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10 Exercises For Bigger and Firmer Butt


Having well-defined and firm buttocks enhances your physical appearance and is crucial in overall lower body strength and stability.

If you’re looking to develop a bigger and firmer butt, incorporating targeted exercises into your fitness routine is key. These exercises specifically target the gluteal muscles, consisting of the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus, which are responsible for giving your butt its shape and strength.

Developing a bigger and firmer butt requires consistency, dedication, and a well-rounded approach that includes both exercise and proper nutrition. Combining strength training exercises with a balanced diet and adequate rest will help you achieve the best results.

Let’s take a look at 10 exercises for a bigger and firmer butt.

10 Exercises For Bigger and Firmer Butt


10 Exercises For Bigger and Firmer Butt
10 Exercises For Bigger and Firmer Butt

This butt exercise is also known as the glute bridge. It strengthens the hamstring, core, and glute muscles. One of the advantages of the glute bridge exercise is that it relieves backache for those with the issue.

To do the glute bridge, lie flat on your back. Bend your knees while your feet remain planted on the floor. Your palms should remain flat on the floors.

Then lift your hips to make your body form a straight line from the knees to the head. Ensure your abs are tight while lifting from your hips.


Exercises for bigger and firmer butt
Exercises for bigger and firmer butt

Jumping squat is one of the plyometric exercises that not only strengthens the glutes, hamstrings, core, calves and squads but it boosts the heart rate.

To do this, stand on your feet and in a squat position. Set your feet and shoulder width apart and your arms by the side. Lower your body until you achieve a parallel of your thighs and knees. Put your palms together and move your arms as you squat.

Now, propel yourself off the ground and back – then push your feet off the ground. You may extend your arms to increase momentum.


The hip thrust is a very effective workout routine for those looking to enlarge their butt naturally. This exercise is very effective because it is done against gravity at an optimal angle. Using a resistance band around the knees can activate your glutes more so it is advisable to use one.

Utilize the support of a bench, couch, or bed with your upper back, and ensure your shoulder blades are placed on the edge of the surface. Ensure your knees and chest are in a straight line, then pull your feet inward so that they are below your knee.

Now, lift your hips from the ground but ensure your feet are in a position where you feel that your glutes are working.


One of the most efficient exercises that strengthen the core and firm the butt is the banded side step. If a banded side step is done along with lunges or squats, it will cause a deep burn in the glutes.

To do a banded side step, stand on your feet with your shoulder-width apart. Get a resistance band and place it around your ankles or below your knees. Be sure to feel the resistance outside of your glutes and legs. Lower your butt and bend your knees. Step to the right with your right foot, return to the centre and repeat. Make sure you complete 10 side steps to the right before changing legs.


Donkey kick is effective for building a bigger and firmer butt. The sole focus of this exercise is on all three glute muscles.

To do this, ensure your spine is neutral while your knees’ hip-width are apart. Your hands should also be flat on the floor under your shoulders by positioning yourself on all fours. Brace your core before lifting your right leg off the floor, keeping your foot flat and your right knee bent.

Ensure your hips and pelvis are pointed to the ground, then use your glute muscles to push your foot towards the ceiling.

Return to starting position.


The fire hydrant is a bit similar to the donkey kicks keys but you start on all four for this one too. The difference between the fire hydrant and the position to which you move your legs off the floor – one leg is lifted to the side against upwards in donkey kicks.


The frog pump is very effective in building the glutes and it is quite similar to the glute bridge. However, you may need to do a lot of repetitions to get this one to work for your butt.

The difference between the frog pump and glute bridge is that the soles of your feet are glued together while your glutes are squeezed before you lift your hips.


Kneel and stand is a very unconventional method of exercising that improves the balance of the body while targeting the glute.

You do this by kneeling on the floor, with one knee up step into a half knee. Then push off the floor using the heel of the front leg before bringing the other leg up.


You can achieve a bigger butt and great glutes if you stay consistent with certain exercises. Using a kettlebell, a resistance band, dumbbells and other similar equipment if added, would make the routines more challenging.


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