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11 Countries That Easily Offer a Work Visa


One of the many reasons why people are stunted in their careers is the fact that they lack the information necessary for their growth and development, including how to get work visas outside their country. Particularly, for job seekers with the vision of working outside America, the UK, and Canada, there’s nothing stopping you from bagging that dream job as it is given that you can easily get a work visa.

There’s a misconception that getting a work visa always proves difficult but if you follow the laid-down steps we are going to be revealing, you’d be amazed that you lacked information and knowledge all the while. However, there are preparations and steps that must be followed including skimming through this article and sharing the same.

Process of obtaining a work visa;

Depending on your country of birth, getting a work visa largely depends on your destination, sponsor, and sometimes proof of your residency.

Although there are job opportunities in the embassies of several countries, job seekers basically search for jobs using online portals. Should you bag a foreign job, the company will likely send and facilitate your paperwork for entry.

Exploring the internet to seek a job is quite easy, and there are several visa services that you can explore. Especially for non-Americans, you may want to go through this piece if you are looking for visa information and a choice of destination for work.

11 easiest countries to get a work visa (for Americans)

1. Australia and New Zealand

Talking about job opportunities for students and postgraduates, Australia and New Zealand have become choice countries. They offer Americans between the ages of 18-30 working holiday visas for a period of 1 year. They also have visas offered that are skill-based for graduate engineers or those with proven skillsets.

Industries like tourism, hospitality, and service-based industries have employed several Americans. Bar working in New Zealand and Australia, they have great sight scenes, like the Southern Island of New Zealand.

2. The Netherlands

The crime rate in the Netherlands is non-existent, in terms of security, they provide one.

It is a country where people with great business ideas or products thrive. They offer one-year residency to foreigners that are seeking to do business and if you successfully stay for 12 months, you’d be allowed to apply for a self-employed permit.

3. Cambodia

Talking about access to Visa, Cambodia is a good destination for those with a hustling spirit. They easily give visas to business-minded individuals who can renew the same visa.

However, you’d have to apply for a work permit to legally work in the country but they have an avalanche of opportunities for freelancers.

4. Germany

Germany is a perfect country for people who like to school and work. Despite the language barrier that may be obvious, they offer what is called an “Artist visa” and work visas to graduate students.

It is also a good place to be self-employed or business-inclined. The health and technology sector of Germany has several opportunities for pathfinders.

5. Ireland

Ireland is one of the countries of the United Kingdom that offer opportunities for all and sundry, without any age barrier. If you are also looking to secure a work visa, Ireland offers that as well. However, you must be a student or recent graduate to be eligible. People with specific skill sets are at an advantage to secure a work visa.

Dublin, Limerick, and Cork are their biggest hubs for jobs and they have opportunities in hospitality, education, technology and service-based industries.

6. China

Opportunities abound for freelancers and Native English teachers. It is much easier and a perfect move to get a (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate. So if you desire a work visa, you can go teach the English language in China.

China’s economy thrives because of its industries which employ people on a daily basis but you may need to understand their official language (Mandarin) to work in their industries.

7. Singapore

This is another Asian country that offers work visas to eligible applicants. They offer work visas for up to six months in their financial sector. They also have a holiday visa scheme offered to students and graduates which oftentimes, leads to sponsorship.

People with a skillset in Info Tech, hospitality, and teaching (English) find it easier to nick jobs and work visas here.

8. Ecuador

Ecuador is one of the Latin American countries that offer work visas to bachelor’s degree holders who have at least $400 in their account.

If you fit in the aforementioned category, you can work jobs in their tourism and non-governmental organization sector.

9. South Korea

South Korea is a destination that has offered job seekers high pay. However, this may not come easy because you have to be very good at what you do. English teachers who are on an e-2 visa are very well rewarded.

Although there are more opportunities for teachers, a “Looking for work” visa is also available for foreigners who can work in the service industries.

10. Czech Republic

The city of Prague in the Czech Republic is a city of opportunities. For them, you may need to secure a job before seeking an employment visa. However, there are instances where job seekers go as tourists on travel visas and secure jobs afterward.

Opportunities abound in the food industry, information and communication technology industry, education, and so on.

11. Canada

Canada looks like one of the hardest countries to bag a visa for but that is not the case. You can get a temporary work visa if you are able to meet certain requirements.

There are several opportunities for nurses and in the STEM fields as well.


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