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11 Ways To Cope With Highly Sensitive People

Highly Sensitive People

It is commonplace for highly sensitive people to be easily irritated and unhappy. This set of people freak out at possible bad news, they read meanings into corrections, they hardly believe what they are told, and have many other unique traits they exhibit.

In other words, highly sensitive people are believed to have more or deeper central nervous system sensitivity to stimuli like social, emotional, and physical. There’s nothing absolutely wrong with being a highly sensitive person but your ability to stay happy and productive, regardless, plays a huge role on your mental wellbeing.

Meanwhile, highly sensitive people are very different from people who are not highly sensitive, they want life to be quite distinct as well. However, we have come up with some of the things highly needed by highly sensitive people in order to make them happy.

Having a strong feeling of purpose or vision

It takes many years of soul searching for some people to realize their purpose on earth – some people tend to discover their purpose at a good age while others drift in life without a known purpose. Highly sensitive people, easily fall into deep thoughts, so it is easier for them to feel unhappy if they don’t realize their purpose after thinking.

They are found always trying to understand the why’s, who, what, when, and hows, and when they do, it sparks their life.


The environment you are in plays a huge role on your state of mind. Spaces with natural things like trees, green grass can be a morale booster for HSP. This means highly sensitive people will have a better experience if they are in this sort of environment. They find it a tad unpleasant to remain in an environment that is somewhat chaotic or just plain.

Relationship with considerate people

It is easier to relate with people when you know they overreact to stimuli like too much noise or light. But it is also quite possible to be ignorant that a friend and relative is a highly sensitive person – however, highly sensitive people feel happy and are better productive when they are supported to flourish despite their nature.

A gentle, healthy way of managing conflict

Highly sensitive people feel very uncomfortable after a fight or an altercation with somebody. Even if they are not guilty, they tend to feel anxious at the sight of people who had a conflict with them.

They also understand that harsh words are not very palatable to dole out, so they have tendencies to keep to themselves because they are wary of making others feel bad. Highly sensitive people hate to hurt other people because they know the stimuli they get from being hurt.

A quality sleep

Lack of sleep is a recipe for sloppy and cranky behaviour. Meanwhile, for highly sensitive people, a lack of good sleep makes life almost unbearable for them. If you are a highly sensitive person, get good sleep and see the most productive and happy version of yourself.

Clean and healthy meals

HSP find it difficult to maintain a decent mood whenever they are hungry. Hunger affects the concentration of anybody, but for HSP, it is worse because they’d feel helpless and hopeless.

Caffeine and alcohol drinks

It is easier for highly sensitive to get high on alcohol and feel the adverse effect of caffeine. If you are an HSP and desire to stay happy, stay away from alcohol and drinks that contain caffeine.

Value-adding relationships

Given the fact that they easily get bored and shy away from people who hurt them with their words, HSP loves people who treat them with human dignity and respect.

So, if a relationship does not seek to add value to their lives, they tend to back out of it, this is why they are very selective of the people they allow into their lives.

Time to adjust to change

Because of their sensitive nature, they can easily delve into a new mood given stress or change. They take a longer time to adjust to a new situation like starting a new relationship or resuming school.

Personal space

A highly sensitive person prefers his own space so that he can be in total control of things like the lighting, the temperature, and noise. If they can control their space, they tend to be happier.

Overwhelmed at inconveniences

Highly sensitive people like to bear the burden of their close relatives and friends, so they are good listeners and they make good analyses of a situation. So, if they find that you respect their perspective of situations, they tend to derive satisfaction from it.





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