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10 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs: Earn While You Sleep


There are so many articles about the best affiliate programs but so many affiliates are not aware of recurring income in 2021. So many programs offer recurring programs.

It is quite possible to make a $50,000 recurring income monthly with certain affiliate programs. There are also the most lucrative affiliate programs that offer up to $7k per sale. Let’s take a look at the definition of a recurring affiliate program.

Definition of Recurring Affiliate Program

Recurring affiliate programs are products or programs with a subscription model (monthly payment), rather than a one-time commission.

For example, if a product costs $100 monthly with a 40% commission, you will earn $40 every month. It is an excellent route to building passive income. The commission will be paid into your purse for as long as the customer stays on the platform.

We will explore the best recurring affiliate programs that offer this kind of deal.

1.     GrooveFunnels

This is one of the fastest-growing funnels in the market. They pay between 20-40% commission on their products. With more than 100,000 members and some of the most amazing features, GrooveFunnels give you great advantages as a starter or a guru.

It has advanced reporting and tracking software which you can use to track sales and monitor your product stats. Numerous marketers are already earning great revenues from GrooveFunnels despite being a relatively new platform.

Even if you do not have a full range of products to promote, you can earn a great income by promoting the Groove lifetime deal from which you can earn 558.80 per sale.

Product sale range: $99 to $299 each month. Up to $1397 one-time fee

Commission: 20% – 40% each month

Do you need the product to promote it? Yes, all you need is a free account.

2.     Kartra

Similar to GrooveFunnels, Kartra aims to be the all-in-one solution for Internet entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers. The major differences between both programs are some features and Kartra is a bit older than GrooveFunnels.

Kartra is one of the best recurring affiliate programs with unique tools, a good community, plus high commissions of as high as 40%. They also have excellent tracking and reporting software which you can use to track your sales location. With this, you do not need third-party tracking software like ClickMagick.

You can join their official Facebook group where affiliates can ask and answer questions.

Product sale range: $99 each month to $499 each month

Commission: 40%

Do you need the product to promote it? Not at all.

3.     ClickFunnels

ClickFumnels is quite popular in the affiliate marketing industry. It has more than 120,000 paid members and is the most famous funnel builder by a wide margin. Nonetheless, GrooveFunnels has become a worthy rival in recent months.

Thanks to its great commissions, ClickFumnels has a wide selection of products that you can promote including courses and books.

Some affiliates have made over a million dollars on the platform. However, they do not have the best tracking and reporting software in the industry.

Product sale range: $99 each month to $1,497 each month

Commission: 20-40%

Do you need the product to promote it? Not at all

4.     SamCart

Another famous SaaS (software as a service) tool for digital entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers, SamCart is a comprehensive shopping cart service that offers attractive commissions. It is super easy to promote as well.

It has the grand aim of optimizing customers’ shopping cart experience and helping you increase sales. They also have a 14-day trial during which you can earn commissions. The platform offers its members regular promotions and many great prizes

Product sale range: $99 each month to $199 each month

Commission:  40%

Do you need the product to promote it? Not at all

5.     LeadPages

LeadPages is a popular landing page builder that is quite known for its beautiful templates and ease of use. It has become a perfect fit for numerous businesses that you wouldn’t find difficult to promote as an affiliate marketer.

While the commissions are a bit lower than those of Kartra and GrooveFunnels, LeadPages still pays out 30% on each sale. And remember, it is recurring revenue. You also get a free trial during which you can also earn some commission.

Product sale range: $27 each month to $321 each month

Commission: 30%

Do you need the product to promote it? Yes, you need the Pro plan.

6.     ClickMagick

ClickMagick is a link-tracking tool and an industry leader with a 35% recurring commission paid out to its marketers. Link tracking tools are great for affiliate marketers because they help you get insights into the sales and traffic of your clicks and links.

Similar to bit.ly, ClickMagick has a deeper analytics tool. It is the most widely used link tracker in the industry. It also has great affiliate promotions plus recurring commissions. Its target market is mostly affiliate marketers and digital entrepreneurs.

Product sale range: $27 each month to $97 each month month

Commission: 35%

Do you need the product to promote it? Not at all

7.     Stencil

Another great product with an excellent affiliate program that pays out great recurring commissions is Stencil. Stencil is an Internet graphic design tool that is great for small businesses, social media managers, influencers, and bloggers. It is quite similar to the popular app Canva.

You can use Stencil to create images for your social media channels and blogs. Since the product has quite a broad target market, you can easily market it to some prospective customers.

It pays between 30 and 35% commissions too. They also have a built-in link tracking tool which can be helpful when trying to gain insights into your sales origin. You should know that this is a great plus because it is not all affiliate programs that offer this tool.

Product sale range: $0 each month to $12 each month

Commission: 30 – 35%

Do you need the product to promote it? Not at all

8.     CloudWays

CloudWays provides managed hosting. They provide technical aspects such as backups and updates. You wouldn’t have any hassle making revenue from this product. It is designed in such a way that you focus on bringing in new customers while they do the technical work for you.

Unlike most hosting providers that pay you a one-time commission, CloudWays has several commission structures including recurring commissions. CloudWays affiliate program is great for marketers who are in the blogging, website and hosting niche.

Hybrid: Earn $30 per sale + 7% lifetime recurring commission

Slab: $50 to $125 on each sale

Product sale range: $10  to $274.33 per user, per month

Commission: One-time fee + 7% recurring

Do you need the product to promote it? Not at all

9.     PipeDrive

This is a CRM system specifically built for sales management. PipeDrive helps manage its customers’ leads all in one place. This software is important for business people including marketers, managers and so on.

The target audience is quite broad and you should be able to find customers who are willing to pay for the product. You can earn a 33% recurring commission each year on this program.

They also have another affiliate program for the same software. The program is called the Expert Program. If you join this other program, you will earn a 20% recurring commission over a lifetime.

To join this program, however, you will be put to a test which you have to pass. The test includes consistent referral activity.

Product sale range: £15  to £99 for each user, every month

Commission: 20 – 33%

Do you need the product to promote it? Not at all

10. Mangools

This all-in-one SEO tool comes with great features that will help you find keywords, do competitor research, and a lot more. Mangools is already being used by leading brands including Alexa6, Adidas, and Airbnb.

They have an attractive 30% commission and they pay recurring commissions over a lifetime. The tool can be useful if you are a business owner, digital marketer, blogger, or SEO specialist. That is, you have a wide range of prospective customers as an affiliate marketer.

Their affiliates earn on average $487 each month. This is a great return considering that most affiliates don’t make as much on most platforms.

Product sale range: $29 each month to $129 each month

Commission: 30% + recurring lifetime commission

Do you need the product to promote it? Not at all. All you need is a free trial.


You will earn while you sleep if you sign up for any of the recurring affiliate programs listed. Affiliate marketing is a good passive income stream but recurring programs ensure you earn more and consistently. Sign up for any of the programs above to boost your income.


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