress rightly to attract the right woman.

2) Hobbies

12 Traits Women Find Attractive in Men
12 Traits Women Find Attractive in Men

Do you know that your hobbies can say a lot about your personality? Some people lock themselves up in the room pressing their phones or watching TV all day. This must be boring. A hobby gives room for your partner to participate and an opportunity to create fun memories. It also gives a sense of adventure and if a man has some unique hobbies, it will make him more attractive to the woman.

3) A Man Who Acts On His Plans

Women find men who act on their words attractive. They feel these kinds of men are go-getters, who can be relied on. The moment you make a commitment to a woman and don’t fulfil that commitment, it turns them off. If you want to appear attractive to men, you have to be a man of your word and not a man of many words.

4) Vision for the future

There are a lot of women, even those of Gen Z who are not bordered by the net worth of a man. Do you know the kind of future you want to have? Women love men who know exactly where they want to be at a particular time. If you are not career-driven, goal-oriented or even family-oriented, women will see you as unattractive. Are you willing to sacrifice short-term pleasure for long-term gain? A woman finds a man more attractive if he’s all about the future.

5) Hygiene

Most people tend to condemn women easily because of their hygiene but cleanliness has no gender. How well-groomed is your hair? Do you use high-quality fragrances? Are your clothing presentable? Do you maintain cleanliness in your home? All of these are factors women consider before getting into a relationship. If you have a good career but poor personal hygiene, you will appear unattractive to women.

6) He Lifts

Going to the gym and raising lifts is a hack for looking attractive. You don’t have to grow muscles but if you look fit, women will flock around you.  You Charm her with your gains and motivation for fitness achievement.

7) Kindness

The act of kindness is not just attractive, but it can be seductive. If you are kind or act kind towards a woman, she will feel loved and believe she will be taken care of by you.  Not just women, people naturally gravitate towards people who are generous with their resources and have a large heart.

8) Family-oriented

Women feel vulnerable if they are with partners who hardly have time for them or their children. The moment a woman senses a man loves to provide and spend time with his loved ones, she becomes attracted to him. A family-oriented man appears responsible, sensible, wise and a husband material. The wish of every woman is to be with a man who is ready to act as a leader.

9) Respectful

How do you treat the people around you? Do you look down on people who you perceive are below your social status? If you do not treat others with human dignity and respect, chances are that you will be disrespectful to your partner.  Women find respectful women very attractive because they know that their egos will not be bruised with disrespect from men. Humans should generally learn to be respectful, respect is a trait that makes the world a better place.

10) Fear of God

A man/woman who has the spirit of the fear of God will be easy to live with. People generally admire godly men/women. Being “God-fearing” is a value that presupposes that you will treat people rightly and abhor attitudes like infidelity, abuse and others. This trait is one of the most attractive that women find.

11) Romantic

Traits Women Find Attractive
12 Traits Women Find Attractive in Men

Being romantic can mean different things to different women. However, if you can come up with surprises, exhibit a good sense of humanity and be thoughtful about the things you buy for a woman, she will find you attractive. When a man is being romantic and dedicated to his partner. So, you must come up with gestures that will make her happy.

12) Validation

In as much as women love validation, a man who spews validation without rest will appear weak and insecure to a woman. Of course, you should treat your woman like a queen but do not worship her or make her feel that she came from another planet.

I know this seems harsh, but women love a little bit of moderation in everything. She might go behind you and make fun of you if you appear like your life is meaningless without her. If look attractive, make a woman earn the validation you give her, this way, she’d respect you and find you more attractive. When you act too needy and clingy, you will lose your sense of value in her place.


There is no guaranteed method to win the heart of a woman but there are attitudes that can make you appear more attractive than your contemporaries. You do not need to be tall, dark and handsome to be attractive, just being extra humane will make you seem a perfect fit for a woman.

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