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11 Tips to help On Anger Management

Anger Management

How do you react when you feel furious about a situation? Your ability to walk away and stay calm when you are furious means you have mastered your emotions and some tips on anger management.

Of course, people can genuinely get on your nerves but remember that “an eye for an eye will leave the world blind. Anger is an emotion that can be violent and destructive if not controlled.

There is nothing wrong with being angry. However, it will be problematic if it becomes a frequent occurrence and if it leads to physical aggression.

Below are tips that can help you stay calm in the face of anger.

11 Tips to help On Anger Management:

Take A Breather

Catching your breath brings your emotions under control. When you feel an emotional rush of rage, breathe in and out. You will feel very calm and be in control when you do this.

Pace Around

Most people become irrational when they are angry. Allowing yourself to walk or pace around when you are angry helps you put the situation in perspective.


It will help realize the next and best action that you should take. If you feel angry, please take a walk before reacting.

Soothes Yourself With Words

We all hear voices in our heads. Chances are that you will only hear negative voices when you are angry. To calm yourself, say soothing words like “Take it easy”, “it is not worth your anger” and so on. These words will negate the effect of any negative thoughts or voices.

Activate Your Playlist

Listening to music has been found to be therapeutic. Depending on the kind of genre you prefer, listen to songs that soothe your soul when you are angry. You will feel calmer.

If you feel like dancing, do so to dissipate the anger in you.

Stretch Your Muscles

Tightened muscles can trigger an outburst. Anger is one of the conditions that can tighten the muscles. So, when you feel furious, do some stretches of the neck, arm, leg and waist. It will loosen up and straighten tensed muscle groups and make you feel more relaxed.

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Have A Me-Time 

A lot of people play down the importance of alone time. You will be able to meditate, think deeper and better if you are alone and in a quiet place. Sometimes, feedback from yourself is all you need to quell anger and become a calmer version of yourself.

Use A Pen And Paper

Just like singing, writing is also therapeutic. It is believed that when you write down your emotions, you are transferring that emotion onto paper. When you write, it frees you from mental stress and you will escape from negative energies.

Talk to a trusted friend

We all need someone who can give us the space to vent in their presence. Talking or venting feels like you are unbottling a feeling and you will feel better after you do. If you are angry about something, talk to someone about it.

Train your mind to see the positive side

If you focus on a blue car today, chances are that you will easily see a blue car. So it is with situations. If you’re focused on negativities, that’s the only feedback you will get.

How to handle anger

instead of getting furious, why not get an understanding of what might have caused the aggression? Chances are also that you could be the cause of the situation or you would have done better to avert it. However, try to see the positive sides before making any decision.

Be Emotionally Intelligent

People who have high emotional intelligence are empathetic. This is because they understand why and how humans behave the way they do. And when you understand why people behave a certain way, you will make excuses for them when necessary.

Vent it out, mindfully

If you must express your anger, be mindful of your words and actions. Remember, you will never be able to recall your words and action.

You can get into a dialogue but when you do, ensure you are in charge of your emotions. Where possible, there should be a moderator around to help you minimize your aggression.


The consequences of uncontrolled anger include hypertension, anxiety and headache. You may end up regretting it if you are not able to bring your anger under control. If you find yourself always getting very vexed and aggressive, adopt the above tips and you will be better for it.



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