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12 Top Amazon Affiliate Alternatives To Explore in 2024


Affiliate marketing success is often determined by diversification and adaptation to market changes. While there are so many platforms for affiliating marketing, most merchants are focused on Amazon.

Exploring alternative affiliate programs to maximize your growth potential without relying solely on Amazon Associates is important. Utilizing alternative programs allows you to customize your marketing approach to maximize results and provide unique benefits to different audiences.

Expanding your reach and experimenting with different strategies can maximize your revenue streams while reducing dependency on a single platform.

Below are 12  alternative Amazon Affiliate options to consider in 2024.

12 Best Amazon Affiliate Alternatives to Explore in 2024

1. Walmart Affiliate Program:

Walmart offers an affiliate program that can be a lucrative alternative to Amazon Associates. Walmart’s wide product range and household name status attract a significant amount of customers. The competitive pricing and high brand recognition make it an attractive option for affiliates looking to diversify their product offerings.

With its brand recognition and wide product range, Walmart’s affiliate program is quite lucrative. It’s competitive pricing and broad audience appeal is what marketers find appealing.

2. ShareASale

This program is a well-established affiliate network that connects affiliates with thousands of merchants across various niches. ShareASale has been around for over 20 years and offers a user-friendly interface and a reliable tracking system. Discovering emerging niches is made easier with the inclusion of advertisers that are not found anywhere else. The platform’s straightforward dashboard allows you to filter programs based on Earnings per Click (EPC) and ShareASale’s in-house ‘Power Rank’ scoring system.

ShareASale has partnerships with 25,000 brands in 39 consumer-facing sectors. They also align with various product types that are similar to Amazon. Although some of these brands may not be well-known, they often offer attractive affiliate terms like longer cookie windows and higher commission rates.

3. CJ Affiliate (formerly Commission Junction)

CJ Affiliate is another popular choice among affiliate marketers. Numerous brands from diverse industries can be accessed by CJ Affiliate through its extensive network of advertisers. The appeal of it can be attributed to its robust reporting tools and dedicated support. In contrast to Amazon, where you may receive anonymous customer service, CJ Affiliate provides personalized support from experts in the field.

Additionally, it offers higher commission rates, which will allow you to earn more on each sale. With an impressive $1.8 billion in annual publisher commissions, it demonstrates its potential for affiliate programs that pay generously.

4. Rakuten Marketing (formerly Rakuten LinkShare)

Rakuten Marketing is a global affiliate network that partners with major brands. They provide affiliates with access to a diverse range of products and services. By focusing on quality over quantity, Rakuten Marketing enables you to partner with reputable brands.

Personalized assistance is provided to affiliates by their dedicated account managers, who help them optimize their campaigns for maximum earnings. With 95% of its advertisers being exclusive to Rakuten, affiliates often face less competition.

5. Target Affiliates

Target is a retail agent with an affiliate program. Marketers have the opportunity to earn commissions by leveraging Target’s recognizable brand and extensive inventory. They offer an extensive selection of products. Target’s commissions in certain categories are based on volume, which enables high-performing affiliates to significantly enhance their earnings. Promoting specific product niches can benefit from this advantageous feature.

Target’s catalogue contains many different categories and its affiliate program is appealing to a wide audience. High-performing affiliates can significantly increase their earnings through Target’s volume-based commissions in certain categories.

6. Etsy Affiliate Program

For those in the creative niche, the Etsy Affiliate Program offers a unique opportunity. Etsy is a marketplace that specializes in handmade and vintage items. This makes it a favourite among those who are passionate about artisanal products. Affiliates can connect with a distinct group of individuals who appreciate the craftsmanship and creativity found on Etsy by promoting unique and one-of-a-kind items.

Ets’s affiliate program is managed through Awin. They offer a standard 4% commission on online sales, matching or surpassing most comparable rates from Amazon. Its unique offerings in handmade and vintage items cater to a distinct audience passionate about artisanal products.

7. Best Buy Affiliate Program

Best Buy has an affiliate program that offers competitive commissions. If your target audience is tech-savvy, the Best Buy Affiliate Program is a great alternative to Amazon Associates. Promoting a wide variety of electronics and tech products can result in commissions being earned on every sale.

Best Buy’s program, which focuses on electronics and tech gadgets, offers competitive commissions, making it perfect for tech-oriented affiliates looking for lucrative deals.

8. ClickBank

ClickBank is a popular platform for affiliates in niches such as health, fitness, self-help, and education. The primary focus is on digital products, making it a suitable choice for those who want to promote e-books, online courses, and other digital offerings.

Niche marketers can maximize their earnings with ClickBank’s high commission rates and extensive product catalogue. ClickBank is known for its high commission rates and a wide range of digital offerings.

9. eBay Partner Network

eBay Partner Network is known for its diverse inventory and flexible commission structures. It offers affiliates an array of products to promote. High-performing affiliates can significantly increase their earnings through volume-based commissions in specific categories.

eBay’s reputation was established as an auction site for pre-owned items, but things have changed since then. Currently, the platform sells 90% of its products without any auctioning, and 80% of them are brand new. eBay is a legitimate alternative to Amazon for affiliate marketing.

10. Awin

Awin is an affiliate network that connects affiliates with a multitude of advertisers, providing access to global brands and localized marketing strategies. It offers competitive commission rates and a vast merchant base. Awin has options to meet your needs, whether you’re targeting local or global audiences. With its extensive range of advertisers, it allows you to tailor your approach to specific audiences for optimal results.

While not entirely free to join (charging a $5 fee during the application stage, refundable with the first commission payment), Awin offers access to a diverse range of brands and potential earnings.

11. Impact

This is another robust affiliate network that caters to various niches. Through its user-friendly interface and extensive range of advertisers, Impact guarantees that affiliates can find relevant offers to promote effectively. By focusing on performance marketing, you can discover and promote offers that match the needs and preferences of your target audience.

12. OfferVault

While not a traditional affiliate network, OfferVault is a valuable resource for finding affiliate offers across various niches. Affiliates can discover profitable campaigns more easily with the aggregation of offers from different networks. OfferVault can help you streamline your research process and find lucrative affiliate programs that align with your niche and target audience.


While Amazon Associates remains a dominant force in affiliate marketing, exploring alternative programs can help you expand your revenue streams, diversify your product offerings, and reach new audiences. The Amazon affiliate alternatives mentioned in this article have distinct advantages, including high commission rates, a diverse range of products, and dedicated support.




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