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10 High Income Skills You Can Learn And Make Money in 2021

Oftentimes, all you need to live a life that is void of lack and want is your ability to utilize high income skills for earning passive or recurrent income.

Do you ever wonder why some people are able to satisfy their personal needs and wants but despite the effort you put into work, you’re unable to match their lifestyle? They are obviously earning more given the edge of a passive income stream they acquired through their skillset.

If you are in a fix or stagnated on a particular income, this publication is meant for you. Read with an open mind and you’ll realize that the dearth of certain abilities is what is responsible for your lack.

There are skills that if possessed, will set you up for steady and recurring income. We will elaborate on 10 of them but first, let see:

How To Learn Some High-Income Skills

But for the advent of technology, learning certain skills would have been very difficult. Thankfully, you can learn high-income skills in digital marketing, SEO, designing, writing, etc from the comfort of your home on sites like Skillshare and Udemy,

Skillshare is one of the most popular sites to learn high-income skills – the excess of 18000 classes have held on there and they are still waxing stronger.

They have classes for beginners, intermediates, and experts, which means, you can join classes for any level of expertise that you belong possess.

Skillshare has a “Premium” section where users pay a monthly fee of $8.73 before they are granted access.

Udemy is a tad similar to Skillshare in terms of the courses offered but they stand apart because of quality and how tailored their courses are.

For this, they do not have a monthly plan purchase for courses but an hourly plan with a money-back guarantee in the instance where you don’t like the course.

Udemy and Skillshare have a plethora of courses on their platforms, you can go for the one that appeals to you the most or sign up on both sites.

How To Make Money with Digital Skills

Having a skill is one thing, monetizing the skill is another that requires knowledge. Since you have stayed on this page to know, you’ll shortly find out how to make money from several digital skills.

If you are very well skilled, you may want to start the following to earn money.


One of the major aspects of the gig economy is freelancing – a term used when a person is employed to work for different organizations given specific tasks

Depending on your niche expertise, you can earn more than people who are employed as a freelancer.

Before dabbling into affiliate marketing, I started out as a freelancer and I can tell you for sure that the biggest flex of having this skill is that you’d be working from home.

According to research, up to 31% of American freelancers smile to the bank for up to $75,000 per year. Sounds tempting right?

Author an eBook

If you can put your thoughts and skills in writing, you’d be on your way to earning some good bucks. People are constantly looking for knowledge, and an eBook is a great way to sell knowledge to your audience.

Writing a book is not as easy as it seems, but it is a feat that is achievable. The market is already competitive but you will stand out if you don’t compromise on quality.

Create An Online Course

Creating an online course may be very tedious but if you get it right, you can be sure of recurring income for a very long time.

People are constantly looking for self-developmental courses in marketing, business, digital marketing – though you’d be required to create videos and another worksheet, creating an online course is very profitable.

Udemy currently has over 30 million students, which is why you’d never run at a loss if you create an online course.

Offer Coaching Service

There are more students than teachers – this means there are people waiting to be tutored than those who’d just purchase an eBook or an online course.

One way to monetize any of the skills you acquire is to offer coaching services to prospective students of your skills and sell your knowledge to them.

And there are varieties of methods for being a coach both online and offline, thus: Phone calls, video calls, and physically or a combination of one or two or all of them.

Being a coach leaves you with the choice of choosing how often you want to be paid.

It is quite competitive to become a coach because there are people with the same or even better skills, who may have the ability to tutor better than you do.

Start A Blog

Owning a blog is one sure way to may make money depending on the niche you pick and how well you share information on there.

There are various ways bloggers make money from their blogs – via ads, selling products, affiliate marketing, and sponsored posts.

Some bloggers have stopped looking for any other form of income because they earn as much as $200,000 per month.

One of the biggest flex about blogging is the fact that you can make so much more from just one publication that ranks high on google.

Should you be looking to start a blog, I’ve got you covered here.

Start A YouTube Channel

Being a YouTuber has not only brought the bear creativity of people, but it is also one of the ways to earn money online.

While you are busy surfing the internet, $22million was earned by a 7-year old boy who reviews toys on Youtube.

His name is Ryan, and he’s an influencer on Youtube with a staggering 21.8M subscribers on his channel.

The good thing about YouTube is the fact that it is made for everybody who is willing to become creative in their own niches.

Put It Into Your Job

This may sound a bit challenging but you could earn more from your workplace if they know that you have specific skills.

Some people are looking to build a career at their workplace and so, it will be unfair to expect them to quit their job because they have a skill. The skill should earn you extra bucks to will enable live a more comfortable life.

For example, if you just learned how to build a website, you can look for growing businesses and build their websites.

List Of 13 High Income Skills


People who transcribe listen to audio or video and write down the wordings. All over the world, people who can transcribe in various languages are in demand.

Given the recent norm of working from home, people are interviewed regardless of the language barrier and this is done with the aid of transcriptionists.

There is the story of a young mom, who makes as much as $4000 per month as a transcriptionist. Her story is on

All you need to get started as a transcriptionist is language proficiency.

Virtual Bookkeeping

A lot of people are not aware of the opportunity of earning money from virtual bookkeeping.

Though this skill is one of the easiest to acquire, you must be proficient in handling payment, taxes, creating invoices, and maintaining termly budgets.

Virtual bookkeeping is another skill that is not THAAAT technical.

There’s the story of Karla, a young mother also who earns up to $6000 per month working remotely as a bookkeeper.


Instead of constantly uploading some of the barnstorming images you take, it is quite possible to get rewards from photography.

Photographers make money online when they sell photos on stock sites, and when they make an online course for photography,

Shutterstock allows photographers to sell their photos and get paid whenever a user downloads the same. They pay photographers $0.25 for every download their images bag.

The most amazing thing about shutterstock is that it allows phone images to be uploaded to the site as well.

Udemy and Skillshare are also available to sell online courses in photography.


Among the high-income skills is proofreading. A lot of folks are not aware that their ability to point out mistakes while reading is a skill that can be monetized.

I may have just succeeded in enlightening you about a skill that you didn’t know is in-demand.

There’s the story of Beth who called time on her job to start earning money proofreading stories online.

Proofreading does not really require so much technical ability but you can better your skill here

Video Editing

Given the plethora of Apps for posting videos, video editing has turned into one of the high-income skills of the year.

I cannot remember the last time I watched TV and so are my folks who would rather go to the internet to entertain or inform themselves.

Youtube, Instagram, Tik Tok have all utilized videos. And those coming up with online courses have no choice but to employ video editors in order to deliver premium quality.

Some video editors charge up to $70 per hour on sites like Upwork – do the maths in case you intend to work 3 hours per day.

Software Development

Developing software requires knowledge in programming. The difficulty in the skill has made it very profitable for those who possess it.

Almost all the stuff you see online is a software product, so if you want to earn big on this, learn this skill.


You’d likely quit your job when you start earning money as a copywriter.

Copywriters earn big because it takes ingenuity to come up with sales copy that compels people to make purchases.

Every copywriter seeks to convince his audience via his emails, ads, or sales page to patronize his client

If you have the ability to use your words to draw people into taking action they never intended, you could become the next big copywriter like Dan Kennedy.

Becoming a copywriter demands taking a course for more than a week or two – so stop thinking it will be an easy ride.

Some copywriters charge $20,000 for a copy.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is one of the niches that makes the gig economy lucrative. Every business wants to be represented online and they try to make the most of it to increase their earning power.

Depending on what your expertise is, you can earn up to $75,000 per annum as a digital marketer.

The digital marketing niche includes SEO, backlink building, running ads campaign, writing emails, and so on.

Graphic Designing

I’ve seen questions like “How much can you earn as a graphic designer?”

Although there’s no specific answer to that question, Graphic designers are by no means big earners of the gig economy.

It is all about packaging yourself and putting forward quality flyers, posters, illustrations, Business cards, bus wraps, and so on.

Web Development

Web development is everything regarding the building of websites from buying a domain, hosting, and designing the site.

The majority of small businesses are without websites, so if you drop a proposal about the same, you’ll likely bag a gig to develop a website. For businesses with websites, there’s a likelihood that the site is not fully optimized.

So, you can make money off this skill.

Sites like Fiverr, Peopleperhour, Upwork and many others are constantly displaying opportunities for web developers.




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