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11 Exercises That Tighten The Vagina After Birth


Birthing naturally leaves the vagina wider than normal, and this is due to the pelvic muscle stretching during childbirth and the loosening of the vaginal muscles. This condition has left a lot of women unhappy. In some instances, their self-esteem is even affected. Has this made you concerned about how many exercises that tighten the vagina after birth?

It’s not as difficult as you might believe to get back in shape. There are still techniques to restore your pre-baby figure even though your body has undergone several changes throughout and after pregnancy.

Below are several methods we’ve discovered that could aid in tightening your vagina after giving delivery.


Kegel exercises are among the most popular and frequently employed techniques for vaginal tightness. The process involves contraction and relaxation movements.

Performing Kegels strengthens the muscles in the pelvic floor. It is advisable to start practising them during pregnancy because this hastens the muscles’ recovery after delivery.

Kegel exercises function by enhancing the pelvic floor muscles. These muscles provide support for the vagina, bladder, uterus, and rectum.

To do Kegels, visualise yourself seated upon a marble. Contract your pelvic region as though you were raising the marble. Try this for three seconds at a time, and then relax. For optimal results, practice ten repetitions, three times daily. Kegels can be useful for arousal and lubrication as well.

Leg Raises

Raising the legs up against the wall can be an effective exercise for pelvic muscle development and vaginal tightness.

Breathe steadily, raising one leg while counting from one to ten. Repeat the process by lowering one leg and raising the other. To get the best results, ensure to do this exercise for around ten minutes, five times a day at the very least. Along with toning your leg muscles, it will also tighten the muscles around your vagina area.

Vaginal Weights

These are also called vaginal cones. In this exercise, a process known as “passive” contraction is employed. Vaginal cones are cone-shaped objects that look like tampons but what weights are attached to them. These little weights have bulbous ends (one end in, one end out). They fit inside the vagina. The vagina naturally constricts when the cone is inserted.

Begin with inserting the tiniest come in your vagina. You may slowly increase the weights once you’ve made improvements.

Vaginal weights can be worn for only brief periods multiple times each day. The regularity with which you engage in this exercise is determined by the weights and your aim. You may practice this exercise two times a day for 15 minutes. This helps to tighten the vagina after delivery. Don’t forget to rinse the cones in warm, soapy water.


Squats are useful for tightening the muscles in the vagina and toning the pelvic region. In
addition to being good, this activity helps the vagina regain its firmness. It is also easy to do. Standing with a shoulder-to-foot alignment, keep your hips tucked in, and bend at the knees.


You can strenuously contract your pelvic floor muscles by sitting, standing, or lying down with your knees slightly apart. Go slowly, count to five, and relax. Perform this for five minutes. The pelvic muscles should be rapidly tightened and released several times to reverse the rhythm. With this exercise, concentrate only on the pelvic floor muscles. Repeat rounds in sets of ten for five minutes without straining your abdominal region, glutes, back, or thighs.

Pelvic Stretching

Stretching the pelvic region can aid in toning the pelvic muscles. The simplest technique to
perform this task is by sitting on the edge of a chair, spreading your legs,  bending towards your ankles, and spreading your arms out. The pelvic region needs to be drawn inside. This exercise is among the best when it comes to the firmness of vaginal muscles.


Pilates and yoga are hugely for tightening the vaginal after childbirth. The sexual benefits of yoga may be a result of its soothing effects, and the pelvic-strengthening properties of its poses. Yoga positions like Child’s Pose, Bridge Pose, and others are encouraged.

Nonetheless, it is usually important to consult a certified yoga instructor before the
commencement of these practices. This is because performing yoga wrongly might have
negative physical effects.


The vagina can be exercised during sexual activity alone, however, orgasms are much more
significant in inducing tightness.

The muscles of the vagina rhythmically tense up during orgasms. The sensations intensify as the muscles get stronger. Vaginal contractions generally involve the pelvic muscles that surround the vagina, particularly the pubococcygeus muscles. This uncontrollable muscle reaction to sexual stimulation is usually at its peak during orgasm.

Pelvic Tilt Exercise

Your vaginal muscles will get better with pelvic tilt exercises.

You begin With your buttocks and shoulders against the wall. On both sides, keep your knees flexible. Draw your navel towards your spine, hold it in place for four seconds, and then release it. This Should be done with your back flat against the wall. This activity should be carried out up to 5 times every day.

Bridge Hold

This is a yoga-associated technique for tightening the vaginal muscles. Basically, it is a pelvic floor plank. You begin by simply taking a bridge posture on the floor. Then, squeeze your lower belly in, and hold in position.

Your pelvic floor muscles will tone more and your vagina will tighten if you hold this position for a longer period of time.

Ben Wa Balls

Ben Wa balls How already been used for decades to build up the muscles in the pelvic floor and vagina. People purchase them to use as sex toys, masturbation aid, or a tool for pelvic floor training.

Ben Wa balls can in one of two ways for vagina tightening:

  • Insert them in the vagina and hold them there for minutes while moving around for minutes.
  • Do Kegel exercises with them.

The use of Ben Wa balls should not go over four hours. They also should not be used by
pregnant women or while a mother is recovering from childbirth.


According to some, numerous home treatments are available that can promote the firmness of vaginal muscles. Some of them commonly include chemicals, heat, or food items that often result in burns and infections. In fact, some “vagina-tightening” pills make promises of amazing, long-lasting benefits. There is no scientific evidence to support these claims. Therefore, it is advisable to stay clear of these methods as they may be hazardous.

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