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10 Reasons People Cheat In Relationships


If you cannot stay faithful in a relationship, why get into it? People cheat for different reasons but no matter how good your reason for cheating is, it is never justifiable. The feeling of having your heart broken is something painful especially if you believed it was going to be your last relationship.

There’s the story of a young man who was deeply in love with his partner. He had to leave town to work in another city. They both struggled to adjust to the distance separating them.

He met someone who started out as a friend who took him around town. This lady was also his colleague. Even though he was communicating with his partner via WhatsApp video call, he felt lonely and resorted to constantly hanging outs with his new friend.

Your guess is as good as mine, he cheated and broke his partner’s heart. Of course, some people cannot stay in a long-distance relationship but it isn’t still a good reason to cheat. In fact, there’s no tenable reason to cheat because it is hurtful.

However, there are various reasons that lead people to cheat.

We have compiled 12 Common Reasons People Cheat In Relationships.

1. The Relationship Stopped Being Fulfilling

One of the common reasons people cheat is because they stopped getting satisfaction from their relationship. Some people enjoy the company of each other, mode of communication, sex and all whatnot.  All of these can be lost over time and they start looking outside for connection and satisfaction.

In the instance where there is a loss of connection, some people may talk about it while others may just look outside.

2. Anger or revenge

In some instances, people cheat on their partners to revenge for infidelity or flirtation. There are people who get caught in the act of cheating but they are also being cheated on as payback for that act.

Anger-driven cheating is also caused by frustration. It is also caused when a partner is not always around or when a partner doesn’t reciprocate good gestures.

3. Low self-esteem

People whose low self-esteem is fed are likely going to cheat. For example, if someone is fat and they are body-shamed by their partners, they will likely feel comfortable where they get validation.

There are conscious reasons and unconscious reasons for cheating. Most people who cheat confirm it has a lot to do with their self-esteem. This is why you must genuinely appreciate your partner and take them for who they are.

Even if you intend to address any issues, do so respectively.

4. Falling out of love

Love isn’t enough to keep a relationship. This is so because people who are in love can fall out of love. The love at the onset of a relationship will wane over time and it is trust, respect, vision, value, and loyalty that may it keep going.

Some people resort to cheating the moment they start to lose feelings for their partners.

5. The craving for sexual variety

It is okay to have sexual fantasies. You will unlikely meet one person who can satisfy all your sexual fantasies. People who crave sexually varies as a result of their fantasies will cheat, especially men.

However, there are people who communicate their sexual needs to their partners to avoid cheating. Those who keep these needs to themselves will end up going outside for satisfaction.

6. Feeling unappreciated

A relationship requires a lot of work for it to thrive. To make a relationship work, the parties involved must be there for each other, love, respect and appreciate one another. The moment one of the parties feels unappreciated, they will go to where they are appreciated.

This is true for other life situations. Imagine working in a firm where you give your all and you’re not recognized, chances are that you will want to move elsewhere.

7. Lack of commitment

How would you feel if you’re committed to your love life and your partner isn’t? Lack of commitment can be two ways though.

Some people fail to commit to a relationship to allow them to cheat while failure to commit can lead the other party to cheat.

Whatever the case, the lack of commitment fuels cheating.

8. The relationship Is unhealthy

Abuse, both verbal and physical is one of the leading causes of cheating in relationships. Cheating could be a coping mechanism for someone who is in an abusive relationship. When they are abused, they’d resort to cheating as an escape.

Everyone is entitled to a healthy, fulfilling and loving relationship. But instead of cheating on a toxic partner, it is better to quit the relationship and be with someone who isn’t toxic.

There’s the story of a woman who was often maltreated by her man. He allowed her to go to karaoke and she met someone very exciting and different from her partner. She cheated on her man with him and got the guts to divorce him. No excuse for cheating, but don’t we all deserve better?

9. Situational factors

Infidelity can happen when a person is exposed to a tempting situation. For example, there are women who become loose when they are drunk. There are other situational factors that can cause cheating like distance, low self-esteem, hormonal changes and etc.

9. Sexual Compatibility

It is good for people to talk about their sexual expectations before getting into a relationship. Those who fail to get matching sexual stamina are likely going to cheat.

Sexual dissatisfaction fuels infidelity among other things. So, if people are not getting sexually satisfied, they will likely seek for it somewhere.


There are people who cheat even if they are given all they need and want in a relationship. You also find that there are people who can stay faithful if they have all they need in a relationship. Regardless, cheating is bad and you can be a victim of cheating for any of the reasons and more above.

There are no good reasons people cheat in relationships.


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