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10 Safest Countries If World War 3 Breaks Out


Ukraine is currently being invaded by its border neighbour Russia. There are talks of a possible invasion of Taiwan by China over a border conflict. North Korea and South Korea are in conflict at the moment. The United States of America is drawn to an impending war between Taiwan and China. How many countries can be considered the safest countries if World War 3 breaks out?

World War 3 might just be brewing for some of the reasons above and also the fact that
terrorists have invaded other nations. However, there are countries that would be safe if World War 3 breaks out.

10 Safest Countries If World War 3 Breaks Out:



It is an island country in the Polynesian subregion of Oceania in the Pacific Ocean. Its islands are almost halfway between Australia and Hawaii.

Tuvalu is surrounded on all sides by the vast Pacific Ocean. It is very far away from other.
countries and has no political ties to any of them. Because it has few people and few resources, the major players in the war have no reason to invade it.

The people of Tuvalu are also unique in that, unlike people in other island nations, they produce their own food based on how much they eat, and other necessities as needed. So, if there is World War 3, they are probably going to be left alone.

New Zealand

New Zealand is another small, wealthy, and isolated island country located around the
southwestern Pacific Ocean.

It has a stable democracy and has never been in a bloody war. Its peaceful foreign policy helped it move up to number four on the Global Peace Index. It can take care of itself in the near future like Tuvalu because it can grow its own food and has clean water and soil.
Also, if there is an invasion because of World War 3, the area will be safe because of its rough terrain. But it seems likely that it will be left alone and won’t have much to do with the war in the rest of the universe.


Switzerland is surrounded by Germany, France, and Italy, all of which are likely to take part in World War III. But Switzerland won’t be hit by nuclear weapons because of its difficult
mountainous terrain. With its history of staying neutral during Europe’s troubled past,
Switzerland has remained a very safe place.

Also, most Swiss people carry a lot of weapons and there are bunkers and mountains all over the country to protect them from war-torn countries.


Bhutan, sometimes known as the Kingdom of Bhutan is a landlocked nation in Southern Asia. It lies between China and India in the Eastern Himalayas.

Given the proximity of Bhutan to India and China, it is surprising that it is on this list. But the truth is that it is in a unique place and has a unique shape, so it can easily survive any huge disaster. Bhutan is surrounded by land on all sides and is hidden enough by the Himalayas that it hasn’t been damaged.

Also, since joining the UN in 1971, the country has avoided any kind of international.
entanglements, like the Swiss and has no diplomatic ties with the United States. Since India and Bangladesh are the only countries with embassies there, it would be silly to invade Bhutan.


Chile is one of the most stable and prosperous countries in South America. It also has the highest level of human development of any country in the area. From the west, where the Andes mountains surround it, it’s almost impossible to get there. Because it is in the Southern Hemisphere and has fewer people and factories than the Northern
hemisphere tends to have less pollution in the air.

Also, the Antarctic is a constant source of fresh air for Chile. So that it can stay more peaceful than the countries to its north, which are in the middle of a war.

Greenland (Denmark)

Denmark puts a lot of value on NATO and the European Union. So, it is a fact that it will be
greatly affected if there is a war, which will definitely happen. But this isn’t the case with
Greenland is a big island that is part of Denmark.

Like the other islands on this list, it is far away, has no political power, and is hilly. All of this makes it much easier for people to find shelter and stay alive in a war if the country is ever attacked.


Malta is a small island country in the Mediterranean Sea. From the time it was a Crusader state until World War II, it was taken by many empires and turned into a failed fortress. Because of how it is built, it is very expensive and hard to attack by land or water.

Also, because it is so small, no country will waste a whole nuclear missile on it. So, the main people fighting in WWIII will just ignore it in the end.


Ireland has a very independent foreign policy and is not a member of NATO because it has been military-neutral for a long time.

This is true even though it is right next to England, one of the most powerful countries in the world. It also doesn’t have close ties to any other countries that might join World War 3.

Irish doctrine says that if they ever had to fight in a strange military battle, they would need permission from both the Irish government and legislature as well as the UN. That is definitely a smart and fair policy.


Fiji is an island country in the vast Pacific Ocean that is also very far away. It has a small
number of people, a peaceful foreign policy, and few resources. Because of this, it doesn’t pose a threat to any country, so attackers shouldn’t be told they can’t go there.

Fiji has helped people live in their own homes for a long time. And if there was a third world war, it could handle even more.


Iceland is known for being so peaceful and neutral that it was named the most peaceful country in the world in 2021.

It is far enough away from the rest of the world, and it doesn’t touch any other countries. Even though missiles keep hitting other countries, this area is probably going to be left alone, at least at first, because it has a rough landscape where people could hide in the worst case.


War is not a good thing; it has no benefit in any way. Although there are good places to travel to for the summer holidays, you may well consider one of the aforementioned locations too. We pray and hope for peace all the time.

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