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Top 10 Affiliate Programs Paying Instantly


How do you feel when you see a commission in your affiliate account but cannot use it?
That is the worst possible feeling for an affiliate.

Most affiliate programs, such as Amazon Associates, will require you to wait for 2 to 3 months (60-90 days) before receiving the funds in your bank account. So, if you’re wondering, “Could it possibly be any faster?” “Can we request that these affiliate programs pay us as soon as possible?”  Affiliate programs, on the other hand, do not change their policies lightly.

Yes, it is possible. Numerous affiliate programs pay out commissions daily. Some affiliate
programs will pay you commissions as soon as you earn them, while others will pay you weekly.

Keep reading to know 10 of the affiliate programs paying instantly, daily or weekly.

Top 10 Affiliate Programs Paying Instantly:

JVZoo Affiliate Program

JVZoo is the first affiliate program on our list that pays daily.

They are a marketplace for digital products aimed at an online marketing audience.

However, their marketplace is diverse enough to appeal to a wide range of markets, including musicians, graphic designers, health bloggers, and so on.

Essentially, you get an updated version of the ClickBank Marketplace, with a better interface and payment terms but possibly fewer affiliate products. You must, however, work with a minimum payout of $50.

Why Should You Promote JVZoo?

There are thousands of offers to promote, many of which pay 50% commission or higher, you get paid daily, and new affiliate products are added all the time.

  •  Commission ranges from 50% to 100%.
  •  Cookie Cookie-free duration (14 days attribution period)
  • Payment options include direct deposit, Payoneer, and PayPal.
  • It’s also worth noting that only ‘Premium’ affiliates are eligible for instant payments.

Furthermore, you can only obtain ‘Premium’ status by applying and being approved.


The AdCrax homepage makes one feel like you’re visiting a web development firm rather than an affiliate network.

AdCrax has been in business since 2014, focusing solely on the smartphone and mobile market.

However, this will not limit your efforts to generate passive income. The issue is that you don’t see the various affiliate programs that pay daily until you sign up with them. So all we can guess is that AdCrax appears to be working with some pretty big brands. All of which you can be paid to promote.

According to research, many happy affiliate marketers post copies of their AdCrax payments on social media. So it’s worth a shot!

ADWork Affiliate Network

If you’re into CPA marketing and looking for affiliate programs that pay daily, I recommend
AdWork Media. This network offers several opportunities for influencers, bloggers, and app
developers, including content locking, CPL, CPA, and content gateways.

AdWork Media, in addition to offering multiple payment models, pays based on performance, with at least seven bonuses available each month. Furthermore, an affiliate dashboard is created where you can track your campaigns.

Their ad inventory is not as large as that of most platforms, but the payment options and the fact that it pays on a daily basis make it worth considering.

The Rebll Network

Rebll is an affiliate marketing site that you may not be aware of. But that hasn’t stopped them from raising a devoted fan base in a particular affiliate community – dating. As a result, their offers are limited to marketers working in that vertical.

For those of us who do, Rebll is quickly establishing a reputation as one of the best affiliates marketing networks in the industry. Why? They have over 600 different affiliate offers/programs that you can use to make money. But, far more importantly, existing affiliates claim to have extremely high conversion rates with these offers.

Plus, dating offers typically have a very lucrative commission structure. So when you reach your payout threshold, they will gladly pay you daily.

Rebll has a good track record of dealing with and assisting affiliate managers with a great
support system if you run into payout issues.

ClickMagick Affiliate Network

ClickMagick is one of the best tracking software, providing comprehensive reports on campaigns to publishers, entrepreneurs, and influencers.

Analytics are critical to success in digital marketing because they enable you to make data-driven decisions. And ClickMagick populates your dashboard with all of the necessary information.

What’s more? They have an affiliate program where you can earn money by referring your
friends and audience via your affiliate link. And it doesn’t stop there.

But there’s a clause. They will pay you daily as long as you meet the $50 threshold.

The threshold may appear high, but if you have high-quality traffic converts, it’s easy to meet, especially since you earn a $35 commission on every paid plan signup.

Dr. Cash Affiliate Network

If you’re a health blogger, influencer, or affiliate marketer, Dr. Cash is one of the best affiliate programs that will pay you daily for promoting their products.

Their offerings are mostly nutritional (also known as NUTRA). They currently have over 2500 offers and operate in over 200 countries.

You can earn a substantial income from just one affiliate offer with the right strategies. They also have a thriving community and regularly hold meetups where you can meet them in person.

Because the health niche can be tricky, you must ensure that you are promoting legitimate
products in addition to checking the commission rates and payouts.


And now, we’ve progressed from a network that offers niche-specific affiliate programs to one that claims to be profitable for any affiliate publisher in any field. Even if you’re a total newcomer. That’s exactly what Leadstead provides.

And suppose you’re already working with a particular affiliate program on another network and earning at least $100 daily from it. In that case, they’ll try to persuade that advertiser to switch to Leadstead.

They already have 5,000 publishers on their books, 800+ affiliate offers, and handle
approximately 400,000 sales conversions per month.

So they’re not a bunch of inexperienced individuals. International publishers are also encouraged to participate.

However, remember that, while Leadstead is always happy to work with new affiliates, all
applications are thoroughly vetted to ensure that no sites publish questionable or illegal content.

EasyUp Affiliate Program

Easy1Up is a website where you can buy digital courses on how to make money online.
You can either learn from these courses or, if you find them useful, join their affiliate program and begin selling them to your friends or audience.

They guarantee a 100% commission, making them the best high-paying affiliate program for digital products on this list.

However, there is a catch. Before you can begin selling the course, you must pay a one-time fee to purchase the course and the license.

For example, if you spend $500 on the Vertex Elite, you must pay a license fee. And if you
promote the courses, you will receive 100% of the buyer’s payment.

Guess What? Payment is instant!

Leadbit Affiliate Network

Leadbit is a well-known CPA network that has advertisers from all over the world.

Email and Pin Submit, Surveys, Gambling, Adult, Trials, and Nutra are some of their verticals (nutrition). If this network accepts you, you will have access to exclusive offers daily. All of this increases your chances of earning a sizable passive income.

Aside from a large ad inventory, you also get 24/7 support, landing pages, banners, and other resources for running a CPA campaign. They also hold conferences regularly where affiliate marketers and advertisers can meet and discuss industry issues.

When you reach the $50 threshold, you can request your payments and be paid immediately.

OneDrone Affiliate Program

OneDrone is an online store that sells drones and accessories like parts, extra payloads, and customized devices.

If you work in the drone niche and want to monetize your audience, you can join the OneDrone affiliate program. They pay a 3% commission on every successful sale generated by your affiliate link.

Although 3 per cent may not appear to be much compared to the other networks I’ve reviewed, good drones cost between $250 and $2000.

Unlike Amazon Associates, where you must wait at least 30 days to be paid, you can cash out daily.


Who knew there were this many affiliate programs that paid out on a daily basis? What do you think? This article only covers a few of the top ten. There are many more that we could discuss in future articles.

Pro tip: If you want to get paid consistently throughout the month, choose some of the daily payout programs and diversify with affiliate programs that pay weekly, biweekly, and monthly.

You’re very welcome.

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