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11 powerful Top Survey Sites That Pay Heavily in 2021


Top Survey Sites That Pay Heavily in 2021. The Internet is the revolution we are all buzzing around for like bees. There are so many trends for people to jump on, with no distinction between adults and kids. It’s a never-ending hub of information, entertainment, and services. Little wonder why people are always glued to their devices, making videos, posting pictures, playing games, reading stuff and commenting on several social media posts.

What if I told you while surfing the net, you could make extra cash? I’d be excited too! Spending time on what you enjoy and getting paid for it is nothing short of the best of both worlds.

Now that I have your attention, I know the question you are dying to ask is how you can get paid by doing regular stuff on the internet. All it takes is to give your opinion on top survey sites.

Nobody became a billionaire by taking surveys but who doesn’t want some extra cash every now and then? So basically, if you work from home or have so much time on your hands, you can take advantage of this opportunity to earn passive income.

Our findings on the best survey sites for 2021 are not restricted to what we see online. My colleague has made a few bucks for herself carrying out surveys. Let’s jump straight to informed findings that you can trust.

11 powerful Top Survey Sites That Pay Heavily in 2021:

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is one of the most widely used and popular sites for surveys. They pay users for carrying out surveys or sharing their opinion on research-based questions. It is quite possible to earn between $2 to $75 carrying out survey works on this platform. However, you’d have to earn points through surveys and be eligible to withdraw via PayPal after you earn 500 points.

This platform is only open to residents of the United States, Canada and Australia – and only people who have clocked 16 years and above are allowed to carry out their consumer-based surveys.


Lifepoints are present in about 70 countries of the world and they currently have an excess of 5 million people who have signed up to take surveys.

You do not require any skill to sign up for Lifepoints, which is focused on feedback on products and services. After signing up, they’d need you to fill up your profile to allow them to match you to certain surveys. Participants get invitation emails, so you have to always check your mail to be sure you do not miss out on any opportunity.

They have a plethora of rewards for participants including cash via Paypal, Amazon gift cards, and so on.


In 2021, OneOpinion is one of the most trusted sites where participants are paid for carrying out surveys. They stand out because of their fast payout and their outstanding customer service for members.

Participants earn points by taking surveys, and their threshold for payment is 1,000 points which is worth $1. You can cash out your points via Paypal or Amazon.


Mypoints is also one of the few survey sites that you can trust. They offer members a $10 welcome bonus after signing up and they also offer $5 for the first five surveys,

The survey carried out here is aimed at finding out the buying habits of customers, so you can earn tons of points for taking surveys.

We verified that this platform has paid out up to $236 m in cash and gift cards to members.

Opinion Outpost

opinion Outpost is one of the foremost survey sites that is heavily patronized. Participants are given the chance to influence brands through their opinions.

They have a minimum of $390,000 payout per month, with each survey different from the other. Although the money earned here is small, it can be used for iTunes gift cards, Amazon gift cards and so on.

Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is focused on helping companies develop new products and they are known to be one of the biggest survey sites.

Once you sign up and fill out their profile form, they’d send invitations to your mail and if you are quick to carry out the survey, you’d be given points.

While they have about the lowest cash out of $3, points can also be converted to gift cards.

They also offer testing of their products by participants.


Inboxdollars has been in existence since 2000 and is one of the highest-paying survey sites. As of the start of this year, IBD has paid out up to $80m in cash and gift cards. They also offer a $5 bonus for those who newly sign up to take surveys on their platform.

They have one of the highest payouts of $30, so you’d be expected to take tons of surveys before getting paid.


They set out to do research on internet users. Their incentives also include rewards like gift cards, cash and other juicy offers.

Participants must install the MobileXpression software on their phones and even without taking surveys, you’d be given $10 in gift cards and more credits for allowing their software on your device.


Swagbucks appears to be one of the biggest players in the survey industry. The more surveys you take, the more points you earn, which can be in turn redeemed as cash or gift cards.

You can cash out for as high as $2, starting at 40 cents. You cannot turn into a billionaire at Swagbuck but it will be worth your time to take surveys, watch videos and get paid at the same time.


They were named one of the best websites to carry out a survey this year. PrizeRebel currently has over 10 million registered members and they have paid out an excess of $21m since they began operating in 2007.

Like the other survey sites, you can earn by garnering points from taking surveys, watching videos or playing games. You can redeem your gift card after getting a specific number of points but one of the biggest flexes of taking a survey on this site is that they offer promo codes.

Toluna Influencers

Once you register on their profile, they will assess you before any form of approval. You can earn points also, which will be updated on your dashboard.

According to my findings, participants earn less than $1 an hour on this site but you’d also be learning at the same time. You may not necessarily earn a living on any of the aforementioned sites, but extra cash while passing time is always welcome.

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